Christmas Toys for 9 Year Old Girls: Our Top 15 Ideas

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If you want to give a gift they’ll love this festive season and there’s a 9 year old in your life, then you need this guide to the top toys for 9 year old girls! It doesn’t matter what she’s into or how much or little you have to spend. You really can find all the best toys for 9 year olds who are girls (or even boys) right here.

When you don’t know where to start when sourcing hot toys for 9 year old girls, fear not. There’s no need to fret when you have this handy guide by your side. So sit back and relax with your favourite hot or cold drink while we take you through the best educational, outdoor and downright fun toys for 9 year old girls. In just a few clicks, you can get your Christmas shopping all sorted!

What are really good toys for 9 year old girls? You can find all the options in this list. From kids books she’ll love to get stuck into or the latest pair of runners to a memorable experience or a trampoline costing hundreds of dollars, there’s something for every 9 year old girl here. And a buyer on any budget.

Read to find all the best toys for the 9 year old girl in your life! Whether she’s your daughter, neighbour, granddaughter, friend’s kid or niece. We’ve also covered a great range of alternatives to toys, giving you even more food for thought.

15 of the best toys for 9 year old girls

Here we go. Your wish to find cool toys for 9 year old girls is our command! Choose something from the following list this Christmas, and we promise she’ll thank you for it.

A trampoline

Every 9 year old girl loves to jump around, right? Making trampolines one of the best toys for 9 year old girls. Assuming there’s a suitable space in her parents’ backyard, that is.

Springfree promises to sell only the highest quality trampolines in Australia. Add to that their firm focus on safety, and you can see why we’re recommending this retailer. You can buy only a trampoline from them, or opt for a bundle that includes other items too.

Springfree offers a ten year warranty on their products, and bundles come with accessories such as a basketball hoop that attaches to the top of the trampoline. They even stock limited edition trampolines if you’re seeking something different, as well as a range of complementary accessories.

If you want to find a great value trampoline, you could also check out what Amazon has to offer. Their range includes all shapes and sizes, from small toddlers’ and workout trampolines for those that will only fit in the biggest of back gardens!

Click here to shop for Springfree trampolines

Click here for an array of trampolines at Amazon

Pre-teen books

If you want an alternative to more plastic toys, why not opt for a book or two? Booktopia is the one of the best bets here, as they’ve helpfully divided their stock into sections. We recommend browsing the pre-teen (ages 9 to 12) category if you want to find the ideal books for 9 year old girls.

There’s a good range of popular and lesser-known titles to choose from. You can also pick between fiction and non-fiction titles. From the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series or Dork Diaries to The Detectives Guide to Paris or the Heartstopper series as featured on Netflix, there is so much scope here.

Another great store to buy kids’ books from is Amazon. You can narrow down your search to focus on books for 9 year old girls if you like. When we tested this, titles that stood out include a Nancy Drew Mystery Stories box set, Katie the Catsitter and the intriguingly named The Girl Who Drank The Moon.

Click here to buy books at Booktopia

Click here to see books at Amazon

A neon sign

Whether it’s a slogan that will really resonate with her, a cool symbol or a custom-made version featuring her name, neon signs are one of the best toys for girls who are 9 years old. Amazon offer a good range of these, so you don’t have to hunt high and low to find something she’ll love.

Pick a cactus to complement a green room, or opt for Just Be Yourself, Good Vibes or Hello Gorgeous if the idea of a slogan neon sign appeals. Order a personalised one with her name on it, or choose a banana, a cloud or even a gaming controller.

In fact you can order any neon sign you like, really. Plenty of the neon signs on Amazon are fully customisable, so why not take a look to see what you could come up with?

Click here for an assortment of neon signs

Creatto light-up craft kit

If you’re seeking educational toys for 9 year old girls, then these Creatto illuminated craft kits are an excellent choice. You can buy these in various designs that will appeal to this age range, and after putting it together she’ll end up with a lovely nightlight.

Options to choose from include a polar bear, a unicorn, a dragon, a rainbow, an elephant and more. Every one of these 3-dimensional models is made from a series of LED-lit panels, and she’ll love the fact that she can fit it all together herself.

Suitable for ages 8 plus, these Creatto light-up crafting kits make ideal Christmas gifts for 9 year olds. They’re creative, fun and even classed as STEM building toys. Plus she ends up with a cool room accessory, too.

Click here to check out Creatto kits at Amazon

A hoverboard

One of the most awesome toys for 9 year old girls and boys is a hoverboard. This fun and funky toy will get her outside in the fresh air, too, and is something that’s easy to share with her siblings. Though they might need to establish some sort of fair rota or sharing system first!

