Christmas Pyjamas for Your Family’s Festive Downtime

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Whether you call them jim jams, PJs or jammies, family Christmas pyjamas are fast becoming a festive season tradition. There’s nothing quite like snuggling up on the sofa together to watch a Christmas movie, and they also make great gifts for those Christmas Eve boxes for her, him or the kids.

Some people are really into Christmas clothing, and you can buy all sorts of garments from dresses and shirts to costumes for the family pet. Even if that doesn’t quite describe you, why not get into the spirit when relaxing at home by donning the same nightwear as your partner and kids? Fancy some Christmas bedding, we know that too.

Matching Christmas PJs make for some superb photo opportunities too, making sure this December is a memorable one for years to come. We even pop a set in our Christmas Eve boxes for the kids! Once you’ve downed tools, your email is set to out of office and school has closed for the winter break, putting on those matching Christmas pyjamas can signal the start of a very special time of year.

What else but matching PJs will do when you want to make life easier, anyway? No one needs to know that the real reason you went for his and hers Christmas pyjamas or family PJs was to make buying them so much simpler. When you’re always busy, it can be great time-saving secret as well as a thoughtful present idea.

When you want to track down matching pyjamas for the festive season, using this guide can also save you time as well as money. From movie-themed PJs to cute Christmas PJs or cheap Christmas PJs, all the matching family Christmas pyjamas you could ever need can be found right here.

Even if going all matchy-matchy isn’t really your style, you can go for family pyjamas in the same theme or colour scheme rather than a set of family matching Christmas PJs. Think of them, perhaps, as coordinating family Xmas PJs rather than family pyjama sets in this case.

Read on to find the perfect Xmas PJ sets for fun and frolics this festive season. Spoiler alert – the dog can even join in too.

10 of the best family Christmas pyjamas for him, her & the kids

Whether you’d prefer identical matching family pyjamas or want to create your own unique collection, here they are. Ten of the finest Christmas nightwear options Australia has to offer!

Nightmare Before Christmas PJs

Nightmare Before Christmas pyjamas are a popular choice, and a particular favourite among those who can tend to be a little cynical about the season of goodwill that can sometimes seem a little sickly sweet.

If the idea of donning something a little anti-Christmas – albeit in a fun way – sounds good, then family PJ sets based around the spooky movie could be the go-to for you. Putting together your own set of family Xmas pyjamas is the best way to go here, as you can choose matching or coordinating items to suit each family member.

Amazon have so many options to choose from. For women there’s a colourful, knee-length nightdress with 3/4 length sleeves, as well as festive pyjamas in a range of designs. You can buy Nightmare Before Christmas dressing gowns for every member of the family, or opt for men‘s bottoms only. If you really get into the concept, there’s socks, slippers, underwear and even jewellery available too.

For those seeking his and hers Christmas PJs, there are also Disney’s ‘His Sally’ and ‘Her Jack’ t-shirts to buy, which can be worn with or without movie-themed bottoms. They make ideal gifts for anyone exchanging Christmas Eve boxes.

Click here to view a selection of Nightmare Before Christmas nightwear

Matching PJs with the dog

Say what? Yes, wearing matching Christmas PJs with the dog is a thing! You really can buy a set for the whole family plus pooch. After all, if your pet really is part of the family, then why shouldn’t they join in with the festive fun?

So what does the dog actually wear? Well some sets include a jumper-type garment for your doggie to don, while others include an item that’s more like a dog coat. Alternatively, they may wear a simple neckerchief.

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer plaid pyjamas; a ‘peace, love and joy’ message; blue, red or a dark colour – there are family PJs with dog clothing included for you all to wear together this festive season.

Click here to find a Christmas pyjamas family set plus dog

Grinch family PJs

Grinch Christmas PJs are another mega popular pick, and you can buy these as family matching PJs or separate items. Whether you’re really a bit ‘bah humbug’ about Christmas or it’s all an act, Grinch PJs for the family are a fun choice.

A quick glance at Amazon also tells us that Grinch onesises are a bit of a thing – especially for women who want a cosy cuddle-up in zingy lime green. As for family sets, you can buy these with red and white stripes, dark black bottoms with bright red tops or a set in deep green and white.

Separate items are also easy to find, such as his or hers pyjama bottoms, Grinch t-shirts and other extras such as socks.

Click here to see a range of Grinch Christmas pyjamas

Mother and child matching PJs

If just the two of you want to dress up in matching Xmas pyjamas this year, why not go for a set of mother and daughter matching PJs or some to suit a son and his mum? His and hers Xmas PJs needn’t be reserved purely for couples.

You can choose matching Christmas nightdresses if you prefer, or go for the traditional trousers and top with long or short legs and sleeves. There are various colours and styles available, some of which can be worn all year round.

