Christmas Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys: Our Top 15 Ideas

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If you want to find all the best gifts for 10 year old boys, then look no further! This list of the top toys for 10 year old boys covers all your festive gifting needs this year. Whether you want educational, outdoor or fun toys for 10 year old boys, here you can discover the latest must-have playthings for your son, nephew, grandson, neighbour or friend.

The best gifts for a 10 year old boy include options for all budgets. Whether you’re seeking this year’s big ticket item or would rather opt for something more affordable, you can find it all right here. The items listed here include indoor and outdoor games, tech, creative items and even things that can help him to relax or save money.

Read on to discover 15 of the best presents for 10 year old boys. Fun games for 10 year old boys don’t come any better than what you’ll find listed right here!

15 of the best gifts for 10 year old boys

From really good toys for 10 year old boys to the latest costumes for 10 year old boys, here are 15 of the finest presents for the male tween in your life.

Hover soccer ball

Whether you want to spend $20 or don’t mind forking out $100 plus, a hover football is one of those really hot gifts for 10 year old boys that you cannot go wrong with. These disc-shaped toys come singly or in some cases as a 2-pack. Sometimes they also include accessories.

Where this is the case, these might be a couple of goals plus a pair of hockey sticks. Some products also include a regular soccer style ball within the pack.

Whichever you choose, these ‘balls’ come with LED lighting so he can see his way. In each case, the central disc tends to be surrounded by a tough, thick foam layer, to protect his new toy while it’s being played with.

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Indoor basketball hoop

If he’s more into basketball than soccer, then a mini basketball hoop for indoor use could make the ideal festive gift. These come with all the fixtures and fittings required to put them up, as well as one or several balls to play with.

Some slightly more expensive models even come with a scoreboard, complete with cheering sound effects. Many are monochrome with red balls, but some are available in other colours, including the Wilson Los Angeles Lakers one.

Whether he’s really into the game or just the sort that finds it hard to stay still, a mini indoor basketball hoop could be the way to go this Christmas.

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An eScooter

eScooters are another top choice when it comes to Christmas gifts for 10 year old boys. These come from all sorts of leading outdoor brands, and in various colours and shapes. An eScooter is a step up from a standard scooter, that’s for sure, so it doesn’t really matter if he has one of those already.

The Razor Power Core models, Hoverfly GKS and Segway Ninebot are some of those you can pick from. Each one comes with features such as pneumatic tyres or solid rubber wheels, brakes that can be accessed right by the handlebars and a kick stand.

Some eScooters also come with several speeds, or may have built-in LED lighting. Some can also be folded, or might be lightweight to ensure they’re as portable as possible.

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LED bike wheel lights

LED wheel lights for his bike not only look the part, they can really help to keep him safe too. Whether he likes spinning along early in the morning, at dusk or actually after nightfall, a set of these LED cycle wheel lights makes a great and pretty affordable gift.

Many of these light sets come with various colour and pattern options. A lot of them trace the shape of the wheel, but some are differently shaped and can be placed among the spokes as he pleases.

As well as being great fun, these LED wheel lights can really help to make sure he’s seen while he’s out there in poor lighting conditions. In fact, they’re also perfect for showing off to his mates, even during broad daylight!

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Laser tag game

Buy a laser tag game and not only will the 10 year old boy love you for it, his friends will too. These are really great toys for 10 year old boys all over Australia, as they keep him active while boasting that all-important cool factor too.

Most sets come with four laser guns, though some do come with two. The vests you need are also included, and each player wears and carries a different colour so you can easily identify one another.

If they get excited about being booked into the local laser tag place for a game with up to three friends, then how happy are they going to be to receive this as a Christmas present? Their parents will appreciate the fact that they’re running around and burning off energy too.

Click here to search for laser tag games

Wireless headphones

A pair of wireless headphones can be good news for all the family, really. If he’s prone to playing on his iPad too loudly, for example, then a pair of headphones is the Christmas gift that will keep on giving to everyone in the household!

Top brands to choose from include Sony, JBL, Sennheiser and more for over-ear headphones – the chunky type with a broad, overhead band. You can also buy Apple AirPods or similar, more pocket-friendly styles. Other options include the bone conduction, in-ear and flexible styles.

With this kind of gift you can spend a little or a lot. Non-branded products can be very affordable indeed, or you can buy those from top makes when you’re willing to splash a considerable sum of cash.

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Harry Potter 3D puzzle

Should he be into both solving puzzles and the boy wizard, then surely a 3D Harry Potter puzzle has to be a no-brainer. This is just one of the many Harry Potter gifts you could give at Christmas, but is one of the top options when it comes to the best presents for a 10 year old boy.

He might be more into the books, or think that the series are simply the best movies for 10 year old boys ever. Whichever it is, he’ll adore the puzzles he can put together himself, creating a 3D model that can then be either proudly displayed or played with.

Pick one of the key buildings from the Harry Potter series – such as the Hogwarts Castle, Ron’s family home the Burrow, Gringotts bank or Diagon Alley. Alternatively, opt for a creature such as Hedwig the owl or Fawkes the phoenix.

Click here for a selection of 3D Harry Potter puzzles

toys for 10 year old boys

Bean bag chair

Whether he’s more into gaming, reading or simply watching TV during his downtime, a bean bag chair gives him a place of his own for enjoying the best books for 10 year old boys, the latest game or a movie.

