The Best Christmas Gifts for Men 2023

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It’s that time of year again where you’re on the hunt for the best Christmas gifts for men in your life.  Last year you absolutely nailed the Christmas gifts for him, but this year you’re struggling to come up with Christmas gift ideas for him.  If this sounds like you – then read on!

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer when it comes to the best Christmas presents for men – because they all have different likes, some are young men, some are older men – there are husbands, boyfriends, Dads and even male colleagues.  So in terms of men’s Christmas presents you’ll really need to have at least some idea of their likes and dislikes.

But if you’re completed stumped, then that is where this awesome Christmas gift ideas for men guide comes in handy.  We’ve done the hard yards for you and searched every corner of the internet to come up with the very best Christmas present ideas for him.

In this guide, no matter who the men are in your life – we’ve got you covered.  This guide includes the best Christmas gifts for boyfriend, good Christmas presents for Dad, good Christmas gifts for husband as well as the best Christmas gifts for young men such as sons or colleagues.  

With the Christmas ideas for men found in this guide, you’ll now be able to find the perfect male Christmas gifts.

If you are after a Christmas gift for a male teacher you will find that in this article here. If you are looking for a Christmas gift for a couple, check this out!

The Best Christmas Gifts for Men 2023

Let’s just jump straight into it – here are our very best Christmas present ideas for men.

Book him an experience 


For those men in your life that just seem to have everything, the best Christmas presents for him are experiences.  Places like Experience Oz, Groupon, or even Scoopon have a range of awesome activities like sky diving, racing car driving, jet boat rides, whale watching and more.  They even have more relaxed activities like paint classes, boat cruises or cooking classes.

If you’re looking for the best Christmas presents for boyfriend or the best Christmas gifts for Dad, a great idea is to book an experience that you can do together because we all know the best Christmas gifts for guys really are ones that encourage quality time together.

Click here to check out all the awesome experiences available on Experience Oz.

For the male players

Christmas games the whole family can play - featured image

Board games are making such a great come back – although perhaps they never went away?  They are great men Christmas gifts – because no matter how old they are, there are board games to suit everyone.

If you’re after the best Christmas gifts for Dads, then you might want something suitable for the entire family to play – so consider the age of the youngest child.  Board games are also ideal though, if you’re after good Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend or the best Christmas present for husband as its something you can both do together.

Some popular games currently on the market include Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Catan and Splendour, just to name a few.  These are all great man gift ideas for Christmas.

Click here to check out a range of board games currently available.

We have a huge list of Christmas games here.

For the male book worms

gifts for men for Christmas

Books are easy things to get men for Christmas that love to read.  If you know the type of books he enjoys reading, just search the current top selling books online and buy one from the same genre.  Otherwise, casually bring it up in a conversation about what books he’s hoping to read next.

If you know they love to read but really have no idea about what types of book, then a gift voucher to a store like or QBD Books might just be the perfect Christmas gift for men.  This is particularly so when you don’t know them well, like when you’re looking for male teacher Christmas gifts or Christmas gifts for male coworkers.

Click here to check out the current books available at QBD Books.

For the Harry Potter fans

If the man in your life is a Harry Potter fan – you are in luck! Harry Potter gift ideas go so much further than the seven books and eight films of the series. We have a huge selection of Harry Potter gift ideas for them in our gift guide. From wall art to wands, to mugs, Lego and more.

Click here for the best Harry Potter gift guide this year.

For the male food lover

We’ve tracked down and listed all the best food gifts, in our detailed guide. As well as a few featuring drinks. So don’t go anywhere. Grab a glass or mug of your favourite (gourmet) beverage and relax while we help you find the perfect foodie gifts for all your friends and family.

Click here for the detailed guide of gifts for male foodie in your life.

For the music loving man

Portable speakers make such great men’s Christmas gifts.  If the man in your life doesn’t already have one, they are a must for your Christmas list.  Speakers that have Bluetooth connectivity can be set up just about anywhere so he can listen to his favourite tunes while working out, in the kitchen or while working in the shed.

Some portable speakers are even waterproof, so they can be used in the shower or are perfect for having around the pool or on the beach.

Click here to check out the current range of portable speakers available.

For the thirsty man

For the guy who enjoys a cold beer on a hot day or even just a nice icy cold coke – a top quality insulated tumbler is one of the top Christmas presents for guys.  The best insulated tumblers are not cheap, so the chances are this isn’t something he’s going to buy for himself, so it’s really is one of the best Christmas gifts for him.

The hottest brand on the market right now when it comes to insulated tumblers is Yeti.  Yeti’s  Rambler range includes stubby coolers, tumblers with lids, tumblers with straws, wine tumblers, water bottles and more.  So whatever his choice of drink – you’ll be able to find the perfect Yeti Rambler product for him.

These tumblers are great for guys of all ages and make perfect Christmas gifts for 75 year old man just as much as they do for Christmas ideas for young men.  

Click here to check out the range of Yeti Rambler products.

