Christmas Apron Options to Wear this Year

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There are so many options out there when it comes to Christmas clothing. The list includes dresses, shirts, leggings, jumpers and shorts to pajamas and onesies. Then there are accessories like socks, hats and jewellery. Plus outfits for babies and even pets. If you work in healthcare, you can even wear festive scrubs. All of these also make great gifts.

So if you want to keep your festive outfit free from stains and ready to wear another year, then you need a Christmas apron! How else are you going to protect your favourite festive clothing from splashes of oil from the roasting tin or smudges of charcoal from the BBQ?

Christmas aprons also make ideal gifts, of course. If there’s a keen chef in your life, then a Christmas cooking apron of their very own will of course get plenty of use during December each year. Some even offer a really easy way of dressing up!

Whether you prefer the idea of a jolly Santa apron or a wintry snowman apron, there are lots of attractive and funny Christmas aprons to choose from. This guide details all the top options, so you can find the perfect Xmas aprons for yourself and your family and friends.

If you want to find a Christmas pinny, look no further. This post has got the lot. From a men‘s Christmas apron or women’s Christmas aprons to a Christmas tree apron, you’re sure to source exactly what you’re looking for when you continue reading this article.

12 of the best Christmas apron options

Here we go. Whether you want to buy matching Christmas aprons for the adults or find a Mrs Claus apron for the person in charge of the festive feast, here are 12 of the top kids’, men’s and ladies’ Christmas aprons.

A Santa apron

When it comes to spreading a little festive cheer, you can’t go wrong with a Santa Claus apron. These men’s and women’s Christmas aprons may be decorated with one or more Santa characters, or be made so the wearer resembles jolly old Saint Nick.

You can buy Santa aprons individually, or as part of a multipack containing a range of fun designs. Some are pretty simple and are mostly red, while others are more colourful and include a complete festive scene with Santa, his sleigh and the reindeer.

Various products also include slogans, from ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Love’ to ‘Ho Ho Ho’ or ‘Jolly Chef’. Some are also available as a Mrs Claus apron.

Click here to explore a range of Father Christmas aprons

Funny Christmas aprons

A funny Christmas apron will always raise a smile – and might even remind the cook that it’s really all about having a good time when the potatoes burn or the turkey’s overly dry. (Add plenty of gravy and all will be well, we reckon.)

Many novelty Christmas apron options are decorated with slogans. Options include ‘The Grillfather’, ‘Mr Good Lookin’ in Cookin” or ‘Kiss the Cook and Bring Him a Beer’ for men running the BBQ. There’s also ‘Queen of the Kitchen’ for those cooking indoors.

Other funny Xmas aprons include dogs dressed up in Christmas hats, scarves, headgear or bows; a silly sexy Christmas apron revealing a scantily-clad Mrs Claus or a simple ‘Grandma’s Kitchen’.

Click here to find a funny Christmas apron

A Christmas tree apron

Searching for Christmas tree aprons can also show up results for the kind of Christmas tree skirts that sit around the bottom of the tree, but we’re not talking about those here.

We’re referring to festive aprons featuring the classic fir tree – or not. Would it surprise you to learn that there are other kinds of tree incorporated into some designs, including a tropical palm on a white sandy beach? The only nod to Christmas on that particular one by Ambesonne is the red stocking hanging from a branch.

There’s also cute Christmas aprons in a vintage style featuring one or more red trucks carrying the Christmas tree home from the farm. Other options include a Nordic red and black check set of seven to share among the family, an elf or Santa with the tree or a ‘Christmas baking crew’ apron with the tree, a snowman and a candy cane.

Click here to see a selection of Christmas tree aprons

A reindeer apron

What’s great about reindeer aprons is that they come in such a variety of styles and shades. This means your chosen festive apron featuring a deer design can be as subtle or as colourful as you like.

There are Nordic-style deer aprons, silly Christmas aprons featuring Rudolph or classic Christmas scenes starring grazing reindeer. Some of the more modern, stylised prints are really very appealing – even for minimalists.

The super cute ‘Official Cookie Tester’ apron for kids with a cheeky reindeer poking out from the top of the pocket, meanwhile, is utterly irresistible.

Click here to view reindeer Christmas aprons

Vintage Christmas aprons

A vintage style Christmas apron is a cool choice when you want something a bit more subtle. A retro Christmas apron can be an attractive pinny that says rather than screams ‘It’s Christmas!’

In fact some of the options that pop up when you search for a vintage Christmas apron aren’t necessarily festive at all. There are chintzy floral prints, mid-century style polka dots and classic gingham or striped aprons in a range of colours. If you want a Christmas frilly apron, do check these products out.

Another vintage type option is a red truck bearing a freshly-cut Christmas tree, or you could pick a deer apron with the creatures picked out in a range of subtly wintry patterns and colours. One you could get away with wearing at any time of the year for sure.

