Christmas Games for Kids – The Ultimate Guide!

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Christmas games for kids are pretty much a necessity for the festive season. When they’re not at kindy or school, how else do you keep them occupied without some fun activities up your sleeve? Especially if you don’t live near a beach. Christmas party games for kids are also a must, whether you’re hosting preschoolers, a bunch of overexcited 6 and 7 year olds, or tweens.

Christmas games to play with family also provide entertainment on the big day itself, once everyone relaxes after the big festive feast. Having a list of Christmas Eve games for the family to share is also very useful, keeping young minds busy while they await Santa’s visit.

From Christmas trivia for kids or Christmas family games to Christmas games for preschoolers and older children, we cover all the fun Christmas games for kids you could ever need. Often the best family Christmas games are very affordable indeed, so there’s no need to stretch that festive budget too far either.

Whether you’re looking for Christmas games for teens, Christmas bingo for kids, Christmas games for toddlers or simply fun Christmas family games to play together, read on to get your festive children’s entertainment sorted. The easy way.

A complete list of all the best Christmas games for kids

Here we go – a complete rundown of all the top Christmas games for children. Let’s play!

Christmas trivia for kids

Getting stuck into trivia is a great way to take little minds off what they’re hoping will happen, during the night before Christmas. Holiday trivia for kids and adults also makes a great Christmas Day activity. There are plenty of Christmas trivia for children games to choose from.

Trivial Pursuit is of course among those classic games to play at Christmas with the family, and Hasbro produce a ‘Family Edition’ that has separate sets of cards for kids and adults. That way, everyone can get involved at the right level for them, as there’s easy Christmas trivia for kids as well as more difficult questions for grown-ups.

Other top options include a ‘Tis the Season’ Christmas trivia game, ‘I Should Have Known That’ and ‘All of Us’, the latter being specially designed for multi-generational play. More Christmas family games ideas include trivia card games and pre-printed quiz sheets, so you can see who knows the most about festive traditions. We have a whole article about Christmas trivia here.

Click here to see a range of trivia themed Christmas holiday games for kids

Christmas bingo for kids

Who knew there were so many Christmas game ideas for kids with a bingo theme? The options for kids of all ages are pretty much endless. Including a great range that can teach your children something at the same time. Who knows, the grown-ups might even pick up some new knowledge too.

We love the selection of wildlife themed bingo games that make ideal Christmas party games for families. These include dinosaur, bird, dog, monkey, jungle and even deadly animals variants. And we all know Australia has a lot of those!

For little ones, options include ‘Little Bug Bingo’ or ‘Monster Bingo’ from Orchard Toys as well as ‘Bluey’s Bingo’. There’s even a silly ‘Poo Bingo’ game that kids will adore. It might even teach them to identify which animal was visiting the garden last night. From Christmas bingo for preschoolers through to teens, there are some great holiday bingo for kids products to choose from.

Click here to discover some Christmas bingo games for kids

Christmas trivia for kids

Christmas charades for kids

As with bingo, there are lots of games featuring Christmas charades for kids and adults. Some of these are targeted at children in particular, while others make fun family games to play at Christmas for all ages.

There’s ‘Charades for Kids’, ‘Family Charades’, ‘Guesstures’, ‘Speed Charades’ and many more. Some are charades board games and others are charades card games. Either way, a couple come in really cool tins that you can store them in, year after year.

Playing charades is a great way to break the ice and overcome shyness in kids when there are rellies visiting that they may not have seen for some time. It’s bound to get everyone laughing and chatting, ensuring everyone is feeling the love and festive spirit.

Click here to see a selection of charades Christmas party games for children

Christmas movie trivia for kids

Not keen on games featuring Christmas? Movie trivia for kids is another option. This is one of the best Christmas party ideas for families with older kids – especially those who fancy themselves as a bit of a film buff.

There’s a great range of Christmas games to play with kids, tweens, teens and other adults. These make the perfect indoor Christmas games for evenings, or during the day when you need a break from the hot weather outside. They can make fun yet easy Christmas games for kids who know their movies.

You can buy various movie trivia games, many of which come in the form of board or card games and books. Examples include the ‘The Movie Quiz Book’, ‘The Best of TV and Movies’ board game and the ‘We Love Movies Trivia Box’.

Click here to view a selection of products featuring Christmas movie trivia for kids

Christmas party activities for kids

Classic party games also make great festive entertainment. Especially here in Australia, where Christmas happens during summer, making outdoor games very do-able. Not so much of an option for any friends and family you may have living in Europe or North America!

There’s no rule saying you must stick to Christmas themed games for kids, and games equipment ranges in size from a small pack of cards to a pool inflatable, table football or even a carnival style beanbag throwing game that you can set up in the garden.

You can buy quoits games, creative activity sets, curling games and packs containing beanbags and rings. The latter are ideal for thinking up Christmas games for kindergarten age kids. There are also some funny Xmas games for kids that exclude the grown-ups – such as a ‘Not Parent Approved’ game or ‘Kids Against Maturity’.

Click here to find a range of classic Christmas party games for kids

Christmas games for kindergarten

A Christmas scavenger hunt

One of the most fun games to play at Christmas with family is a scavenger hunt. From toddlers to a Christmas scavenger hunt for teens, this is something that can easily keep people of all ages happy – and for some time.