It can be a challenge to keep kids of this age active – and away from screens – when they’re not at school, but the fact that a hoverboard is simply so darned cool guarantees to get them out there and moving about. After all, who wouldn’t want to be seen riding on one of these?

Illuminated wheels or platforms – or both – only add to the appeal. These also double up as a good safety feature, especially when she’s riding it in the rain or after dark. With some models available at around a couple of hundred dollars, you don’t necessarily need to break the bank to get her riding high this Christmas.

Click here to take a look at hoverboards

Cool clothes

At age 9, girls are often just getting into fashion in a big way. By this age she’ll know what she wants to wear and when, so buying her some cool threads really can be the way to go. This can also help out cash-strapped parents at an expensive time of the year.

Best & Less is where to shop when you don’t want to splash too much cash yourself. They offer a great range of girls’ clothing for ages 8 to 16, so it’s easy to find something lovely for a 9 year old. Again, it’s an awesome alternative to picking between the top 10 toys for 9 year old girls.

The categories they offer include dancewear, hoodies, swimwear, dresses, jumpsuits, sleepwear, the ever-popular Miss Mango range and so much more. All at bargain prices that mean you’ll have plenty left over for all your other Christmas gifting. As well as turkey with all the trimmings.

Amazon also has some great value garments you can buy. Whether she’d prefer a party dress, a slogan t-shirt, a dressing-up outfit or a crop top, there’s lots to choose from when shopping online with the retail giant.

Click here to view girls’ clothing at Best & Less

Click here for the Amazon range of girls’ clothes

A friendship bracelet kit

Girls aged 9 do, on the whole, love to get creative. In our experience, anyway. At this age she’ll hopefully have a few firm friends, as well as a wider circle of school and other chums.

All this adds up to the fact that a friendship bracelet kit is the ideal gift for a 9 year old girl. As there are plenty of affordable options here, it’s also a pocket-friendly choice. What’s not to love?

While rainy days may be rarer here in Australia than in other countries – and even more uncommon in Queensland – making her own bracelets is a great rainy-day activity. Which might be useful when she lives in Victoria or Tasmania, or when it’s just too hot outside to do anything.

Friendship bracelet sets vary in terms of what they offer. Some contain enough to make a fixed number of bracelets, or may offer special features such as glow-in-the-dark threads. Amazon also offers lots of boxes containing a seemingly endless number of beads, threads and other essential materials. Buy one of these and it might well keep her busy right up until next Christmas!

Click here to find friendship bracelet kits at Amazon

toys for 9 year olds girls

Box-fresh runners

If you really want to impress her, then runners are sure to beat even the best toys for a 9 year old. A new pair that are box-fresh will ensure comfortable feet well into the new year. This gift is also sure to please her parents, who are no doubt fed up with spending a fortune on children’s shoes!

There are literally loads of brands to choose from when you shop at The Athlete’s Foot. These include Asics, Adidas, New Balance, Nike, Skechers and more. Pick a colour she loves and this is guaranteed to be her new favourite toy… Even though it’s actually a much more practical choice.

You can also pick up a pretty pair of runners at Amazon. Many available here – including some Skeckers sneakers – have built-in flashing lights, which mean she’s bound to become much faster on her feet. These can also be a useful safety feature after dark.

If Skechers are what you know she wants, you can also shop on the official Skechers website.

Click here to shop for shoes at The Athlete’s Foot

Click here for a range of runners at Amazon

Click here to shop at Skechers

An experience

If you’re shopping for gifts for the girl who has it all already, why not treat her to an experience? This is another attractive alternative to picking out one of the most popular toys for 9 year old girls. It might even be something she’ll remember for the rest of her life.

Given that she’s a minor, you will need to check that the experience is suitable for her age group. You might also want to get the parental seal of approval before going ahead – just in case!

The best places to find incredible experiences at unbeatable prices are Adrenaline, Experience Oz, RedBalloon, Cudo and Scoopon. Why not click the links now so you can grab some gifting inspiration? Picks we love for 9 year olds include outdoor, adventure, entertainment and animal activities, or even spa days. The latter is also ideal as a mother-and-daughter present, so you could tick two people off your list in one hit!

Click here to source experience gifts at Adrenaline

Click here to search for gift experiences at Cudo

Click here to seek experience gifts at Experience Oz

Click here to source gift experiences at Scoopon

Click here to search for experience gifts at RedBalloon

Edible Blooms

Ensure the 9 year old in your life is the envy of all her friends by buying her some Edible Blooms. This company delivers delicious bouquets all over Australia. Sending one of these will make her feel really grown up, we promise!

