Christmas Toys for 2 Year Old Boys: Our Top 15 Ideas

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How do you find the top toys for 2 year old boys? Whether you want to treat him to something small or something really special, this list of the best Christmas toys for 2 year old boys ensures you can buy a gift he’ll love!

So what are the options when you’re searching for toys for two year old boys? Well you could choose car toys for 2 year old boys, bath toys for a 2 year old boy, wooden toys for 2 year old boys, games for 2 year old boys and musical toys for 2 year old boys… the list goes on.

This list of popular toys for 2 year old boys goes beyond the top ten toys for 2 year old boys. We’re giving you 15 of the best Christmas presents for 2 year old boys, to make sure all budgets and preferences are fully covered.

When you’re seeking the top toys for 2 year old boys in Australia at Christmas, look no further. (In fact these suggestions could also be used for birthdays – we’re not going to tell anyone.) Here are 15 of the most awesome toys for the 2 year old boy in your life.

15 of the best toys for 2 year old boys

Here we go. Without further ado, this list of toys suitable for a 2 year old boy should see you right when it comes to Christmas shopping!

Indoor or outdoor slide

Colorful kids slide isolated on white background. Vector illustration

Can you find more fun toys for 2 year old boys than a slide? At this age, he’ll want to climb everything to discover what’s above ground level now he can walk properly. So why not indulge this desire by treating him to a slide he can enjoy indoors or out?

Designs vary – you can choose a solid Little Tikes slide in bright primary colours, for instance. This has been built for safety first and foremost, but will also help to develop his skills of balance and coordination, and improve his level of fitness. It also folds down for storage, which is handy for winter in the southern states.

There are lots of other designs to pick from too. Some feature animals for added appeal, or you could choose one in his favourite colour. There’s even one built like a mini basketball court, complete with a small hoop at the side.

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Food cart

While a kids’ kitchen is a classic, a food cart offers a twist on the theme. Depending on how much space they have available plus how much you want to spend, you can buy a food cart on wheels, or one that they can simply pick up and play with whenever the whim takes them.

They’re ideal when you want to find great toys for 2 year old boys that they’re still likely to play with long after reaching school age. In our experience, kids who are almost into double figures still love playing with these just as much as they did when they were just a couple of years old!

The options range from ice cream carts or a compact candy toy to snack and cafe carts. Some are of course made from plastic, but if you want cool toys for two year old boys in wood then there are products from brands like Melissa and Doug that fit the bill.

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Peppa Pig toy

No young kid can resist Peppa, George and the rest of the pigs who star in the smash hit Peppa Pig cartoons. There are plenty of toys themed around the Peppa Pig characters, which gives them added appeal for any fan of the show. In fact the list of Peppa Pig toys seems almost endless.

You can buy a Peppa Pig learning laptop that will help him get to grips with technology from an early age. Or go for the ‘Peppa Visits Australia’ camper van, the red family car, a learning phone or even a set of characters to play with in the bath.

The VTech Peppa Pig Learn and Discover book is also ideal for a child of this age, and is perfect if you’re after books for two year old boys that can teach him as he plays.

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You just cannot go wrong with Squishmallows right now. Especially when it comes to cute Christmas gifts for 2 year old boys. These come as one larger soft toy, or a set comprising several smaller ones.

We love the food snacks and ‘Down Under’ themed sets. They’re utterly adorable, and though they may look good enough to eat they’re too big for him to swallow. The set of Australian animals may also teach him a thing or two about our native creatures.

There are loads of options to pick from in fact, whether you want a set of six or an individual cuddly toy. So you’re guaranteed to find his new favourite. What will it be – Gordon the shark dressed in a hoodie, Anastasia the Axolotl or Jason the donkey with a red bandana?

If you’d like to try your luck when shopping for the best toys for 2 year old boys, how about a mystery box containing a trio of popular plush toys from the range?

