All the Best Book Lover Gifts for Christmas

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If you’re looking for the best book lover gifts, you’re in just the right place. This gift guide contains all the top Christmas presents for the bookworms among your friends, colleagues, family and neighbours.

While books themselves are the obvious choice, there are many more suitable gifts for a bookworm. They’re all detailed here, as we’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to. Whatever your budget and whoever you’re buying for, we have all the book lover gift ideas you’ll ever need.

So grab a cuppa and settle down to read all about Christmas gifts for bookworms. From small token gifts to bigger buys, here they are. If you’re feeling creative as well as festive, you could even combine a selection of our top picks to make your own bookworm gift basket.

Top Christmas book lover gifts to give this year

Here we go. You can discover all the best gift ideas for bookworms right here. So let’s get started!

A personalised Christmas book

From Christmas books for kids or a version of the classic A Christmas Carol book to tales that tell of the life and adventures of Santa Claus or snowmen at night, a well-chosen tome is something to be treasured – often long after toys and technology have been outgrown.

A book is a great buy for any budget too. Whether you want to buy a single, simple paperback, want to purchase a personalised Christmas story book or to invest in a hardback Harry Potter box set, books featuring fabulous stories, their favourite characters or a hobby will always go down well as gifts.

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T-shirts for bookworms

There are plenty of book lover t-shirts out there, and they make great gift ideas for book lovers. Whether you want gifts for a bookworm girlfriend or a new t-shirt for your book fan Dad, a wide choice of book themed tops exist.

Women’s options include a skinny tee in mid grey featuring the legend ‘Life essentials’ and picture of a cup of coffee, a cat and a stack of books. Or she might like one of the range of ‘Book cat, life is sweet’ tops, available in a selection of shades including red, blue, yellow, green and pink as well as monochrome tones or neutrals.

Unisex and men‘s t-shirts include ‘Take a look, it’s in a book’, ‘I have no shelf control’ or ‘The book is always better’. Then there’s ‘It’s not hoarding if it’s books’ or ‘Team Oxford Comma’. These come in classic colours like black or navy, among others.

Book-themed t-shirts make great book lover presents for anyone who spends a lot of time reading.

Click here to see a selection of t-shirt gifts for bookworms

A reading lamp

From a clip-on light to a full length floor lamp, there are lots of reading lamps that make some of the best gifts for bookworms. It’s well known that prolonged reading can cause eye strain and that this can then lead to headaches – but normally this is actually due to inadequate lighting rather than the act of reading itself.

A proper reading lamp can put paid to all that. If they tend to read in bed and live with a partner, then a clip-on reading light may be the best option. These come in a range of designs featuring LEDs, fully flexible arms and free-standing or clip-on options. So they can set it to suit them, most also have a wide range of brightness settings.

You can also buy reading lighting as desk lamps or floor lamps. Or if you prefer there are neck lights shaped like a pair of headphones or computer monitor lamps for those who tend to read – or write – well into the night.

A good quality reading lamp makes a useful and attractive gift for any book fan you know.

Click here to see clip-on, desk and floor-standing reading lamps and more

If you wanted to create some ambience for reading why not check out this range of Christmas candles too!

gifts for bookworm

A book lover’s mug

When does anyone think to treat themselves to a new mug? As it’s in use every day, this is a practical gift that will give the recipient enjoyment all year round. Choose the right book lover mug and it’s bound to become their new go-to for that tea or coffee break at home or work.

There are lots of options when it comes to finding a bookworm mug. The only problem might lie in deciding exactly which one suits them best. Harry Potter fans will love a black mug emblazoned with ‘I solemnly swear that I am up to no good’, while those who adore literature might treasure a mug featuring their favourite Penguin classic, such as Jane Eyre or One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Buyers can choose a mug featuring Shakespearean insults, or a list of banned books. There are also various slogans available, such as ‘So many books, so little time’ or ‘My weekend is all booked’. If they also like to write, then they’re bound to love ‘Be careful or you’ll end up in my novel’.

