Christmas Shorts and Swimwear to Wear this Summer

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Christmas shorts – are they even a thing, we hear you ask? Oh yes – you’ll probably be as surprised as we were by the possibilities. There are kids’, women’s and men’s Christmas shorts in all colours and styles – from Christmas boxer shorts worn beneath clothing to the Christmas PJ shorts that make cosy, comfortable nightwear.

What’s more is that Christmas swimming suits are as much of a thing as board shorts, PJs or underwear. You can find everything from men‘s Christmas swim trunks to women’s Christmas bathing suits when you know where to look.

The best thing about festive clothing is that you can treat yourself to some, or buy it as Christmas gifts for other people. Given that it’s suitable throughout December right until the twelfth night on 5th January, you get a good 36 days’ wear per year out of it too. If its worn unseen beneath clothing or as nightwear, there’s no reason why you couldn’t wear it during any season.

Whether you want to find some shorts for Christmas or family Christmas bathing suits, look no further. This guide will take you through every option, from women’s, kids’ and men’s Christmas pajama shorts with matching or coordinating tops to funny Christmas shorts – or even downright cute Christmas shorts that make great beach wear or a Christmas bikini set for her.

To make sure you’re completely covered for beachwear, we’ve also included a section on Christmas bathers. Yep, a Christmas swimsuit is also a thing!

Stay right here to find the best Christmas shorts – and swimwear – for all the family this festive season. Let’s get started!

7 of the best Christmas shorts for all the family

This article details over half a dozen of the top options for December wear, from Disney Christmas shorts to don as underwear to women’s Christmas pajama shorts that are ultra snug and comfortable to wear during those hot December nights.

Christmas boxer shorts

Where better to start than with what you put on first? Men’s Christmas boxer shorts are a great way to bring the festive spirit into his life – even if he tends to be a bit ‘bah humbug’ about the whole thing.

There are plenty of Disney Christmas short options to pick from when looking for December underwear. The usual crew of Mickey Mouse characters are a classic, while there are also options based around the Nightmare Before Christmas or Avengers movies.

You can also buy Harry Potter boxer shorts decorated in the Gryffindor house colours or the Marauder’s Map, which are great options for younger guys when you order one of the smaller sizes. Or if you feel like introducing a different kind of magic, how about a pair of Aladdin boxers featuring the famous genie?

You can even buy red Christmas shorts as men’s underwear in a Santa style design, complete with sequinned pouch and a strategically placed white pom pom. Not one to show off to the kids or their grandparents, perhaps.

Click here to see a selection of Xmas boxer shorts for men

Christmas PJ shorts for women

Christmas PJ shorts in women’s sizes aren’t of course the only kind available. There are of course long and short Christmas PJs for all the family. But why not shine the spotlight on mum for a while?

Women’s Christmas PJ shorts often come as part of a set, complete with a coordinating or matching top. This is true of the Christmas pajama shorts in women’s sizes from Ekouaer, which come in an astonishing 37 different prints.

As well as matching Christmas PJs shorts and tops in a shirt-style design, the same brand offer plaid shorts in red and black with a strappy vest top or green ones with a checked print and looser t-shirt top.

There are lots of Xmas PJs with shorts to pick from – plus even more options if you include those with long-legged bottoms too.

Click here to check out a range of women’s Christmas PJ shorts

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Men’s Christmas shorts

During a long, hot Australian summer, what every man living close to the coast really needs is a pair of Christmas board shorts he can wear to the beach.

To be honest he might even like to wear them overnight as well, ready to hit the waves first thing in the morning. Assuming they’re dry by the time he retires to bed, that is.

Ptjman are a brand who has the Christmas men’s shorts for beachwear pretty much covered. Their garments come in no less than 10 different colours and designs, so make sure you click on the product listing to see all the available options. Sizes range from small to extra large, so they’re good for teens as well.

There are other brands offering fun, festive designs too. These include pairs featuring a subtle stars and snowflakes pattern, Santa travelling through snowy skies on his sleigh, Ho Ho Ho graphics or a red-nosed cartoon reindeer.

Click here to view a range of Christmas board shorts for men

Disney Christmas shorts

There are so many Disney Christmas short options for all the family – and we’re not talking about finding Christmas shorts on Disney Plus to settle down and watch together.

