Christmas Baubles to Beautify Your Home and Tree

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Would it even be December without Christmas baubles? They are such a central part of the festive season – both here in Australia and across the world. Whether you choose glamorous glittery, practical plastic or gorgeous glass baubles, Christmas tree baubles can be used for decorating so much more than just the tree.

You can place a selection of red, green, blue, gold or white baubles in a glass vase or bowl, for a simple yet stunning display that could even be used as the Christmas table centrepiece. Small or large baubles also make great place markers – just tie a gift tag with the guest’s name on to the bauble and place it where you’d like them to sit.

There are so many types of baubles available. Whether you prefer a metallic theme and are thus looking for rose gold baubles and silver baubles. Perhaps you’d like to add some pretty pink baubles into the mix, or would rather stick to the traditional Christmas colours by buying red baubles.

You can purchase a baby’s first Christmas bauble, Disney baubles, mini baubles or giant Christmas baubles – and then some. Whatever look you want to create, the right monochrome or multi coloured baubles are out there somewhere – and we’ve tracked them all down.

So stay right here to find all the best and most unique Christmas baubles around. From old school tree baubles to extra large Christmas baubles that make a dramatic impact, all the top Christmas baubles are to be found in this guide.

The best Christmas baubles for your festive decor

Where to begin? Let’s get started on listing the best products, including glass Christmas baubles, giant baubles, luxury Christmas baubles, fillable baubles, blue Christmas baubles and more.

Glass baubles

Glass Christmas baubles are often the most traditional type, and they certainly look the part. With a natural sheen, they can create an elegant look almost effortlessly. Just make sure you keep them out of reach of small kids or pets. Dealing with broken glass may not make the festive season a merry experience, and means saying goodbye to your favourite baubles too.

If you’re searching for personalized Christmas baubles or a memorial Christmas bauble, there are some gorgeous glass ones out there. You can buy baubles from Amazon that have been decorated with the name of your choice, and these come in a range of shades including monochrome black baubles, white Christmas baubles, soft blush pink baubles and duck egg blue Xmas baubles. The name is added using glittery paint, which comes in 11 colours including purple, silver, hot pink, baby blue and chocolate.

You can also pick from a selection of bauble packs or individual designs. These come in a range of shapes,as well as the typical round glass Christmas tree ornaments. Some are plain in colour, while others are decorated with stripes, stars or other patterns. From sparkling fir cones to a pack of purple baubles in a mix of plain, decorated, shiny and matt finishes, there are plenty to pick from.

Click here to view a range of glass Christmas baubles on Amazon

Blue Christmas baubles

Blue is a classic Christmas colour theme – thank you Elvis. Tiffany, too – the luxury American jewellery company’s signature shade has inspired the range of blue baubles offered at Christmas Warehouse.

There are so many different shades of blue, from turquoise baubles or light blue baubles to teal baubles for Christmas trees. Then there’s royal blue baubles on Amazon or those Tiffany-inspired decorations to choose from.

Whether you want to create a musical, summery or coastal theme – or display a range of rainbow Christmas baubles comprising a selection of multi coloured Christmas baubles – blue Christmas baubles are surely the coolest choice for the festive season.

Click here to see a selection of blue Christmas baubles on Amazon

Click here to view the Tiffany style decorations at Christmas Warehouse

Fillable baubles

Fillable baubles allow you to display exactly what you want to inside, as they’re empty when you buy them. Made from clear glass or other materials, they can be used as a photo bauble, for example. You could add pictures of pets or people, or go for a theme such as seaside, flowers or anything thst reflects the season.

These could be used to make a first Christmas bauble for a new arrival – and in fact you could customise one for every member of the family or guest. Imagine using the personalised bauble idea for your Christmas dinner place settings, so your friends and relatives could see at a glance where they’re going to sit. They’re bound to be a talking point too.

You could also use these empty baubles to create a memory bauble for an absent loved one. There is so much scope – the only limit to using these as decorative or photo Christmas baubles is your imagination! They also come in a range of shapes and sizes, from round, star or heart shaped ones to globes complete with their own stand.

Click here to see a selection of customisable, fillable Christmas baubles

glass baubles

Silver and white baubles

For a cool yet elegant theme, silver baubles and white baubles create a ‘winter wonderland’ look for your tree or your home. Here in Australia, this provides a refreshing contrast to all that summer colour going on outside. It also reflects the fact that your frends or family in the northern hemisphere will be celebrating Christmas during the colder months. If it snows wherever they are, they might even be having a white Christmas.

We love the range at Christmas Warehouse, who have helpfully arranged their decorations according to theme or colour. So you can opt to look at white and silver Christmas baubles together, or check out silver baubles and white Christmas baubles separately.

Their 20cm silver, glittery extra large baubles are ideal for creating a distinctive or dramatic look, while some of their multipacks offer incredible value for money.

Click here to check out a range of silver baubles

Click here to see some white Christmas baubles

Click here to choose between white and silver baubles

Large Christmas baubles

Giant baubles are a big thing, if you’ll pardon the pun. There are lots of extra large Christmas baubles to choose from, and they come in a wide range of colours and finishes.

We really like the ‘Christmas Concepts’ baubles available at Amazon. This two pack of baubles comes with one glittery and one shiny oversized bauble, and they are available in all sorts of colours. Whether you want light teal baubles, baby pink Christmas baubles, or lime green Christmas baubles, there is a shade to suit your style.

