Christmas Toys for 10 Year Old Girls: Our Top 15 Ideas

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If you need to find the best Christmas toys for 10 year old girls, then you’re in just the right place! This gift guide to all the hot toys for 10 year old girls will give you all the inspiration you need to find the perfect present for a friend, neighbour, family member or colleague. Why search the shopping centres when you can get your gift list all sewn up in just a few clicks?

This article will go through all the most fun toys for 10 year old girls. Also included are educational playthings that might just teach her something. And there’s more – we’ve included art and craft products, construction and outdoor toys, games and toys that encourage creativity and role play.

From budget buys to big ticket items, all the top toys for 10 year old girls are listed right here. Read on to discover 15 of the most popular toys for 10 year old girls – whatever your budget and her preferences.

15 of the best toys for 10 year old girls

Let’s dive on into this list of all the cool toys for 10 year old girls. Whether you want to spend just a few dollars… or are ready and willing to really splash out!

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza game

If you want really good toys for 10 year old girls that don’t cost a lot, then the Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza game is a great go-to. This fast-paced card game features uber adorable artwork, which only adds to the appeal for a picky tween.

As well as the classic version of the game, special editions are also available. Such as Halloween, FIFA World Cup, Easter and ‘On the Flip Side’ expansion sets. For a game that even a fussy 10 year old girl and her friends will love, this one’s a great bet.

So how do you play? Players take turns in a circualr direction, saying one of the five words – “taco,” “cat,” “goat,” “cheese” or “pizza” – as they play their card. If their spoken word matches the image on the card, then it’s a race to slap your card onto the pile. The first player to get rid pf all their cards is then declared the winner.

Disney Villainous

Disney Villainous is a really cool board game that tweens are guaranteed to love. This isn’t Disney as you know it, but a dark, strategic game where the most wicked player takes it all.

It’s a game of strategy for kids aged ten plus, so there’s no chance she’ll think this is a babyish kind of toy for 10 year olds. The jewel-like colours of the pieces are beautiful, making this a game she’ll love to unbox and set up for play.

You can play various versions of Villainous. The original is ‘The Worst Takes It All’, or other editions include a Star Wars themed game, a ‘Bigger and Badder’ one or ‘Despicable Plots’. If she really gets into it, you can even buy jigsaw puzzles with a Villainous theme.

Instant camera

Instant cameras can make really creative toys for 10 year old girls. She can snap away to her heart’s content, before churning out her own mini prints to keep or share among her friends.

The Instax from FujiFilm is the most popular choice. This comes in an array of gorgeous shades tha any 10 year old girl will adore. Pick between blossom pink, lilac purple, pastel blue, mint green and clay white.

If you don’t fancy the FujiFilm Instax, there are other options. How about the Polaroid and Kodak models, for example? These have a retro feel to them, so are ideal for fans of all things vintage or past decades. They might ring a bell or two for her parents or other rellies too!

Photo clip string lights

If you do decide to buy her an instant camera, then she’s definitely going to need somewhere to display all her snaps. A string of pretty fairy lights can provide the solution, and as this type comes with clips it can also be used to create a gallery wall.

Sets can come with 20, 40, 50 or 100 LED fairy lights. These are like little illuminated clips that can be used to hold photos. Or other small card or paper items, such as greetings cards or small pictures.

The scene she can create can be as subtle or out-there as suits. String 100 lights across an entire wall, or hang an understated string of 20 across the edge or top of a shelf.

A virtual pet

Her parents might well remember the virtual pet craze that swept the globe several decades ago. Well now it’s made something of a comeback, and you can buy all sorts of electronic pets for kids to take care of.

These little pets are attached to a keychain, and come from various brands. Tamagotchi was the original back in the day, or GigaPets products are now among the most popular. Unbranded ones are also available, and ideal for those on a budget.

Tamagotchis or virtual pets are some of the hottest toys for 10 year old girls. There’s one for her whether she’d prefer a Compukitty and StarCat, or an ice cream, starry night or ‘berry delicious’ design.

Trick scooter

If it’s outdoor toys for 10 year old girls you’d like to buy, then a trick scooter can be a great option. These really cool modes of transport can ensure she spends plenty of time outside in the fresh air, getting exercise as she goes from A to B or practises her latest tricks.

When you want a trick rather than a commuting scooter, small wheels are what you want to look for. There are some really appealing colours and designs, and some come with illuminated wheels or a stylish iridescent finish.

Some good brands to look out for include Mongoose, Razor and Fuzion. If you’d like something more portable, then the Valor kick scooter is the smallest folding scooter you’ll find, and even comes with its own backpack for carrying.

Pusheen the cat

If you think 10 year olds are too old for soft toys and cute creatures, think again. Pusheen the cat is seriously cool at school, and there are so many adorable plush and other toys to choose from.

There’s the ‘Pusheen Squisheen’ range of Squishmallow-style soft toys, or all sorts of variations like a stack of pancakes, a carton of strawberry milk or the flower petal plush. Plus a super cute Pusheen holding a cookie.

Other than soft toys, you can buy a Pusheen magnetic or cross-stitch kit, pyjamas, a travel pillow and eye mask set, a colouring book, a mug, or various bags including a toiletry bag, a messenger bag and more.

popular toys for 10 year old girls

Polymer clay charms kit

Creative girls aged around 10 often love to make their own charms and jewellery. And the good news is that you can buy all sorts of affordable charm kits so they can create their very own custom pieces. These make great toys for 10 year old girls, as they’re far from babyish or childish.