You can plasy a Christmas indoor scavenger hunt, or choose a Christmas outdoor scavenger hunt when the weather is fine and the kids need some fresh air. Options include the ‘Bluey Scavenger Hunt Game’ for younger members of the family, a ‘Kids’ Scavenger Hunt in a box’ or a ‘Family Scavenger Hunt’ card game. It saves searching for a Christmas scavenger hunt printable, which is not really free anyway once you factor in paper and ink.

Some products have indoor and outdoor options included in the same pack. We also like the very apt ‘Christmas Scavenger Hunt’ game and the ‘Go Find It’ range that provides players with a fun way to explore nature. The playing time is also flexible – from just a few minutes to the entire day, whether played as a Christmas scavenger hunt for toddlers, tweens or teens.

Click here to see a range of indoor and outdoor scavenger hunt games

Elf on the Shelf games for kids

Why should you save all the fun for Christmas Eve and the days that follow? Get started early with the Elf on the Shelf. It’s the best-loved one among elf games for kids, and it can continue for as many days or weeks as you like.

If you want Christmas challenges for kids who are older, why not set them the task of placing the elf somewhere for their younger siblings to find? This means getting their thinking caps on to come up with all sorts of ways to amuse everyone. It’s one of the most family friendly Christmas games around, as everyone gets involed in one way or anther.

The only limit is your imagination. We’ve seen an elf sat atop a slice of vegemite-smeared toast so it looks like they had a little accident when trying to find the toilet paper. Speaking of which, an elf mummified in rolls of white paper is always an amusing sight. Elves can get up to all sorts of mischief, and family members can find them in all kinds of places. From the fridge to the BBQ or even hiding among the manchester in the linen cupboard.

Click here to view some Elf on the Shelf toys, books and games

A snowman toss game

A snowman toss game is a sought-after item for the festive season, and is a top pick among preschool Christmas party games. It’s a great one for kids and adults alike.

The game sets you can purchase are pretty inexpensive, and comprise a decorated hanging banner, ribbon to tie this up with and some beanbags for throwing. It can be played indoors or outside.Variations on the snowman theme are available, so it’s good for those seeking Santa games for kids or reindeer games for kids too.

The banners do tend to feature a snowy backdrop, which can be used as a starting point for teaching Australian children about why Christmas scenes nearly always feature wintry landscapes. This makes a beanbag toss game one of the best Christmas classroom games too.

Click here to see a range of snowman toss games

snowman toss game

Christmas Mad Libs for kids

Again this is one of those games that comes in all sorts of editions, so there are lots of options to choose from. 5 to 8 year old kids can play ‘Mad Libs Junior’ editions, while there’s ‘Sleepover Party’ mad libs or ‘Dairy of a Wimpy Kid’ mad libs for kids aged up to 12.

There are various themes to suit the interests of each member of the family. These include subjects as diverse as horses, silliness, history of the world, summer fun, animals, Disney and New Year.

If they love filling in the blanks, them mad libs is a great way to keep kids occupied. It can also help with the development of their grammar, spelling and vocabulary, so it’s a great educational option too.

Click here to view a selection of mad libs for kids

Christmas Pictionary for kids

Like Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly, Pictionary is a classic – one of the best Christmas games to play with family from all generations. Known as ‘the game of quick draw’, it’s come a long way since it began in the mid 1980s.

Pictionary is really just a variation on charades, but it’s the way the words are communicated that sets it apart. Kids who love drawing will adore this one, as they quickly sketch out an image for the rest of the family to guess at.

The available editions now include a version with a wipe clean board and markers, ‘Pictionary Air’ where people draw in the air before seeing their creation on screen, and ‘The World’s Smallest Pictionary’. There are also ‘Kids vs Grown-ups’ and junior editions.

Click here to see a range of Pictionary games for kids

Monopoly for kids

Another Christmas classic here, and like Pictionary, Monopoly comes in all sorts of child-friendly editions. Forget that game that took all day to play – the newer ‘Electronic Banking’ versions have made that a thing of the past. Unless of course you prefer the old school type.

Monopoly is one of those Christmas gift games to play with family that you can also give as a present. Think everyone’s already got it? With so many versions now available, you’re sure to find an undiscovered gem among the Monopoly range of Christmas games for kids and adults.

Monopoly has always been one of the best family games to play at Christmas, and now it’s even better. You can choose between Junior editions, short play card games, and all kinds of themed board games featuring the likes of Jurassic Park, Trolls, The Lion King, Star Wars, Frozen 2 and Super Mario.

Click here to see a selection of Monopoly kids’ games

fun family christmas games to play at home

Virtual Christmas games for kids

When everyone could do with a break, a bit of screen time can be just what the doctor ordered. Particularly when busy parents are rushing around prepping food and making beds in the busy pre-Christmas period.

Thankfully there are lots of virtual game apps for kids that can be downloaded. In most cases these make free Christmas games for kids, unless they make in-app purchases. Lots of these are virtual simulator games, so playing them can seem like taking part in an activity or involve playing a different role.

There are Christmas games for all ages to download, including fun Christmas games for teens as well as younger children.

Click here to check out some virtual games for kids to play

Which Christmas games for kids will you play?

Whether you were searching for Christmas games for the whole family, Christmas eve games for kids or Christmas Eve games for kids, we hope we’ve helped you get this year’s Christmas entertainment sorted. From preschool Christmas party activities to easy, fun Christmas games for everyone, Christmas educational games or even outdoor Christmas games for kids, there is certainly plenty of choice.

Why not check out our articles on printable kids’ activities for Christmas, or festive crafts for children?

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