The Best Christmas Party Themes for a Festive Celebration

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If you’re planning to throw a festive bash for your friends, family and neighbours, then you might want to look more closely at the sort of Christmas party themes you could use to make it a memorable occasion.

There are so many ways you can decorate your home or venue. From elegant Christmas party themes or Christmas in July party ideas, to an Xmas sweater party or a Winter Wonderland Christmas party, there are so many ways to celebrate Christmas in Australia.

So come with us on a party planning journey as we go through the perfect Christmas party ideas for this year’s festive get together. Whether you’d prefer formal Christmas party themes or are looking for Christmas movie party ideas, we have you covered in this detailed article.

Don’t forget – these holiday theme party ideas can also double up as Christmas dinner themes for the big day’s festive table too.

The top Christmas party themes for this year’s festive function

From Christmas dress up themes to elf party ideas, here are all the best Christmas party ideas for your annual Christmas shindig. Let’s party!

The Grinch party ideas

The Grinch Christmas party ideas are among the best Christmas party themes around, as they work for people of all ages. From kids to your friends, grandparents and elderly neighbours, everyone can get involved where one of the festive season’s most iconic characters is concerned.

How do you do a Grinch party theme? Use lots of lime green decorations and go easy on the red. You can buy a set of disposable plates and napkins on Amazon to use for the food, and they also sell a set of Grinch cake toppers to crown the centrepiece.

Ask people to dress up if you like, and you could show one or more of the Grinch films if you have a large TV. Grinchmas party ideas are so simple to do, whether you’re catering for adults or kids. This is one of those festive theme ideas that it seems will never go out of fashion.

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Christmas in July party ideas

A Christmas in July theme party may be an obvious choice, but that doesn’t make it any less attractive. Especially when we’re talking about a twist on the idea here. Much of the world celebrates Christmas during winter – you just need to look at the typical Christmas cards and decorations on sale in any store to see that.

So why not send out Christmas in July party invitations for a tropical Christmas party that makes the most of our sunny climate? If you have one, you could make it a Christmas in July pool party and cook up lots of delicious food on the BBQ. It’s basically a reverse Christmas in July party. Or a Christmas around the World party.

As both holiday party themes and Christmas outdoor party ideas go, it’s a good one. Simply dress and decorate for a sizzling summer and you’re set. Think tropical, think beachwear and think of the Australian summer. Why not get out there and make the most of it? There are tropical-themed Hawaiian Leis, flamingo decorations, exotic birds, Moana party bags and more to choose from.

Of course you could always hold a Christmas in July party during the Australian winter. This is an increasingly popular trend. Read all about how, why and where to do it in this article.

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A Winter Wonderland party theme

Head in the opposite direction here by opting for a White Christmas theme party. There are so many Winter Wonderland decorating ideas out there, and this look contrasts beautifully with the scorching temperatures of the Australian summer.

Winter Wonderland theme ideas include throwing an all white Christmas party where everyone comes dressed in their lightest monochrome clothing. You can add a snow-covered Christmas tree, or hang it with lots of white and silver baubles. White Christmas party ideas are very simple to pull off, and all that lightness and brightness can really lift the mood.

Whether you opt for lots of silver and white or prefer richer Christmas colour themes like red and green, a wintry Christmas party theme is a classic. Items to snap up include snowfetti, snowflake garlands and wintry balloons. As well as lots of shiny tree decorations.

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Christmas ugly sweater party

An ugly sweater theme is also a Christmas classic. As Christmas outfit theme ideas go, it’s one of the easiest to achieve too. It’s not too big an ask to expect your guests to buy a Christmas jumper. Many people will have one already. If not, they could even borrow it, or even buy one at the local op shop.

A virtual ugly Christmas sweater party is also among the best virtual Christmas party themes. When you’re taking part in a social gathering on Zoom, Facetime or Teams, all you really see someone’s face and what top they’re wearing.

This is a top choice, whether you’re looking for adult Christmas party themes – or when you’re hosting a kids’ bash. It’s also a great last minute option, as a Christmas top is not too hard to come by.

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Blue Christmas theme party

Looking for more unusual Christmas party ideas? How about harnessing an Elvis classic and theming your party for a Blue Christmas? There are lots of lovely blue decs and lights out there that you can use, some inspired by the classic Tiffany shade for a touch of Christmas class.

As Christmas party color themes go, this one can even be extended to the music. You don’t have to play Elvis tracks all night, though – feel free to mix things up by using other tunes in that style or opting for songs from all musical eras.

It’s pretty realistic to expect everyone to wear something blue. Even if that’s something borrowed. If you do own a pair of blue suede shoes, then donning them is clearly obligatory. It’s simple to create a blue look within and even outside your home too, thanks to the large range of blue Christmas lights available.