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Beach toys

When you want affordable toys for 2 year olds who are boys or girls, beach toys have to be high on the list. You can spend anything from just a few dollars to a whole lot more, and they also double up as activity toys for a 2 year old boy to play with in the bath.

If they often make trips to a local beach, then toys to play with in the sand are a dead cert. But even if not, they can be played with in a sandpit in the garden or at a nearby park. And also in a paddling pool – as long as a parent or responsible adult is there to keep an eye on things.

Beach toys can be creative – such as helping him to build and decorate the sandcastle of his dreams. So they can play a vital role in his development, at this age when he’s not long left babyhood behind. Particularly his fine motor skills.

The choice of beach toys is a broad one. You can pick a set in a bag which he can carry himself, or silicone toys that won’t break like plastic – even after prolonged exposure to UV rays. Foldable buckets are also a great idea if the family will be heading off for a sunny holiday in the near future, as they’re far more portable for packing.

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Fisher-Price tablet

Fisher-Price make some excellent kids’ tablets that are some of the best toys for 2 year old boys for several reasons. Firstly, they’re probably cheaper than you think. So this is ideal when you want good toys for 2 year old boys that don’t cost too much money.

The tablets are typically suitable from 12 to 36 months, so age 2 is ideal for them getting to grips with technology in a fun, hands-on way. Lights and music ensure they’ll have a great time while playing, and parents will love the educational ‘Smart Stages’ content that’s pre-loaded onto the device.

They’re never too young to get to grips with technology, so why not treat them to this toy that ticks the affordable, fun and educational boxes all in one hit? Learning toys for 2 year old boys don’t come much better.

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Noah’s Ark toy

A toy Noah’s Ark is ideal when you’re seeking the best toys for two year old boys. Whether you or his family are religious or not, he’s sure to love the cute animals that come with each set. Typically, these toys will include a boat plus several pairs of creatures, so they can all enter the vessel just like in the classic tale.

Some Noah’s Ark toys have an educational purpose too. This is because they double up as a shape sorter. This means he’ll have to figure out which creatures can be posted through which slots in order to get them safely on the boat.

Other top products include the Playmobil take-along Noah’s Ark, which is made to last and receives top ratings from satisfied customers. You can also buy a wooden Noah’s Ark for a classic look and feel, or even one that balances to introduce him to the concepts of weight and measurement.

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toys for two year old boys

Wooden peg puzzles

Related to the previous Noah’s Ark idea is the wooden peg puzzle. This kind of toy also acts as a variation on the shape sorter theme, as he’ll have to work out which wooden pieces belong in which slots. Each has a small peg on the front that makes it simple for small hands to hold.

Animals are a popular theme, and Melissa and Doug makes some fine examples of this type. One of these even has sound effects! Other options are to go for include puzzles with numbers, or the letters of the alphabet.

Another of the best games for 9 year old boys is the musical instruments version of the wooden peg puzzle by Melissa and Doug. This one also comes complete with sound effects. There are also vehicle, pets and zoo animals versions.

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Ride-on car

Ride-on cars and trucks for 2 year old boys are an awesome idea when you want something different for outdoor use. There are various types available, so he can drive around the paths at the local park just as mum and dad do on the roads.

Young kids will love the classic Little Tikes ride-on, or you can opt for a vehicle that’s a replica of something adults really do drive. Such as a mini Range Rover, Mercedes or even a digger or bulldozer.

From an SUV or sports vehicle to a battery-powered buggy with four wheel suspension, there’s lots to choose from when you want a fun ride-on car for a small child.

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Kids’ music player

There are lots of children’s music players to pick from, and they all make top toys for 2 year old boys. From a basic toy that’s suitable from 12 months up to a much more sophisticated musical item that will last them for years, there are plenty of products to choose between.

Pick a music player in his favourite colour, and he can enjoy experimenting with different sounds and musical instrument synthesisers. Or opt for the LeapFrog portable music player that allows him to record his own voice – or other sounds – for up to 30 seconds at a time.