You can shop by type, whether she prefers strawberries, or a brand like Lindt or Ferrero (makers of Ferrero Rocher and Nutella). It’s also possible to narrow down your search so you can see bouquets sorted by price, and the cheapest category starts at under $60. Should you have more cash to splash, you can also select only those costing $160 plus. As well as everything in-between.

Another great alternative to even the best toys for a 9 year old girl are donuts. The donut and dessert gift boxes are gorgeous, and certainly go down a storm with all the 9 year old girls we know!

Click here to choose between Edible Blooms

A nail art set

One of the best toys for a 9 year old girl has to be a nail polish set. It’s creative, it’s glamorous and it will make her feel very grown-up indeed. This is also one of the more affordable picks that’s sure to go down well with any girl of this age.

There are plenty of branded and non-branded options to choose from. Whichever you opt for, the sets of course tend to be non-toxic, and often contain nail paint that can be peeled off. This means there’s no requirement for strong nail polish remover later on.

While some sets contain only a selection of nail varnish colours, others also include accessories. These might be sheets of nail stickers she can use on her fingers, or toe separators for painting her toenails neatly. Sometimes there’s also a dryer included so she won’t have to wait too long. Which can be pretty important when you’re 9 years old!

Click here to shop for nail polish sets at Amazon

Fidget toys

Nothing says 9 year old girl toys quite like fidget toys. Restless kids of this age love to fiddle with something colourful. They also love to collect, so adding a new fidget toy to their selection satisfies that urge at the same time.

Should she not yet have an array of fidget toys to her name, you can also buy a big set to get her started. Some include 40, 50, 60 or even 70 items, so she’ll even have a few to give out to her friends as New Year gifts! If she doesn’t want to keep them all to herself, that is.

The options for fidget toys include cylindrical puzzles, fidget cubes, poppits in all sorts of shapes and sizes, squishy balls and characters and chains. These also make ideal autism toys for 9 year old girls and boys, so they’re perfect for kids with additional sensory needs.

Click here to buy fidget toys at Amazon

A LEGO® Dots set

The chances are that the 9 year old you know has got some LEGO® of her own by now. Whether it was the chunky Duplo bricks she used as a toddler, or some LEGO® Friends sets she’s built and is now displaying proudly on her bedroom shelves.

But have you come across LEGO® Dots yet? These super cute sets are ideal for 9 year old girls. When giving one of these as a Christmas gift, you’ll give her the chance to construct something that’s all her own.

The options regarding what she’ll end up with include a sweet animal tray and tag for her bag set, a 4-in-1 pack including a bracelet, pencil holder, photo frame and bag tag, or a useful storage box for her bedroom.

Click here to view LEGO® Dots craft sets

Princess Peach clothing

If you want something more specific when seeking the best clothing for 9 year olds, then how about a Princess Peach costume? That way she can dress up as everyone’s favourite female character from the mega-popular and eternally cool Mario games.

Alternatively, treat her to a Princess Peach garment for everyday wear. Options here include t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, dresses and more. You can even buy a complete set featuring items like a top, skirt and bag. Some even throw in a few accessories, such as a tiara, wand and jewellery.

Whether it’s a Cosplay style dress or something with a more traditional or practical feel, clothing featuring Princess Peach is a sure-fire winner for any 9 year old girl. Assuming she likes pink, that is…

Click here for an assortment of Princess Peach clothes

Bubble tea kit

The 9 year old girls we know can’t get enough of bubble tea. Aka boba tea. Whatever she calls it, a kit to make her own is a fun, affordable Christmas gift that she truly will thank you for. As will her parents, who will of course be funding her new-found penchant for the most fashionable drink around.

In case you’re not familiar with it, bubble tea contains little balls known as boba. These pop in the mouth, releasing whatever flavour has been concealed within. They may match the flavour of the tea itself, or might contain provide a pleasing contrast.

The boba tea kits you can buy include all she needs for making her own brews. She’ll typically end up with mini or full sized portions in a range of flavours. Both the tea and the bubbles often come in fruit flavours such as mango, strawberry, passionfruit and more. Often, a drinking cup is included, as well as the fruity syrups and boba balls required.

Click here to browse bubble tea sets at Amazon

Which toys for 9 year old girls will you buy?

Whether you opt for the best toys for a 9 year old girl or go for something such as clothing, an experience or even an edible present, there’s lots of choice when you’re buying for girls of this age. With many available at purse-pleasing prices, too, it’s simple to find just what she’ll love when you know where to look.

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