Throne Boss chairs are currently very popular, not least because they have none of that filling that can spill out all over the room. They also come with side storage pockets, a padded back for comfort and a top loop for carrying.

If you do want something cheaper, plenty of alternatives are available. Whatever shape, colour and size you go for, we do suggest making sure he has somewhere to put it before taking the plunge. You may also need a large supply of Christmas gift wrap for this one!

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A dressing-up outfit

Cool stuff for 10 year old boys includes fancy dress, novelty and superhero fantasy costumes, so they can be someone else for a few hours, the duration of a party or even the entire day. Whatever he’s into, there’s an outfit somewhere to suit him down to the ground.

He could dress up as someone from history, such as a Roman or Viking. Characters such as pirates and soldiers are also ever-popular. Or you could choose a costume in his size so he can dress up as his favourite superhero, such as Spiderman.

As well as the clothing he’ll need, these outfits also often come with accessories such as headgear or weapons to really finish off the look. Clothes for 10 year old boys really can be pretty exciting!

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Spikeball game

Tear him away from even the top TV shows for 10 year old boys by buying him a Spikeball game. This popular new game is growing in popularity at an incredible rate, and also packs away into its own stylish carry bag. It’s thus ideal for taking out to the beach, the park or to play in a friend’s garden.

There are several versions of Spikeball to choose from. One and three ball versions are available, or if you don’t mind spending a little more then why not go for the pro kit? This includes balls with added spin, and an even tougher net that’s made to last for longer.

If he’s already into Spikeball, why not treat him to the Spikebuoy accessory kit instead? This is suitable for playing on water, and can be used with pro or regular Spikeball sets.

So how does the game work? Players score points every time the opposition hits the ground or the rim, or when they bounce more than once within the net. It’s a fun, quick-fire way to burn off lots of energy and really get into that competitive spirit!

Click here to shop for Spikeball sets

Electronic money bank

Get kids into good saving habits by buying an electronic piggy bank for the 10 year old boy you know. Seeing that pocket money mount up is a great way for kids to learn about how far their cash can stretch. It makes it simple for him to save up for that special item too.

Whether he has siblings to hide his stash from or wants to keep all his money safe in one spot, an electronic money bank provides him with the ideal storage place. A code means no one else can get in, and it’s fun posting the notes he has through the slots.

To get a child into good habits now that they’ve reached double figures, an electronic money safe is one of the most practical yet fun toys for 9 and 10 year old boys.

Click here to take a look at electronic piggy banks

Nintendo Switch

A Nintendo Switch console makes an awesome present – cool toys for 10 year old boys don’t get any better than this. The classic Switch console has been around for some time now, or you can pick the Switch Lite as a smaller, more streamlined alternative.

For an upgrade, you could go for the OLED model instead. This comes with a 7-inch screen offering vibrant colours and uber crisp lines. There’s also a multi-angled stand, 64 GB of internal storage and a wired LAN port for TV mode play with this one.

Bundle deals are also available. This means he gets a game as well as the console, so he can play right away. It can also save money as opposed to buying them separately. Mega popular titles like Mario Kart, Animal Crossing and The Legend of Zelda can be included here as part of the package.

Click here to see Nintendo Switch consoles

Hand operated drone

A drone that’s operated by hand can provide hours of fun and games for 10 year old boys. Plus it will also impress their friends, who will be amazed to see the drone spinning through the air without any apparent means of control.

These hand operated drones aren’t much larger than the palm of his hand, and are available in an array of colours. They include LED lighting for an even more dramatic effect, and are suitable for indoor use even on a rainy day.

Whether he’d prefer blue, red, black with multicoloured lighting or even a metallic shade, these hand operated drones for kids are a sure-fire winner when it comes to Christmas gifting.

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Create your own comic book kit

If he’s the creative sort, then one of the best gifts for a 10 year old boy has to be a comic book making kit. With this he can make his own comics, which is ideal if he’s a bit of an arty type. These can also make great budget gifts for boys of this age.

The options include books offering full instructions on how to create his own comc strips. Popular titles here include Usborne’s Write and Draw Your Own Comics and Create Your Own Comic Book by Papeterie Bleu. The former also offers a big pad which he can sketch and scribble straight onto.

Lulu Jr kits offer another option. These include printing and delivery of his completed comic book project, so he can keep his creation forever. As well as the Create Your Own Comic Book option, the Illustory Create Your Own Book is also offered by this brand.

Click here to browse comic book kits

A joke book

Packed with jokes for 10 year old boys, there are various fun-filled books for 10 year old boys that are guaranteed to make he and his friends chuckle. These books are cheap to buy, too, so they’re ideal when you want only a small gift or stocking filler.

Titles to choose between include Hilarious Jokes for 10 Year Old Kids from Hayden Fox, The Don’t Laugh Challenge Joke Book by Billy Boy and The Best Jokes Everyone Should Know. All have many pages filled wih rib ticklers and tongue twisters.

For fans of the big name writer, you can also buy Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Joke Book, which comes complete with Quentin Blake illustrations.

Click here for an array of kids’ joke books

Which gifts for 10 year old boys will you buy?

From gifts that make great party games for 10 year old boys to items he can play with solo, there’s lots of choice when it comes to Christmas gifts for boys who are 10 years old. If anything on this list inspired you, why not take a look at some more of our age-related kids’ Christmas gift guides?

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