Christmas Leggings in Australia for the Festive Season

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When you want to find Christmas leggings in Australia this guide can help! We’ve tracked down all the best festive leggings to don during December, so you can create a party atmosphere wherever you roam. Even if that’s just out for a nighttime run, or you’re planning to spend the evening curled up on the sofa before rolling into bed – fully dressed in your cosy lounge wear.

Buying Christmas active wear in Australia means you have instant access to a seasonal outfit. It doesn’t matter what you wear those Santa, Nordic or elf leggings with. Combining them with even the plainest black or white t-shirt means you look the part for a workout, a celebration, a trip to the shops or cinema or just chilling out at home. They also make great festive gifts for friends and family – even those living overseas.

While we’re on the topic of legwear, we’ve also included some of the finest Christmas tights around in this guide. So whether you want Christmas gym leggings, festive tights for the kids or plus size Christmas leggings, stick with us to find exactly what you’re looking for.

From general Christmas print leggings, candy cane tights or ugly leggings to children’s and women’s Christmas leggings available in Australia, all the best legwear for December can be found right here. Let’s get started!

13 of the best Christmas leggings and tights

Whether you want to source Christmas workout leggings in Australia, find the perfect Christmas pantyhose or simply want a pair of red Christmas leggings that will instantly brighten up your look, you’ll find all the top options detailed below.

Christmas tree leggings

There are plenty of ladies’ Christmas leggings with a festive tree theme to choose from. Whatever the look you’re going for, you can pick between styles in all patterns, colours and sizes.

You could opt for 3D print leggings with a deep green fir tree background, or a pair with a print featuring other Christmas symbols – such as angels or Santa – as well as trees. Both Crazy Dog and Tipsy Elves offer subtle tree print leggings on a dark background, or go for Generic’s design showing a large snow-clad tree on the side of the leg.

Whether you want high waisted Christmas leggings, ugly leggings or something more understated, there are plenty of fir tree leggings suitable for the festive season. Some come as child or infant Christmas tights too.

Click here to check out Christmas tree leggings options

Baby girl Christmas leggings

Is there anything cuter than Christmas leggings for babies? Just imagine those tiny feet encased in festive tights, or those chubby little legs kicking around with excitement. Beyond adorable.

Most baby Christmas leggings are available as baby girl Christmas outfits with leggings included, so you or your gift recipient gets a complete set ready to put on. Camera at the ready!

Sets including Christmas leggings for girls and boys include elf outfits, or you can buy
girls’ Christmas leggings with matching or coordinating tops that include reindeer, plaid, Nordic or even ‘My First Christmas’ designs.

If you want Christmas leggings for toddlers some do come in sizes for kids that are bigger than babies. One option among all the Christmas baby leggings and toddler Christmas leggings even comes in an adult size so mum can match.

Click here to discover an array of Christmas tights for a baby

Candy cane tights

Candy cane leggings or tights are widely available. You can buy striped white and red Christmas leggings so you can resemble this festive sweet treat yourself, or go for legwear with candy canes printed all over it.

In addition to these Christmas tights in women’s sizes, there are Christmas striped leggings or candy cane print ones for girls and juniors. Some are all-out bold, while others are far more subtle and thus ideal for those who prefer a more minimal look. Darker shades are available as well as red and white Christmas leggings.

For a twist on the theme, Just Love even offers a pair of candy cane print pajama bottoms that make ideal loungewear and nightwear – though the wider legs mean they’re not ideal for sports or wearing beneath long tops or dresses.

Click here to find candy cane Christmas leggings on Amazon

Ugly leggings

Like Christmas jumpers, ugly leggings are a modern festive classic. With a twist. Instead of competing to find the most unattractive sweater this year, why not have an ugly Christmas leggings contest just for fun?

If you normally dress in an elegant style, then the bold, brash prints on some of the Xmas leggings on the market will probably be pretty unappealing to you. Which makes them the perfect pick for an informal ugly leggings competition between colleagues, friends or neighbours.

Whether you want Grinch leggings in a women’s size complete with hairy green legs, ‘Season’s Greetings’ leggings to peek out from under a dress or striped Christmas tights in an elf-like design, there are plenty of unlovely leggings to pick from.

Click here to see a selection of ugly Christmas leggings

Reindeer leggings

If you’d like to find deluxe or cheap Christmas leggings for girls and women, then you can’t really go wrong with a Rudolph-style design. Reindeer tights and leggings come in various styles and sizes, from red reindeer leggings for mum to complete matching outfits for the smallest member of the family.

Many of the Nordic-print designs feature reindeer shapes or stag’s heads, and these Christmas leggings for women and girls are available in a range of colours including monochrome tones, red and white or multi-coloured options.

Generic also do some printed Christmas leggings with a jolly all-over reindeer print, and these come in red and white, red and black or even a pair decorated with light pink and baby blue deer. Another good option comes courtesy of Leggings Depot, who offer a huge range for all-year-round wear.

Click here to see an assortment of reindeer leggings

Christmas running tights

If it’s sportswear you’re seeking to wear to the gym, for running or for a fitness class, then there are lots of lycra leggings available in Australia for active types. Why not challenge your yoga or dance class chums to don Christmas running tights or leggings for the last class taking place in December?

As these products have a high level of stretch, they’re ideal for all sorts of activities from a bike ride into town to a sunrise yoga session or run along the shoreline. Wearing a pair of these is a great way to dress for both occasions at the same time, shwoing everyone you’re ready for Christmas as well as sports.