A new mug will brighten up any book lover’s day – and can be used all year round.

Click here to discover a comprehensive range of mugs for bookworms

A pair of bookends

If the book lover you know could do with tidying up their print collection a little, then why not buy them a pair of bookends? These make really good gifts for bookworms, as they enable them to display a set of books just about anywhere – and in an attractive, contained way. When lining up some books on a shelf – or even the floor – a pair of bookends gives a neat, stylish finish.

The type of designs and materials varies widely. There are contemporary bookends made from metal or acrylic, or you can opt for more traditional styles made from wood or ceramics. You can also buy one pair, or opt for a whole set including two, three of four pairs of bookends.

We love a pair of Peter Rabbit wooden bookends, suitable for kids large and small. Owl, dog, bird or cat designs make great book lovers gifts for those who are also into animals, or there are plenty of decorative styles available in modern materials like clear acrylic or painted metal.

A set of bookends is surely a great choice for those wondering what to get a book lover for Christmas.

Click here to see a choice of bookend sets for the bookworm in your life

An e-reader

While this might strike you as the ideal gift for those who are strictly traditionalists, an e-reader makes a perfect gift for many book lovers. Particularly those who are short on storage space for all their favourite novels. Innovative ‘paperwhite’ technology on many devices means that the screen looks just the same as reading from a page.

The Kindle from Amazon is the classic brand, but the devices from Kobo are also among the most popular. As recent models contain twice the storage of previous ones, a new e-reader can even feature among the best gifts for book lovers who already own an older one.

Other handy features include an adjustable built-in reading light and even waterproofing. So it’s no problem if they drop the device in the sink, into the pool or even down the toilet. Nor if they accidentally spill a bottle of water in its direction.

An e-reader makes a perfect gift for any avid reader – especially those who have limited storage space.

Click here to see some Kobo and Kindle e-readers for book lovers

Christmas gifts for bookworms

Kindle or tablet accessories

If they do already own a decent e-reader or your budget is smaller, then how about an e-reader accessory to make using that Kindle, Kobo or tablet a more pleasant, comfortable experience? Options include covers, sleeves and stands.

So many people like to read in bed – it’s a great way to unwind at the end of a busy day. If that describes your friend or relative, then why not take a look at the available beanbags for e-readers? The soft cover and filling provide flexibility, so the e-reader beanbag can mould to the shape of the user’s body as they recline on their bed – or even a sunlounger. Designs include soft fabrics in a range of patterned or plain colours.

You can also buy all sorts of covers for an e-reader. Whether they’re prefer a leather cover in the exact shade of their favourite red wine, or a fabric one in cobalt blue or charcoal grey. You can also buy protective sleeves in a range of designs, colours and finishes.

Other appealing e-reader accessories include various styles of desk stand, hand holders for added grip or straps to fix the device behind the car seat.

A well-chosen e-reader accessory makes a great Christmas gift for the forward-thinking bookworm.

Click here to see a range of e-reader accessories for those who love to read

Book wall art

If a book lover likes to spread the word about their favourite pastime, what better way to show the world than with a piece of wall art featuring book lover quotes – or something else literature-related?

Slogans range from simple phrases like ‘Just one more chapter’, ‘Never stop reading’ or ‘Reading corner’ to longer quotes from the likes of Dr Seuss or Neil Gaiman. Wall decals, meanwhile, feature open, scattered or stacked books.

You can also buy poster-style prints for wall display, such as the ‘Big Brother is watching you’ piece referencing George Orwell’s 1984. Other related options also include stair riser stickers, a Disney signpost decal or even a door transfer than resembles a book case.

Book wall decals, posters and stickers make great gifts for home-loving bookworms.

Click here to view a selection of wall art items for book lovers

A bookmark

A bookmark makes an ideal gift for a colleague or neighbour, or even to give as a stocking filler to a loved one. It’s something they’ll use and see every day, and you can purchase them as single items or a set of up to five or more.