For those men who need some TLC

A portable massager may be the best Christmas gift for a man who loves to work our or often complain of aches and pains.  There are so many great portable massagers on the market these days that some do a great job replicating a masseuse’s actual hand movements.

Whether the man in your life suffers from sore neck and shoulders from too much time on the computer or is a sporty kind of guy and needs help loosening up those quads and hammies, a portable massager may be the perfect Christmas gift.

Click here to check out a range of portable massagers currently available.

For the coffee loving man

For the men that can’t bear to go a day without a good cup of coffee, then one of the best male Christmas presents is the range of Wacaco portable espresso machines.  These are perfect gift ideas whether you’re after Christmas present ideas for boyfriend, husband, Dad, son or any other coffee loving man in your life.

The Wacaco espresso machines are super lightweight and allow him to brew himself a cuppa when he’s away from home.  It is perfect for those men who love camping, picnics, fishing, or any activity that has them away from home.

Click here to check out the range of Wacaco Portable Espresso Machines.

For the man on the move

If your guy is always taking a few coldies to his mate’s place or just enjoys a nice cold drink while watching the kids play sports on a hot day – then a good quality soft cooler bag could be well worth considering.

A soft cooler bag can be heaps lighter to carry around then an esky, so they are perfect when you just want to take a few cans of drink with you.  Most even have a few pockets and different compartments for stroking keys and a mobile phone.

Click here to check out a range of soft cooler bags currently available.

For the man in the kitchen

Looking for good Christmas ideas for boyfriend who loves to cook?  Perhaps your husband or even son is just getting into cooking or even consider themselves a good candidate for the next series of Master Chef?  Whatever their cooking abilities, there is a range of kitchen gadgets and appliances that would make great Christmas ideas for him.

Plus, there is a range of items of all different prices with kitchen items – ideal whether you’re keen to splurge or just after cheap Christmas gifts for him.

A few cool ideas to consider include air fryers, food blenders, stand mixers, food dehydrators or perhaps they could even do with a new kettle or toaster.

Click here to check out a range of kitchen related gifts at the Good Guys.

For the nature loving men

One of the best Christmas toys for men who enjoy getting out in nature is a pair of binoculars.  Whether they enjoy bushwalking, star gazing, getting out on the water, a good pair of binoculars could be one of the perfect Christmas presents for him.

There is a range of different binoculars on the market, from reasonably cheap ones to ones with all the bells and whistles so you can really spend as much or as little as you like.

Click here for a range of different binoculars currently available.

For the BBQ King

If the man in your life considers himself a bit of a BBQ king, then maybe a portable BBQ is one of the things to get him for Christmas.  This could be a great idea if there is a group of you pitching in looking for the best Christmas present for Dad, brother or male friend.

If the man in your life enjoys a barbie, then no doubt he’s already been eyeing off the Weber range of BBQs – Weber has such a great reputation for making top quality portable BBQs.  Whether you get him a small Weber Baby Q or splurge on a bigger Weber Pulse – you’re guaranteed to be in his good books for years to come.

Click here to check out the range of BBQs

Also for the BBQ King

Portable BBQs are expensive Christmas gifts for men, so if you can’t really afford the portable BBQ, then why not consider a good quality BBQ toolset.  A heavy duty set of BBQ tools are perfect for adding to your Christmas list ideas for men who think they’re the king of the BBQ!

There are quite a few different BBQ toolsets on the market – but for a good quality one, look for one made with extra thick stainless steel.  Most sets include a spatula, basting brush, fork, thongs and some even have things like kebab skewers, knives and more.  They tend to come in a great little case, so the man in your life can easily take it wherever there’s a BBQ happening.

Click here to check out the current range of heavy duty BBQ toolsets available.

For the men who love gadgets 

If you’re looking for men’s Christmas gadgets, wireless headphone such as AirPods has got to be on your shortlist.  If he doesn’t already own a pair, these are some of the cool Christmas gifts guys will love.

Whether he’s into running, walking or just wants a handsfree set up to take business calls on the go, a pair of Airpods are not only one of the cool guy Christmas gifts, they are one of the more practical things to buy men for Christmas too.

Airpods make a great gift whether you’re looking for things to get your boyfriend for Christmas, Christmas gifts ideas for husband or even Christmas gifts young men will love.

Click here to check out the cool range of AirPods available.

For men who like to garden

From books on nurturing your indoor flowering plants to plant stands, quirky pots and plant hangers, we have hunted down and found the best Christmas plant gifts to give the man in your life this year. If you’d like to find the ideal present for the green-fingered men you know, this guide is guaranteed to provide some gifting inspiration.

Click here to read our gardening gift guide.

For the guy who likes to be on the water

If your man enjoys getting out on the water, then have you considered an inflatable SUP?  SUPs are all the rage right now and an inflatable one is one of the good gifts to get your boyfriend for Christmas, or even your husband, son, Dad or whoever the guy is in your life.

An inflatable SUP is perfect as a gift because they are super portable and easy to transport.  There is no need for roof racks or anything special to tie them down, as they pack down so compactly and usually come in their own backpack.