In addition to the likes of Nordic and Santa designs there are leggings and Christmas tights in women’s sizes featuring strings of colourful lights, snowflake tights with printed bows around the thighs or gingerbread leggings featuring everyone’s favourite festive biscuit.

Click here to explore a range of Christmas workout leggings

Elf leggings

Whether you want them for a fancy dress party or another festive occasion, there are various elf tights and leggings to choose from. They can be worn as funny Christmas leggings, cute Christmas leggings or Christmas leggings for a workout.

These are quite possibly the most Christmas themed leggings around, as the red and green stripes call to mind the festive season straight off. Many of these garments come complete with a belt and bells printed on, ready for dressing up like an elf in the easiest way possible.

There are also complete elf outfits available for all the family, in case you want to save yourself the time it might take to find a top to complement your chosen Christmas pattern leggings.

Click here to view assorted elf tights and leggings

Fleece lined Christmas leggings

Yep, we know it’s summer here in Australia during the festive season – so why would you want to buy thick, fleecy leggings to wear in December?

Because many people use their time off during summer to go and visit overseas relatives over the Christmas period. So while the sun might be shining in Queensland, Western Australia and in all the places in-between, it’s a different story in New York, London, Vancouver or Berlin. Even in warmer destinations like Spain or Italy, it’s still winter and can get very chilly. Especially at night.

Christmas fleece leggings are ideal, therefore, to pack in your suitcase if you’re heading abroad during the Australian summer. Think of holidays and gifting, and buying thermal Christmas leggings for adults and kids starts to make sense.

Thick, warm Christmas leggings for Canada, the UK or other colder countries make ideal gifts to post to your overseas-based friends or family.

Click here to take a look at fleecy and knitted Christmas leggings

Snowman leggings

When it comes to Christmas you can’t go wrong with a snowman – especially here in Australia where the wintry theme is in obvious contrast to the sunshine outside.

There are all sorts of snowman printed leggings available in Australia, and you can also buy super cute ones with a matching top or dress for small children. Grown-up girls can go for small or large snowmen sprinkled all over their legwear, or choose a pair featuring an oversized snowman reaching right up to the thigh.

Whether you prefer a dark background or to keep things light and bright, there are snowman Christmas leggings to suit all tastes and budgets.

Click here to source snowman leggings for Christmas

Pretty Polly Christmas tights

The classic hosiery brand offers a unique take on the novelty Christmas tights theme, so it’s worth taking a look to see what they – and other makes – have to offer.

If you want to buy black and white snowflake leggings, for example, check out the black tights sprinkled with white snowflakes from Pretty Polly. You can also buy a pair decorated with Christmas puddings, or those with reindeer or a snowman peeping out from over the red ‘stocking top’ around the thigh.

Other Christmas tights for adults from top brands include Leg Avenue’s gorgeous sparkly tights. Pull on a pair of these and even the plainest outfit will instantly look suitably festive. These are available in gold, silver or black-and-gold.

Click here to find the perfect pair of Christmas tights

Disney Christmas leggings

Whether you want Nightmare Before Christmas leggings for an adult or child or a complete Christmas leggings outfit for the new arrival, there are several Mickey, Minnie and Jack Skellington leggings options out there.

A cute option for girls who like pink is the ‘love’ themed set featuring a romantic Jack and Sally t-shirt in black plus pink leggings, while for boys there’s a red Mickey hoodie with a festive theme and matching tracksuit bottoms.

Frozen garments are also suitable for the festive season due to the snowy theme – as indeed is any kind of Disney branded wear. Who doesn’t watch at least one Disney movie at Christmas?

Click here to see an array of Disney leggings and outfits

Tartan leggings

Tartan leggings available in Australia make a great twist on the festive theme. They’re more subtle and stylish than other options, yet call to mind the Christmas season right off when worn during December.

These are available as plaid leggings with a two-tone check, or come with a tartan pattern. Many feature red as the main colour, but you can also buy them in grey, blue or even yellow.

If you want to wear tights or leggings that hint at Christmas rather than shouting it out to all and sundry, then tartan tights or leggings are a great option. It’s also a design you can wear all year round if you want to.

Click here to look at tartan leggings and tights

‘Mommy and me’ Christmas leggings

A mother and child dressed in the same outfit is utterly adorable, and makes for some irresistible photo opportunities too. Buying a matching set makes for a great keepsake to go in that childhood memories box too.

These mum and me Christmas leggings sets make ideal gifts, whether it’s for your neighbour across the street or to send overseas to family living in a far-flung land.

Unique Baby have the best range available, including a red, green and white Nordic print, red Santa leggings or a sky blue design that calls to mind the sunny Australian summer skies.

Click here to view Mummy and Me Christmas leggings

Which Christmas leggings and tights will you be buying?

From subtle Christmas plaid leggings or pretty ladies’ Christmas tights to bright leggings available in Australia for the festive season, there is lots of choice when you want to find adults’ and children’s Christmas tights and leggings.

Will you buy thermal leggings in Australia for an overseas trip to a wintry country, high waisted Christmas leggings to wear for yoga or Christmas elf tights as part of a fancy dress costume? Whichever you go for, a pair of reindeer, snowman, candy cane or ugly leggings is a really easy way to dress for December.

While you’re here, you may also like our guides to the top Christmas dresses, the best festive shirts the finest Christmas onesies or the cutest Christmas outfits for babies.

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