The choice of designs includes slogans, quotations, botanicals, birds or animals. There are larger bookmarks with a tassel to make finding their place super easy, or smaller sets of magnetic ones so thay can change their book marker along with their novel.

We love the sets of five magnetic bookmarks in gorgeous tropical leaf or floral designs, or they are also available in a range of dreamy, misty plain hues. There are bookmarks for fans of Van Gogh or those showing the dictionary definition of the very word ‘book’. You can also buy a set of eight small book clips to use as page markers.

A beautiful bookmark can help make reading an even more enjoyable part of any book fan’s day.

Click here to see a choice of bookmarks to give this Christmas

best book lover gifts

Book themed keyrings and jewellery

Concerned about buying them something they need space to store – such as yet another book? Then buy them a small book-themed gift item like a key chain or piece of jewellery. Some of these make especially unique gifts for book lovers.

There are silver charm bracelets with small book and slogan charms, or even a silver bangle enscribed with ‘obstinate headstrong girl’ in deference to Jane Austen. Other covetable items include charm beads, earrings and necklaces.

Key chains come in a variety of styles too. One features a Louisa May Alcott quote, while others proclaim ‘Book Nerd’, ‘If I can’t take my book I’m not going’ or simply ‘Drink tea, read books, be happy’.

A cute keyring or piece of jewellery makes an excellent gift for a female lover of fiction.

Click here to see various reading-themed jewellery and keyring items

A book token

OK, so strictly speaking it’s the modern take on a book token – the Amazon gift card. While it may not seem like the most imaginative gift, what’s boring about letting them place a bumper order of books at your expense?

If they’re the sort of person who always has a list of must-read-next titles, then a book voucher makes the ideal gift as they can pick exactly what they want. It’s not only for fiction lovers, either. A gift card makes the perfect present for anyone who loves cookbooks or titles on gardening, art, home decor or DIY. Among many other subjects.

Amazon gift cards can be ordered in a range of designs. If you like, you can even pick one presented in a cute little festive gift tin, featuring Santa or a snowflake.

Book vouchers make ideal Christmas gifts – particularly for those bookworms who are tricky to buy for.

Click here to view or buy an Amazon gift card in a tin

Book ornaments

Whether a bookworm Christmas ornament for their festive tree appeals or you’d prefer something for year-round use, a book themed ornament makes a great gift for a bookworm.

There are various styles to choose from. Gardeners will love the reading gnome who can live outdoors, while tree ornaments may feature stacks of books or a reading Santa. You could also treat a bookworm to a reclining reading cat complete with glasses, a modern reading girl or a more traditional statue of a book-toting boy in old-fashioned clothing.

A book themed ornament makes a perfect, decorative festive gift for the book lover’s home, garden, workplace or Christmas tree.

Click here to see a range of bookish ornamental gift ideas

book lover gift ideas

A lanyard

If your recipient is of an age when they need to wear reading glasses, a lanyard makes a great gift option. There are all sorts of styles to choose from, in a range of price brackets to suit your pocket.

There are beaded designs that resemble jewellery, or lanyards in plaited leather, silcone or colourful cord. Any of these is ideal for that bookworm who’s always misplacing their reading glasses. In summer, they can also double up as lanyards for holding sunglasses.

Lanyards make a great small gift for anyone who loves to read. If you’d like to be a little more generous, you could always treat them to two or more so they can ring the changes along with each library visit.

Click here to see a selection of reading glasses lanyards

Which of these top book lover gifts will you pick?

Whoever you’re buying for and however much you’d like to spend, we hope we’ve helped you find the best book lover gifts for your loved ones this Christmas. Whether you opt for a bookish mug, a piece of jewellery, some wall art, a reading lamp or an e-reader, there are plenty of great Christmas gifts for all the bookworms you know.

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