Click here to check out vintage Christmas aprons

A snowman apron

Like a Santa or Mrs Claus cooking apron, snowman aprons are a Christmas classic. With lots of options to pick from, these designs are ideal whether you want to resemble a snowman or simply bring a little wintry cheer to the table.

Ambesonne even offer a snowman Christmas apron with a character made from sand sitting on a beach with the deep blue sea in the background – like their palm tree one, this is a fitting nod to the sunny Australian Christmas.

You can also buy a child’s snowman apron so they can ‘dress up’ in a matter of seconds, or adult snowman aprons in both cool and warm colours and simpler or more detailed designs.

Click here to take a look at snowman Christmas aprons

christmas aprons

Christmas aprons to sew

If you have a dull old apron sitting unloved at the back of a cupboard, in the shed or in the loft, an option for creative types is to sew your own Christmas apron.

Well we say sew, but in fact many of the Christmas patches you can buy can also be ironed on, meaning you can create a festive pinny in just a few minutes. No needle threading even required.

This is a really fun creative project that’s ideal for a rainy summer’s day spent with the kids. Just make sure it’s adults only when it comes to using the iron.

If you don’t have an old apron to use, multipacks of plain aprons offer great value for money and mean you can kit out every member of the family. This is a great way to obtain cheap Christmas aprons in bulk quantities, and could even spell the start of a craft empire!

Click here for a range of Christmas patches

Click here for an assortment of plain aprons

A Disney Christmas apron

A Disney apron can be worn all year round, but is also a great choice for the festive season due to the association with Christmas movies. Who can resist those cute mouse ears or a Disney Princess or character at Christmas?

Options range from monochrome Mickey or Minnie Mouse aprons to one that makes the owner appear to be wearing a princess outfit. Or you can purchase a Star Wars apron for men, or a fifties style apron so the wearer herself is dressed just like Minnie.

You can’t go wrong with Disney aprons at any time of the year.

Click here to find the right Disney apron for you

Matching Christmas aprons

Two or more people wearing the same Xmas aprons can look adorable, and there are plenty of sets available so you can do just that. Many of these have slogans, and are available as his and hers Christmas aprons, family Christmas aprons or mommy and me Christmas aprons.

For those seeking Christmas baking aprons there’s a cute gingerbread ‘Christmas Baking Crew’ set with one each in kids’ and adults’ sizes, or pick ‘Official Cookie Maker’ or ‘Merry Christmas’ on a checked background.

You can also buy packs comprising two identical aprons, or go for ‘King of the Kitchen’ plus ‘Queen of the Kitchen’ for a couple.

Click here for an array of matching Christmas apron sets

An elf apron and hat

Buying elf aprons with matching hats is easy as there are lots available. It’s a simple and affordable way for one person or more to dress up for Christmas.

These feature the classic green and red elf colours, and come complete with a matching hat so you can dress up for dinner direct from the kitchen. They’re available in adults’ or children’s sizes, and come singly or as a pack of two, four, six or eight.

Typical elf apron designs comprise a green apron with a large red patch pocket on the front, plus a zigzag hem and of course the coordinating hat.

Click here to view elf apron and hat sets

Gingerbread aprons

Gingerbread aprons for adults and kids are one of our favourites – who can resist that sweet little cookie character made from delicious, spicy dough?

Some options allow the wearer to dress up like the classic gingerbread man from the children’s story. Others feature a fun all-over print, or a single gingerbread man printed on the front.

If you want everyone to think of delicious baked goodies or cute kids’ stories when they see you in the kitchen, a gingerbread apron is a festive must.

Click here to see gingerbread Christmas aprons

A men’s Christmas apron

A Christmas chef apron for he who will be manning the BBQ is a great idea for a summery Australian Christmas. These range in style from an apron and hat set to a slogan apron, or you could go for classic butcher style Christmas aprons with pockets.

The type of slogan includes tongue-in-cheek options like ‘I’ll Feed All You F*****s’ or ‘This S**t is Going to be Delicious’ to ‘I Like My Butt Rubbed and My Pork Pulled’ or ‘Your Opinion Wasn’t in the Recipe’. (Ideal sending a clear message to interfering family members, perhaps?)

More utilitarian men’s Christmas aprons include styles with lots of useful pockets, those resembling a striped butcher’s apron or the classic set in various colours with matching hat.

Click here to discover Christmas aprons for him

Which Christmas apron will you be wearing or giving?

It’s easy to see there are many children’s, men’s and ladies’ Christmas aprons to choose from. Whether you want them for wearing yourself or to give as gifts, there are plenty of Christmas kitchen aprons to brighten up the festive season.

From Christmas elf aprons for quick dressing-up or cheap Christmas aprons to embellish at home to the most adorable mother and daughter Christmas aprons or men’s novelty Christmas aprons ideal for BBQs, there’s lots to pick from when you’re seeking festive kitchen wear.

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