Other options include the retro style toy vinyl record player from Fisher-Price or a Toniebox. The latter has created a storm in the world of kids’ musical toys, and offers plenty of scope for future gifting due to the huge range of characters you can buy to go with it. It can even read him a bedtime story too.

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LEGO® Duplo train

A LEGO® Duplo train is ideal for inquisitive kids. You can buy these LEGO® trains as a number train, so he can learn to count from one to nine. As well as becoming familiar with how the numbers look.

There are other options too. Pick the steam train set that’s suitable for ages 2 and up, and he gets a set of accessories to go with the steam-powered vehicle. These include a couple of figures and a small station.

Alternatively, buy a more affordable train set with tracks and a bridge. This acts as a construction toy, so it’s great for his physical and mental development. Other great boys’ 2 year old toys by LEGO® Duplo include Toy Story and Disney trains, or more sets complete with tracks.

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Pop-up play tunnel

Pop-up play tunnels are among the best toys for 2 year olds, whether they’re boys or girls. What small child can resist crawling through a tunnel, to see what’s at the other side? They can also have fun rolling themselves up in it, playing peek a boo with a parent or following a friend through the tunnel.

One of the great things about these is the fact that they can be used indoors or out. It gets them active while enjoying the fresh air, and if they have any family pets then they’re likely to get involved as well.

The tunnels available are all pretty similar, but do vary in terms of colour. Pick rainbow brights, a cool camo print, a creature theme or even one with clear plastic windows incorporated into the design. One of the best gifts for 2 year old boys for sure.

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Crayola finger paint kits

Crayola makes an impressive selection of finger paint kits for children. All are ideal when you want toy ideas for 2 year old boys to nurture his growing creative streak. They’re also particularly suitable at Christmas because he can play with them outside in summer – meaning there’s less mess for the grown-ups to clean up!

Most of the sets are suitable from 12 months, but at age 2 he’ll be able to come up with more creative images than younger kids. What these kits tend to have in common is that the paint is washable to avoid staining clothing and surfaces. They’re also non-toxic, as kids of this age are still prone to putting things in their mouths.

The Crayola art range includes a set with 6 paint colours and tools, or one with larger tubes of only the primary colours so he’ll have to get mixing to create other shades. You can also buy a dozen washable paint sticks, a giant pad for painting onto or a basic set of the paints on their own.

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Mr Potato Head

Mr Potato Head is a children’s classic that you might even remember from your own childhood. These make great gifts for two year old boys, as they’re suitable from that age upwards.

The ‘Amazon’s Choice’ set, for example, comes with 45 pieces so he can customise each member of the potato head family. Which in this case consists of three members – the mum, dad and child. The pieces to add include hair, eyes, noses, mouths and glasses.

You can also buy the version of Mr Potato Head that featured in Toy Story – so if that’s one of his favourite films he’s going to love playing with one of his own.

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Giant pop-it

The chances are he might already have a small pop-it toy that he loves to play with. But does he have a huge one? Probably not – and these make really good toys for two year old boys. All sorts of shapes and sizes are available.

The sky is the limit here. You can purchase a big pop-it shaped like a burger, a computer keyboard or simply a big square. Some of these toys are also printed with numbers, so he can learn while playing with this sensory toy and enjoying all the bright colours.

Sets of pop-it-toys offer another option. Buy three or more in a variety of shapes, including dinosaurs, a koala or an ice cream. And then some. Whichever you go for, the range of Amazon toys for 2 year old boys in this category is affordable, colourful and fun.

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Which toys for 2 year old boys will you buy?

Whether you wanted to find the best car toys for a 2 year old boy or something else that’s both fun and educational, we’re sure you’ll agree that these 15 top picks covers all angles. From bath toys for 2 year old boy featuring their favourite cartoon character to classics that will never date, or toys to get creative with, the decision regarding which to go for is now yours.

Whichever it is, any of the best toys for a 2 year old boy is bound to put a smile on his face this Christmas!

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