Click here to check out mother and child pyjama sets

Elf Christmas pyjamas

Family elf pyjamas are another festive possibility, with lots of options available to buy. Whether you want your child and adult elf pyjamas to come as a matching set or to simply opt for an elf theme across kids’, women’s and men’s elf pyjamas.

There are two main types when it comes to matching Xmas PJs for the family. You can purchase family PJ sets for Christmas that will make you look like a group of elves – this kind could also double up as a fancy dress outfit if required.

Otherwise, go for cute matching PJs with an elf theme, such as those saying ‘What the Elf?’ If you’re embracing the Elf on the Shelf theme this year, you can even get your little visitor dressed up too, in a pair of ‘Donut be Naughty’ PJs. Sweet!

Click here to discover a choice of elf Christmas PJs

matching Christmas pjs

His and hers Christmas pyjamas

All those cutesy couples out there? This one’s for you. His & hers Christmas pyjamas can be every bit as festive – or otherwise – as you like. There are of course designs suited to the festive season, or you can go for something to be worn at any time of the year.

Some are also popular for other occasions, such as Valentine’s. You can buy coordinating sets reading ‘Hello there handsome’ and ‘Good morning gorgeous’, or there are cheekier options like ‘I like his beard’ and ‘I like her butt’.

For the ulimate in cosy comfort buy velvet PJs for you both, or for decadent luxury you could opt for a matching set of silk pyjamas.

Click here to explore a collection of his ‘n’ hers PJs

Disney Christmas PJs for the family

Are there any more suitable holiday PJs for the family than Disney ones? These aren’t really available as matching sets of family nightwear – and this is not really surprising given that everyone has their own favourite Disney film and character.

Rather than going for a his and hers matching pyjamas kind of theme, why not buy Mickey Mouse Christmas PJs for the one who loves the original character most? You can then go for a suitable style for each member of the family.

Not all designs are even that obviously about Disney. There are subtle prints featuring the iconic mouse ears as a silhouette, or you can buy Marvel or Star Wars themed sets for him, her or the kids. You want Minnie Mouse Christmas PJs to suit a grown woman? No problem.

The Amazon Essentials range is good for finding great value PJs for men and women, and of course Disney’s own brand has lots of offer for children as well as those searching for adult Christmas pyjamas.

Click here for an assortment of Disney Christmas pyjamas

Red Christmas PJs

No colour screams ‘Christmas!’ quite like red, and it’s a classic choice for anyone seeking matching Xmas PJs for the family. Depending on the design and colours used, this jolly shade can look dark and dramatic, bright and cheery or stylishly subtle.

Logos, stripes, slogans, checks and iconic Christmas items like reindeer or stockings are all available in an assortment of styles and colours. It’s a little like trying to pick your favourite from a box of festive chocolates. Which one will you go for?

Click here to find red Christmas pyjamas for all the family

Coordinating or matching checked pyjamas

Whether you want child and adult matching Christmas pyjamas or simply to go for the same theme in different products for everyone, you can purchase checked PJs to make mom and son Christmas PJs, Christmas pyjamas in a his and hers style or even just to find cheap matching Christmas PJs for everyone.

Some sets feature all-over plaid, while others comprise pairs of checked bottoms with a coordinating top, often with a simply slogan such as ‘Merry Christmas’!

Checked PJs are a sure-fire, quick and really easy way to achieve that wintry festive look within your home – even during summer in Australia. Why not ‘check’ some out?

Click here for a selection of checked PJs for Christmas

Christmas Eve PJs

Instead of going all matchy matchy, you could make every set of your child and adult Christmas PJs different. Rather than family PJs that are replicas of one another, why not centre your theme around the idea of each family member receiving a new pair of PJs to wake up in on Christmas Day?

This way you can simply pick a pair to suit each individual, and it’s completely your call as to whether they’re even in a festive style or not.

From a newborn baby to your grandma, selecting the best Christmas PJs for each person may often be easier than trying to find a set that everyone will agree to wear. Particularly, perhaps, if you have fussy teens or tweens in the house.

Click here to view a choice of Christmas Eve pyjamas for everyone

Christmas onesie pajamas

If you already dream of rolling into bed already dressed for a great night’s rest, then family Christmas pajamas onesies or different ones for everyone are surely the right choice for you.

Christmas onesie pajamas for adults and kids come in a variety of styles, from Christmas baby onesies available in Australia that work as a sleepsuit to a sexy Christmas onesie for those stolen festive moments.

These Christmas one piece pajamas will probably be the most comfortable nightwear you’ve ever worn, so why not check out the range of available designs?

Click here for an array of kids’, women’s and men’s Christmas onesie pajamas

Which family Christmas pyjamas will you wear this year?

We hope this guide has provided you with some top tips and info when it comes to choosing your festive PJs this year.

From a set of adults’ and children’s matching Christmas pyjamas to fit the whole family to buying cute Christmas pyjamas to suit each person, there are plenty of family pyjamas for Christmas Eve – as well as the rest of the festive season.

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