There are other sizes too. You can pick a pack of smaller 10cm baubles in purple, for instance, or plump for even bigger 25cm baubles that come individually with a gold glitter stripe design. These are available as large red baubles, or come in gold.

Click here to view a choice of extra large baubles

Red baubles

Red Christmas baubles are one of the most popular options, contrasting beautifully with the green of the festive tree. The colour is often used in combination with others too, creating red and gold Christmas tree ornaments, for example.

Other shades that work well with red include other metallics like silver as well as green or white. A red bauble display can also work well for Valentine’s Day as well as Christmas, particularly if you team them with pink baubles. You can even buy a pack of heart baubles in red, pink and silver on Amazon. Sweet!

The apple shaped mini Christmas baubles would work really well with a foodie theme, or for those who love Disney’s Snow White. Christmas Warehouse even stock a large ruby red hanging decoration that’s like a series of baubles strung together. At a metre long, it’s sure to make a big impact. They also offer a huge 25cm bauble in red and gold and a red bauble swag garland as well as packs of plain, sparkling or printed red baubles.

Click here to view the Christmas Warehouse range of red decorations

Click here to check out Amazon’s range of red Christmas baubles

A first Christmas bauble

When you see this term, a baby’s first Christmas bauble may immediately spring to mind, but there are other types too. Such as a newlyweds’ 1st Christmas bauble, which seems be every bit as popular as a my first Christmas bauble for infants.

As well as a baby’s 1st Christmas bauble, you could opt for a first Christmas together bauble or a Mr and Mrs bauble. In fact there are baubles to celebrate all kinds of life events, from a first home to a first Christmas as a parent.

Designs differ, so whether you prefer more traditional or contemporary baubles there will be something for you – or a gift recipient. Whether you want glittery red Christmas baubles for newlyweds or old fashioned ceramic baubles.

Click here for a range of first Christmas baubles to choose from

Christmas tree baubles

Pink Christmas baubles

Pink baubles have become more and more popular in recent times, and online stores now offer a good range to pick from. Whether you preference is for blush pink baubles, hot pink Christmas baubles or even rose gold baubles, there are all kinds of plain, glittery, patterned and sparkly baubles to choose between.

If you’re seeking more unusual Christmas baubles, Amazon even offer a deluxe Molton Brown festive bauble filled with their ‘fiery pink pepper’ shower gel. A great Christmas gift for those who love pampering, long hot showers and spa days. Surely the last word in luxury Christmas baubles.

Both Amazon and Christmas Warehouse have impressive ranges for those who want to buy a pink Christmas bauble or two. From a pack of pink heart-shaped baubles or a personalised Christmas bauble to art deco or geometric print baubles, there are plenty of pink bauble ideas for your festive tree.

Click here to see a selection of pink bauble products on Amazon

Click here to find some beautiful pink baubles at Christmas Warehouse

Disney baubles

If you’re a fan of animated movies, then you might be delighted to discover that there’s a whole (new) world of Disney Christmas baubles out there. As they’re very distinctive, you don’t need many to make a big impact. Though Disney fans may find it hard to resist collecting as many as they can find. Imagine, for instance, making your own bauble garland, featuring a series of Disney characters?

The background colours of these Disney baubles really stand out, so when you want special Xmas baubles to decorate your home or give as gifts, these make great custom baubles to personalise your tree or other parts of the house. You could even use them as memorial baubles, if someone you love was a fan of a particular Disney film or character.

There are clear Cinderella or Belle (from Beauty and the Beast) baubles decorated in gold or silver, or bright baubles in striking shades of pink, purple or yellow. The ‘Enchanting Collection’ includes classic family favourites like Peter Pan, Snow White, 101 Dalmations or Frozen. There are even Nightmare Before Christmas baubles available to buy.

These Disney themed baubles make great Christmas gifts for fans of animated cartoon classics, too, especially as they come in a themed gift box.

Click here to view a range of Disney Christmas baubles

Black baubles

If you’re looking for something a little different, colour wise, how about black Christmas baubles? Especially effective in a city centre apartment or elegant townhouse, displaying a range of black baubles will add drama. They can be used alone, with silver or white baubles for a cool look, or to provide contrast against brightly coloured decorations.

Using black Christmas tree ornaments on a white tree will also create impact, or use them against a gold one for a warmer and welcoming look. You can also buy a personalised black bauble, which is ideal for those who aren’t fans of pastel or bright colours. With a bit of a gothic look, they’re even suitable for that friend who’s a bit ‘bah humbug’ about the festive season.

You could even combine black and orange baubles for a Halloween display. Classic colour combinations that always work also include a mix of black and gold Christmas baubles, black with purple Christmas baubles or black and teal Christmas baubles.

Click here to see a selection of black Christmas baubles

Which Christmas Baubles will you buy this year?

With so many Christmas baubles for sale, we hope this guide has helped you narrow down your search for the best Christmas baubles. Whether you prefer small baubles or big Christmas baubles, want to make custom Christmas baubles from clear, fillable Christmas baubles or want a new home bauble for a friend, there are so many cheap and cheerful or luxury baubles to choose from. From red glass baubles or rose gold Christmas baubles to white Christmas tree baubles, they come in all sorts of colours too.

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