Christmas Eve Boxes for Him

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Why should Christmas Eve boxes only be for children? We’ve already covered making the perfect Christmas Eve box for her, so why not pack a container filled with festive gifts for him too? You can’t really leave your Dad, partner, son or grandad out of things. After all, it is Christmas.

Many people think that men are difficult to buy for, though. So what are the ideal men’s gifts to use when making up the perfect Christmas Eve boxes for him? This guide will walk you through all the top presents to pack into that night before Christmas box for the man – or men – in your life.

Why not grab a hot chocolate or even a glass of mulled wine to get you into the festive spirit while you check out our fabulous ideas for making a truly personalised Christmas Eve box? From movies, books or games to thrill-filled experiences, beer and BBQs, we have you covered.

Creating the best Christmas Eve boxes for men

Where to begin? Well how about with the box? Getting hold of the perfect container should always be the first step. If you don’t do that, how will you know how much space you have to fill? Fortunately there are some great and very affordable Christmas Eve crate options out there.

What to put into Christmas Eve boxes for men

So you’ve got the box. Now, here are some suggestions regarding what to fill it with…

A personalised beer glass

Every home has glasses – and surely any home with a resident beer drinker or two also has the ideal vessel for pouring out a pot, schooner or pint of the golden stuff. Drinking from a personalised beer glass does add a certain something to any occasion, though.

A range of designs, sizes and shapes is available. If you like, you could even consider buying him a pweter tankard instead. Or there are small boxed sets of whisky glasses, some of which come complete with chilling cubes to place in the drink.

You don’t have to go for a name – you can also purchase beer glasses decorated with bicycles, a Game Boy theme or etched with the chemical components of beer or whisky. There are even ceramic German-style steins for sale.

Click here to see a range of personalised beer glasses

Christmas Eve box ideas adults

A stubby holder

Give the quintessential Australian Christmas gift for men by packing a stubby holder into his Christmas Eve box. There are all kinds available, and this is a gift that can used all year round. Especially during the summer season.

There are stainless steel stubby holders that make ideal gifts for outdoor types that enjoy camping in the bush or fishing from the beach. All sorts of neoprene stubby holders are also an option. They come in various colours and designs – including the Australian flag, a map or road signs.

If he’s a fan of the Sydney Swans, Essendon Bombers, Melbourne Storm or the Giants, he’s sure to love a stubby holder that shows everyone who his favourite team is.

Click here to view a selection of stubby holders for men

Men’s pyjamas

A new pair of PJs is a classic inclusion in Christmas Eve boxes. There’s nothing like snuggling down for the night in a fresh-from-the-box pair of pyjamas. Not that you have to stick to buying a set. You could also choose bottoms only, or a pair of shorts instead.

There are so many styles available. Checked are a classic, or there are soft cotton stretch sets that are perfect for summer. You can match the nightwear to the man if he’s a Star Wars fan or likes comic book art, or treat him to soft satin or silk for something completely different.

Whether it’s new lounge pants or a short sleeved shorts and t-shirt set, a pair of pyjamas is a must for any Christmas Eve box.

Click here to see a choice of men’s pyjamas

An adult colouring book

Many men suffer from stress – particularly as many of them don’t download to their mates as women do to their girlfriends. An adult colouring book is a great stress reliever – and is the perfect way to pass the time when he’s minding the kids.

If you think the styles will be more feminine, think again. Some even feature swear words to help him ‘release the anger’. There are animals, patterns, landscapes and even women to colour in.

A grown up colouring book is an ideal Xmas eve box filler for him. It means he can join in with the kids when he wants to – as long as they can keep their hands off his very own colouring book.

Click here to check out some colouring books for men

Christmas Eve boxes for men

A bestselling book

The Christmas period is the perfect time for settling down with a good book. So why not treat him to a brand new, best selling title?

Whether he has a favourite author like John Grisham or Clive Cussler or might like to try something different, there’s lots of novels out there to whet his literary appetite. Even if that leans more towards the classics. If that’s the case, a new hardback edition or title he hasn’t yet tried would surely be most welcome.

A good read is an ideal addition to any Christmas Eve gift box.

Click here to see a range of bestselling men’s fiction

Chocolate treats

Many of the men we know love to eat chocolate at Christmas every bit as much as the women and kids do. So why not buy a small or large pack of his favourites to tuck in? It’s all part of making the best Christmas eve boxes possible.

