10 Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

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Give the gift of homemade this Christmas. One that you and your child can make together. Here are 10 of the coolest homemade Christmas gift ideas that your kids can make, too.

1. Painted pine cones

Possibly the easiest, effective and cheapest Christmas gift idea that your kids can do.  Pine cones are free if you can find them of course.  Alternatively, you can actually buy pine cones from eBay.   The extra’s you will need are:

  • Spray paint (metallic works well)
  • String/ribbon
  • Glitter glue
  • Hot glue gun

Put newspaper down on the surface you will be crafting (unless you want spray painted tables). Get your spray can at the ready, and let your kid go crazy (supervised of course) on the pinecones. Once your painted pine cone is dry, you’ll be ready to tie a knot in a looped piece of string and attach to your pine cone with a glue gun.

Christmas in Australia Tip: Spray the pine cones outside so you don’t get left with paint fumes throughout the house. You may even consider using a face mask to protect yourselves from paint fumes. Also be sure not to paint too close to your home or cars as the paint can travel on the wind and leave unwanted paint spray.

2. Reindeer gingerbread cookies

Everyone loves an edible gift, right?  It’s also lots of fun to make homemade Christmas gifts that involve getting a bit messy with your kids. What’s great about this edible homemade Christmas gift is the clever way of using what you’ve already got in the house – a gingerbread man cookie cutter.  That’s right, a gingerbread man cookie, turned upside down, gives the shape of a reindeer head.  Super cool and easy.  Use this gingerbread recipe, decorate with icing and you’re done.

3. Santa hand print Christmas card

The Santa hand print homemade Christmas gift card is lots of fun for you to do with your child.  A true keepsake gift, where your child gets to put his or her hand in white paint and stamp it onto a green card.  You can then add extras to your child’s craft like Santa’s hat and face.  If you’ve got a few spare googly eyes around the house add them too! Fun and easy.

Source: Hip Mama’s Place

4. Mason jar reindeer

Source: Sweet Saffron Spice

Here’s another homemade Christmas gift made easy!  Fill a clean, empty glass jar with maltesers and a few red chocolate balls (you can find some here), and decorate with pipe cleaner antlers, brown paint, googly eyes, and a red pompom nose.  Your kids will love getting involved with this Christmas craft.

5. Thumbprint baubles

Another keepsake gift, similar to the handprint Santa card, but instead your kids can paint their thumbs.  You’ll need:

  • Christmas baubles
  • Brown and red paint
  • Brown sharpie
  • Paintbrush

This homemade Christmas gift will have your kids paint their thumbs with brown paint and stamp on a bauble.  You will then add antlers and eyes with your sharpie, and mark the back of each bauble with your child’s initial.  Add a red nose with red paint.  Christmas crafts can be fun!

Source: Little Bit Funky

6. Candy cane playdoh

Another homemade Christmas gift that requires an empty mason jar. By the way, if you don’t want to reuse glass jars, you can always buy a mason jar from The Reject Shop or 2 dollar shop. This kid-friendly craft can be made by kids and given to kids! Make a batch of white and red play-doh, and layer into your mason jar to resemble candy canes. Print or add tags and your kids Christmas craft is done.

Source: Leap into Art

7. Christmas chai tea sugar scrub

This is a handmade Christmas gift that your child can help mix up in 10 minutes.  You’ll need a couple of mason jars to fill (gotta love a mason jar!) The ingredients that are used in the recipe make sugar body scrub using pantry staples like honey, sugar and oil. You may just need to pop out and grab some chai tea. Read more here.

8. Christmas inspired birdseed ornaments

Bird lovers in the family? Why not give the gift of a Christmas birdseed ornament or two to attract birds into the yard. This homemade Christmas gift is simple for kids to get stuck into; they’ll love filling Christmas cookie cutters with seed mix. This is a kid-friendly gift that you could also keep for your own yard, too.

Source: ehow

9. Christmas chocolate bark

Did someone say chocolate? Yes indeed. See your kid’s faces light up when you say chocolate is involved in this homemade Christmas gift. Christmas inspired chocolate bark can include all sorts of ingredients, but if you want to stick to festive colours, think pistachios, dried cranberries or red and green M&Ms.

10. Festive decorated plant pots

A gift for a green thumb.  Another super simple homemade Christmas gift that your kids can do.  Buy some terracotta plant pots, paint brown, and add eyes (could be googly) pompom noses, eyes and antlers. Fill with chocolates and you are done!

Source: Pinterest

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year!

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