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Ladies’ night Christmas party ideas

A get-together with the girls is a must for many women at Christmas. By the end of a busy year, a catch-up is usually long overdue. That’s why this is one of the most sought-after holiday party themes for adults.

Ladies’ Christmas party ideas can be themed any way you please, really, depending on the ages and interests of your guests. Whether it’s for little girls or all grown-ups, a pretty in pink decorative theme should go down well – while giving a subtle ‘keep away’ message to the men!

Another fabulous idea is to serve cocktails. You could even stick to pink ones, if you like. A cocktail shaker set is a great investment if you don’t already own one. If you’d prefer everyone to contribute, simply ask each guest to bring a bottle of spirits and a mixer, or perhaps a liquer.

A cocktail recipe book may be a must, and you could also play the classic Tom Cruise movie on the screen – especially if your friends grew up in the 80s. That way, you’re also hosting a retro Christmas party. You can serve delicious mocktails to any non-drinkers too.

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Elf party ideas

While it’s hardly the most unique of Christmas party ideas, an Elf bash is very do-able for most people. That’s why it’s one of the most popular office Christmas party themes – it suits anyone of any age and doesn’t require too much planning or financial outlay.

Lots of red and green decor is a must, and again it’s not too much of a demand on guests to expect them to reflect the elf theme in their outfit. An entire elf costume isn’t really necessary – they could simply buy an appropriate pair of ears, hat or headband. To wear with something red or green, of course.

You could also base your theme around Elf – the movie. Play the film for the kids as they settle down with some popcorn. It’s surely one of the easiest kids’ party ideas for Christmas.

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A Great Gatsby Christmas party

Why not throw a vintage Christmas party harking back to the 1920s? The era of jazz and the Charleston gives people of all ages the chance to don a flapper dress and headband to reflect the era’s stunning and iconic style.

As work Christmas party themes go, this is one of the more inventive. It also allows people to see each other as they never have before. If you like to go glam, then this is surely the perfect Christmas party theme for you.

Old fashioned Christmas party ideas allow hosts and guests alike to experience the music, romance and elegance of the bygone art deco era. Pop some jazz on the stereo, display your most elegant decorations, don your flapper dress and you’re all set, F Scott Fitzgerald style. There’s a Baz Luhrmann movie adaptation from 2013 you could play too.

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A holiday pajama party

It doesn’t get any more laid-back than a pajama party at Christmas – whether you want Christmas party themes for kids or grown-ups. This is also among the best Facetime, Teams or Zoom Christmas party themes, as you can be as relaxed as you like.

Make it an ugly pajama party if you like, and everyone can have fun finding the ideal pair of Christmas pyjamas to rival even the most unattractive festive sweater. You can buy these in all sorts of styles and sizes, from onesies to shorts sets or a t-shirt and trousers. There are plenty of PJs for kids, men and women to choose from.

Stick to the PJs theme just for the dress if you like, or extend it to a chilling out theme that could include movies, music or pampering. If you’re hosting a kids’ Christmas sleepover, then this really is the obvious choice.

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Harry Potter Christmas party ideas

Harry Potter Christmas theme ideas are another great option for all ages. Much of the book and film series is set in the festive period, where Hogwarts glimmers and glitters and everyone receives a handknitted Christmas jumper from Ron’s mum, Mrs Weasley.

As Christmas party themes for families go this is a winner. Settle down for a relaxed movie marathon with your nearest and dearest, or throw a packed festive bash for all and sundry. The only rule being they must come dressed as a Potter character.

Display your Harry Potter lego, wands or other accessories proudly around the venue. There are lots of ready made outfits to choose from, or you could get creative by making your own. Whether it’s a school uniform, a house robe or a Quidditch costume.

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A tree decorating party

A Christmas decorating party can be a great activity for kids – as long as you don’t mind letting them loose with your family heirloom tree decs! If you do own any of these, it might be wise to keep those tucked up in a box – while allowing everyone free rein with an inexpensive new set of baubles.

Of course you don’t have to let your kids’ friends decorate the main family Christmas tree. Why not invest in a little one for their room or another space in your home – or even an outdoor version? There are so many styles, sizes and shapes to choose from, including fibre optic and LED lit trees plus snow-dusted or table top options.

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Which of these Christmas party themes will you go for?

From Christmas party ideas for friends to inspiration for those organising the office Christmas party this year, we hope to have provided a few fun suggestions. Whether you wanted a theme for a virtual Christmas party, classy holiday party themes or some Christmas costume party ideas.

We also know all the best Christmas games for your themed party too!

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