There are liqueur chocolates for those who enjoy a tipple, large packs of Mars ‘Pods’, a Chocolate Orange from the UK, organic dark chocolate or packs of Toblerone.

Or why not try something different with the likes of a Lindt Prestige Selection, Carman’s Bliss Balls with no added sugar or a bar of lemon cheesecake chocolate?

Click here for a selection of festive chocolate treats

A console game

Everyone loves a board game at Christmas, right? Well almost every man we know loves his gaming console. A lot. Whether he’s a firm believer in the power of Playstation or more of an X-Boxer, there’s sure to be a new game on his Christmas list.

Yes, you could save that for the big day. But if you have a few to give, then why not add one to his Christmas Eve box? Also, it’s something he can do while waiting forever for the kids to go to sleep, before he can do his Father Christmas duties. Just think – it might even mean you can sneak off alone for an early night, before the kids get up to wake you at silly o’clock.

A top Christmas Eve box tip – it’s best to check out his collection to make sure you’re not buying a game he’s already got. Ask a friend or even the kids which game he’s after – someone is sure to know. Particularly if they game online or in person with him.

Click here to see the latest Playstation 5 games

Click here to see the latest XBox One games

Christmas Eve boxes ideas

A men’s movie

Men in general often seem to love tech, so why not buy a new film on blu ray for him to watch in glorious 4K HD? There are lots of classic and recent titles available.

Whether he’s more into Batman, Dunkirk, Gladiator or The Matrix, there are plenty of his old favourites to pick from. There are also box sets for those seeking a more substantial present for him.

Whatever type of movie he loves, a new film on 4K HD blu ray is bound to put a smile on his face. And might even buy you time for that long soak in a bubble bath.

Click here to check out a range of 4k HD movies for men

An adrenaline experience

Sometimes it can be good to spread out the Christmas gifts over a longer period of time. With that in mind, why not purchase an experience gift that he can take at any time of year? It can create memories that last a lifetime.

Adrenaline have over 200 options listed on their website. There are driving and flying experiences, water sports and land adventures, as well as exciting experiences for the whole family to share.

Stuck on what to pick? Adrenaline’s most popular options include hot air balloon or helicopter rides, rally driving, skydiving, jet boating, cruising and quad biking. There are so many to choose from that’s there’s sure to be something he’s never done before. And the gift card doesn’t take up much space at all.

Click here to view Adrenaline’s range of fun-filled experiences

A top 20 gift for men

If you’re struggling for inspiration, why not take a peek at Gifts Australia’s range of gifts for men? Their top 20 list is a great place to start, throwing up ideas that may never have even crossed your mind otherwise.

There are personalised leather messenger, overnight and toiletry bags – one of the latter being rugby-ball shaped. Ideal for fans of The Wallabies.

You could opt for a cut glass whisky decanter, real leather key organiser, a BBQ branding iron, A L’Occitane Men gift tin or a pair of monogrammed cufflinks. Or choose Ringmaster or BBQ socks, a felt bedside pocket, a fishing mug, a NASA galaxy puzzle or a golfing accessories set.

Click here to see a great range of men’s gift ideas

Christmas eve box

Beer and BBQ gifts

While we’re on the topic… how about a more targeted BBQ and beer gift aimed at reflecting his preferences? Every man loves a good old Aussie BBQ, especially during the summer months. It goes without saying that beer is the essential accompaniment to any great sausage sizzle or a barbecued steak.

There are shiny sets of BBQ tools, drink-themed games or Australian beers hampers. In fact you could probably wrap up the latter and present it as the Christmas Eve box. Some cool BBQ book titles are also available, such as ‘The Book of Smoke’ or the ‘Aussie BBQ Bible’.

Whether he’d prefer a set of sauces or condiments to complement that char-grilled food, or you’d like to pop a fun bottle opener into the box, there is lots of inspiration filed under ‘beer and BBQ gifts’.

Click here to discover a collection of BBQ and beer gifts

What will go in your Christmas Eve boxes for men?

We hope you’ve found this gift guide helpful when it comes to buying men’s gifts for the night before Christmas. Whether he loves beer, footy, films, BBQs, gaming or reading best, there’s sure to be a great selection of gifts you can buy to make the perfect Christmas Eve box for men.

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