Options for kids to wear include a boys’ Mickey Mouse pyjama shorts set in yellow and blue, a ruffled girls’ Minnie Mouse set in pink or even a set for the baby.

The more grown-up members of the household can choose between the likes of a lacy Disney Princess set for women or boxer shorts featuring Disney movies that would work well as men’s Christmas sleep shorts.

Some children’s Disney shorts would also double up as Christmas shorts for daywear, such as a two pack of lounge shorts or a two piece top and shorts set for girls.

Click here to explore a range of Disney shorts for Christmas

christmas swimsuits

Christmas PJ shorts for men

Our search for men’s Christmas PJ shorts turned up so few options that we had to get a bit more creative when it comes to men’s short Christmas PJs. We love to solve a problem, though, so our suggestion is to search for men’s Christmas pyjama shorts in red.

Red does very well as Christmas PJ shorts available in men’s sizes, as you can pick between plain colours and checked designs that work pretty well as men’s Christmas short PJs. Many products also come in different shades, which you can see when clicking on the product link.

Green, for instance, would also do as Christmas pajama shorts in men’s styles and sizes. The big bonus being that can also wear these all year round instead of just during December.

Click here to find Christmas pyjama shorts in men’s sizes

Santa shorts

Any item with a Santa Claus design is bound to be a winner at Christmas, and shorts are no exception. Search for Father Christmas shorts and you get a range of options to consider, including board shorts for men by Ptjman in various colours.

You also get fleece or velvet shorts that are designed more for dressing up than everyday December wear. These often come complete with a matching elf hat or Santa hat to make a complete outfit. It would work as outdoor wear when having a BBQ with friends and family, or you may prefer to reserve it for more intimate moments.

If the latter appeals, you can also buy tight-fitting red shorts to be worn as underwear, though these ultra snug men’s shorts are probably best avoided when he needs to work off the excesses of the festive season!

Another option is to go for Santa Cruz branded shorts – a subtle yet clever twist on the festive theme.

Click here to discover Santa Claus shorts for Christmas

Red Christmas shorts

If you want shorts to wear outdoors during summer, a simple search for red shorts reveals so mnay options! The best ways to find more choices is to look for red men’s board shorts or red shorts for women.

Red beachwear makes great Christmas shorts for men and comes with the bonus of being suitable for wear all year round. Whether you want to find cheap men’s Xmas shorts or would prefer something with a designer label, there are plenty to pick from including brands like Quiksilver, Hurley and Rip Curl.

Red women’s shorts can also be worn as Christmas themed shorts, and come in all shapes, styles and sizes. There are cycling shorts, tight shorts, loose shorts, long shorts and tiny shorts. You could also opt for football style shorts or an athletic stretch skirt.

Click here to take a look at men’s red board shorts

Click here to see a range of red shorts for women

The best Christmas swimwear options

If you want to find a Christmas bathing suit to wear during December, stay right here. From a Christmas swimming costume for women or girls to Christmas swim trunks for men or boys, Christmas themed swimwear for all the family is detailed here.

Christmas swimsuits

A search for Christmas swimsuits reveals lots of options for both men and women. There are Christmas swim shorts for men, Christmas one piece swimsuit picks for women or you can find a Christmas bathing suit in women’s sizes that’s sold as a two piece Christmas tankini or bikini.

Designs include snowy festive scenes, cute cartoon creatures, or a ‘Santa Baby’ or ‘Ho Ho Ho’ logo. Don’t forget to check out the women’s Christmas themed bathing suits by CowCow, which include Father Christmas, festive lights or fir trees and snowflakes prints.

Click here for an assortment of Christmas themed swimsuits

Which Christmas shorts and swimsuits will you wear?

From men’s and women’s Christmas boxer shorts or christmas Disney shorts for kids to Christmas beachwear for everyone, there are plenty of options to brighten up those summer days even more.

Whether you go for Christmas themed beachwear, short PJs or mens Xmas boxer shorts to wear beneath clothing or for bed, it’s easy to find women’s Christmas sleep shorts or a Christmas bikini swimsuit when you know where to look!

For more on Christmas clothing, why not check out our guides to the best Christmas dresses, festive socks or the top Christmas shirts?

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