Some sets contain ready-made clay beads of all shapes, sizes and colours. In addition to the beads, these kits typically include a selection of jewellery findings. These are the other pieces she’ll need to fit everything together, such as loops, fastenings, thread or wire and earring hooks.

Extras such as metal charms or beads may also come with these kits. There are other sets too, that contain polymer clay which requires oven baking once she’s modelled what she wants to make. These also come with the jewellery findings she’ll need, plus extra decorative items such as chains.

STEM crystal growing kit

If you want to find educational toys for 10 year old girls, how about a STEM kit for growing her own crystals? There are various sets available, so she can nurture her own crystals in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

National Geographic crystal growing labs are among the best products around. These come with three or six crystals to grow at home, or even so she can end up with half a dozen crystal trees in around the name number of hours.

Other brands also offer crystal growing kits. The sets from 4M, for example, allow her to grow one or seven crystals. Alternatively, check out National Geographic’s other similar products, which include the Mega Gemstone Dig Kit and the Break Open Geodes set.

Mini waffle maker

Though perhaps not such an obvious choice for a list of the top 10 toys for 10 year old girls, a mini waffle maker is something that can really pique her interest in cooking. She will of course require adult supervision – especially at first – but could well be whipping up breakfast and dessert treats in no time.

Some mini waffle makers take up very little space on the kitchen worktop. They may also be capable of cooking other savoury or sweet items – such as pizza dough or cookies.

Once she’s perfected the art of making her very own heart-shaped or round waffles, it will of course be all about the toppings. Who knows, you might even receive an invite from her for breakfast, brunch or dessert once you’ve treated the 10 year old you know to this firm tween favourite!

Watercolour brush pens

If she’s more of a budding artist than creative in the kitchen, then a set of watercolour brush pens might well make the best Christmas present for a 10 year old girl. They’re like the ideal hybrid between a paintbrush and a pen.

With a brush-like tip, watercolour brush pens allow her to paint on paper. Without the fuss or mess of using water, or cleaning brushes. With not even any newspaper needed – unless you know a 10 year old who’s particularly messy with felt tip pens, that is!

Some sets come in traditional pen packs, while others come in a pretty pot that she’d be proud to display on her desk or a shelf. You can also buy any quantity between six and 100 in one pack.

Pillow bed floor lounger cover

Say what? if you haven’t yet heard of the pillow bed floor lounger, then you can win some serious cachet by buying one of these for the 10 year old girl you know. Once you’ve bought the cover, simply grab four or five pillows to add to it so she can lounge away to her heart’s content.

You might like to think about where she’ll use her lounger before choosing which one to buy. Do you want a colour scheme that will match her bedroom, for instance, or a neutral that will blend in seamlessly in the family home?

Options to pick between include a cool monochrome cow print, one that’s scattered with glow-in-the-dark stars, a plain shade or a spotty cover. And then some. You can also opt for a soft and cosy finish, or buy one that’s smooth like a bed sheet. Whichever you choose, don’t forget to order enough pillows to stuff it with if you don’t have these already!

Pod swing seat

If she simply likes hanging around, then a kids’ pod swing seat makes an ideal addition to her bedroom. It doesn’t need to take up a lot of space, either, as it hangs from the ceiling and this takes up no room at all on the floor.

For structural reasons, it’s best to hang one of these from a supportive beam rather than plasterboard. Once in place, though, it can support around 150 pounds (68 kilos) or more, depending on which one you buy.

There are plenty of designs to pick from when you want to buy one of these as a Christmas gift for a 10 year old girl. Choose blue or pink with contrast trim, a patterned fabric or even a light-up design. These make ideal gifts for kids with sensory needs, too.

Portable karaoke machine

A portable karaoke machine can provide many hours of fun for any 10 year old girl and her friends. Typically these might look like something a professional DJ might carry around, complete with a couple of microphones and flashing lights.

Some sets do come with a pair of microphones, while others might include only one – or even three. A carry handle and in some cases a shoulder strap is supplied, and the wireless bluetooth system means it’s easy to spin (and sing) the tunes on the go.

If you don’t think the family will want something too big, then more compact models are available. Various colours are available too, including black, silver and a range of pink shades.

Cinema lightbox

Cinematic light boxes are seriously cool. She can constantly change the slogans on the box to suit her mood or what she’s up to. Or even a favourite line from a book or a song – or a life sentiment that means something.

These are among the favourite toys for 10 year old girls as they aren’t really toys at all in the traditional sense. Which is exactly what you want, in most cases, when buying for a hard-to-please tween girl.

The classic light box comes in black and white for a monochrome look, but there are more colourful options available too. You can pick a coloured lightbox, or opt for one which includes small symbol and image message cards as well as plain letters.

Which toys for 10 year old girls will you buy?

As you can see, there are plenty of Christmas toys for 10 year old girls to choose from when you know what sort of things tweens are really into! Whether it’s educational, outdoor, fun or art toys for 10 year old girls, there are lots of options for all budgets and interests. Enjoy your Christmas shopping, won’t you?

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