An inflatable SUP is also perfect if you’re after things to buy Dad for Christmas – because the whole family can get involved!  And presents that help create special memories are the best kind!

Click here to check out the current range of inflatable SUPs available.

For the new Dads

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for first time Dads, then a stylish nappy backpack might be just what you’re looking for.  This could be perfect if you’re looking for things to get husband for Christmas or even Christmas gifts for guy friends about to have their first bub.

These days there is a great range of nappy backpacks – that look more like stylish travel backpacks.  There are compartments for all of the things baby needs and all the things Dad needs too.

Click here to check out the range of nappy backpacks for Dads.

For the cool surfy man

If your man is always stealing the kid’s boogie boards to catch a wave – then one of the cool Christmas gifts for Dad is his very own boogie board!  With a man size boogie board, there is no more risk of Dad snapping the kid’s boogie board and now the kids will have even more fun down at the beach with Dad riding the waves right next to them.

No kids?  Boogie boards are still great Christmas gifts for your boyfriend or husband.  No need to wait until you have kids to realise how much fun boogie boards are.  Just make sure whatever you buy is the right kind for his size and weight.

Click here to check out a range of boogie boards currently available.

For the photographer 

A GoPro is another one of the great Christmas gifts for men ideas.  All kinds of guys would be thrilled to receive a brand new GoPro for Christmas – whether you’re after Christmas gift ideas for your boyfriend, Christmas ideas for husband, ideas for Dad for Christmas or even if you’re after Christmas gift ideas for young men.

GoPros are so easy to use and you can get fantastic footage and photos from them.  Whether the man in your life is a Dad and uses it to record memories of his kids, or perhaps he’s into some sort of sporting activity and keen to capture his adventures.

The great thing about a GoPro – is there is an endless amount of accessories that go with them – so you are set with male Christmas gift ideas years to come! (If you have an arty man in your life, check out this huge list of arty suggestions.)

Click here to check out the current range of GoPros available.

For the budding videographer

If the guy in life already has a GoPro and just loves putting videos together, then he is going to love you forever if you get him a DJI Mini Mavic – one of the most popular drones currently on the market.

The DJI Mini Mavic is super easy to fly and use and comes with all the software he needs to take his videos to the next level.  You can even easily incorporate footage from the GoPro too.  There are also a bunch of accessories that you can get for the Mini, so once again – Christmases and birthdays for the next few years are sorted.

A DJI Mini Mavic is one of the best gifts for men for Christmas who just love their gadgets.

Click here to check out the range of DJI Mini Mavic gear.

For the men that like to relax


A great item on a Christmas gift guide for men is a super comfortable portable chair.  This is perfect if he’s always watching kids sports games on the weekends or just complains about how uncomfortable his chair is while camping.

Portable chairs come in all shapes and sizes, from large reclining chairs for somewhere to nap in, chairs with side tables and insulated cooler bags so he has somewhere to keep his beer cold or various pockets so he has somewhere to keep his fishing gear organised.  

Whatever sort of activities the man in your life enjoys, there is the perfect chair for him, making it one of the good ideas for men for Christmas.

Click here to check out a range of awesome portable chairs.

For the men who are never on time

If you’re looking for Christmas presents for your boyfriend, husband or son – or basically any man in your life that never seems to be on time or answer your calls when you need him – then why not consider an Apple Watch?

With one of the latest Apple Watches, he’ll have no more excuses for being late – plus with it strapped to his wrist, he’ll always be able to answer your calls – no more fumbling around trying to find that mobile phone.

Apple Watches are also great for guys into their fitness as they come with a range of apps to help sleep, keep track of workouts and other fitness goals.

Click here to check out the current range of Apple Watches available.

For the men who love to paddle 

If you’re still not sure what gifts to give your boyfriend for Christmas or searching for the best Christmas gift for husband – if he enjoys water activities, then how about an inflatable kayak?  This is also a great idea if you’re after ideas for Dad for Christmas as it’s the perfect thing for families who want to create memories together.

Inflatable kayaks can be so much fun.  They are so portable; easy to store and transport.  You can take an inflatable kayak anywhere and don’t need roof racks – just throw it into the boot.

Intex is one of the best brands of inflatable kayaks on the market and you can get a single kayak or a tandem one which is better for families.

Click here to check out the current range of inflatable kayaks available.

For the hairy men

A grooming kit is perfect if you’re searching for nice Christmas gifts for men.  They make good gifts for men of all ages, whether you’re after Christmas gifts for old men, or Christmas presents for young men and all ages in between.

There are some top quality grooming kits on the market that cater to all types of men.  Most all in one grooming kits come with a beard trimmer, nose and ear trimmer, nail clippers and more.  These days you can even get trimmers that are charged via USB, so they are cordless and can be used just about anywhere.  Some can even be used wet or dry so that they can be used in the shower too.

For the men that need a little help in the grooming department, a grooming kit is one of the great Christmas gift ideas for guys.

Click here to check out the current range of grooming kits on the market.

Looking for some great Christmas clothes to give as a gift for him? We have that too!

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