White Christmas Tree Decorations l 9 Accessories & Ornaments

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Christmas tree decorating is possibly one of the best activities to do during the festive season. The various colours always bring a touch of fun to your home. 

But, sometimes, one must do away with traditional decorations – for a more sophisticated look, consider a Christmas tree with white ornaments. 

It may seem bland, but there are so many gorgeous decorative items available that you won’t know what to choose. Keep reading to find stunning white Christmas decorations that you can buy for your own white Christmas tree. 

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White Christmas ornaments

While colourful decorations are always cheerful, white ornaments create an air of elegance and sophistication. There are plenty of gorgeous decorations you can add to your green Christmas tree to step it up a notch. Or go all out with a white Christmas tree and matching ornaments. 

White ornamental balls

For a simple, timeless ornament, consider white baubles. These stunning little balls come in interesting shapes, and each has its own unique design. From curved lines to white glitter, these decor items will add a level of sophistication to your Christmas tree. 

They’re also shatterproof, so for anyone with kids, you won’t have to worry about having the little ones breaking these baubles and hurting themselves in the process. 

Vintage teardrop decorations

Old trends always make a comeback, so why not mix it up this festive season with some vintage teardrop ornaments for your tree? These teardrop decorations have been done up with white, silver and ivory colouring. 

The faux crystals add a touch of class, while the ivory pearls create a vintage feel. Make your beautiful white Christmas tree extra special with these teardrop ornaments. 

Glittery White Snowflakes

These snowflake ornaments will make you feel like you’re in the middle of a snow-filled Christmas. Not only have these snowflakes been done with intricate details, but they’re also covered in glitter. They’ll certainly add an air of glamour to your Aussie Christmas tree and grab your guests’ attention. 

This snowflake ornament set comes with two designs and 36 pieces in total – so there will be more than enough to decorate a large Christmas tree. 

White Holly leaf tinsel garland

These Christmas garlands are almost always a hit with the kids – they seem to love playing with them at any time of the year. The white garlands feature white holly leaves and iridescent pine needles that will definitely catch the colours of the Christmas lights.  

At 2.7 metres in length, these lovely garlands can be wrapped around your tree to give it a fun flare or hung up in the house for added Christmas fun. 

Snowflake Christmas light strings

Who wants regular LED Christmas lights when you can have snowflake-shaped ones? These stunning lights can be set to a steady or twinkling mode for added Christmas magic. 

The copper wiring makes this light string highly flexible, so you can easily zigzag it across your tree. 

High-grade epoxy resin and a quality manufacturing process means that these lights are quite hardy but shouldn’t be left on for more than an hour. These snowflake lights are also waterproof – so you can even use them outdoors after Christmas. The set of 40 snowflake lights are strung across 5 meters of wiring. So you’ll have more than enough to go around the tree.

Snowflake sprinkle

Bring the white Christmas feel to your Aussie home with this magical snow. The 5mm-sized snowflakes have been designed so well that it really looks like snow – without the cold! Sprinkle these tiny snowflakes over and under your tree for a true winter wonderland effect. 

This shimmering snow will also catch the lights of the tree, making for an extra magical scene. With 200g in a bag, you’ll certainly have enough for next Christmas too. Alternatively, you can opt for the smaller 85g bag. 

Glittered white Poinsettia flowers

Add these spectacular poinsettias to make your white-decorated Christmas tree look even more alluring. With two leaf designs, these Christmas flowers will definitely steal the show. One style features solid white leaves with glitter flecks to catch the light and a second pattern made up of a silhouette of the leaf veins. 

The alligator click makes attaching these white ornaments very quick and straightforward. There’s no need to worry about them being squashed when they’re packed up at the end of the festive season as they have flexible leaves which can be easily spruced at a later stage. 

These flowers are only sold individually, but no need to worry – they’re a bit larger than the size of your hand (18cm x 18cmm x 50mm), so you shouldn’t need too many for your tree. 

Silver Edged White Organza Ribbon

Using ribbon to create an all-white decorated Christmas tree adds a lovely, stylish element. This decorative item’s crown jewel is the silver trimming along the sides and elaborate glitter design throughout the ribbon. 

With 3m of this organza at your disposal, you’ll easily be able to dress up your tree and still have extra to wrap around your homemade Christmas gifts.  

White tree skirt & faux fur trim

If you want to add an extra bit of wonder to your white Christmas tree theme, then this tree skirt is just the thing. The white sequin embroidery swirl onto the silky silvery-white material makes it look like a snowy forest floor. 

With a 1.2 meter diameter, this beautiful skirt will definitely stick out from under the branches of any Christmas tree – big or small. 

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Ready for white Christmas decorations this festive season?

There are plenty of stunning and unique white Christmas ornaments for you to choose from. Or, perhaps you can find a way to incorporate most of these ornaments into your festive season tree decorating. Either way, you’ll certainly have one of the most elegant Christmas trees in Australia. 

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