Christmas Toys for 2 Year Old Girls: Our Top 15 Ideas

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If you want to find the best Christmas toys for 2 year old girls, welcome! This guide focuses on finding all the top toys for 2 year old girls, so you can get your gift list sorted in just a few clicks. Why waste time searching online or on the high street, when all the best toys for a 2 year old girl are listed right here?

This guide to the hottest toys for 2 year old girls includes outdoor toys, educational playthings, toys that will develop her social skills through role play, art and craft materials, construction toys and things to keep her busy when it’s wet outside.

Whether fun or educational toys for 2 year old girls are more your focus, read on to find all the hottest products. From the best toys for 2 year old twins to cool toys for a 2 year old that don’t cost too much, here are 15 of the top options.

15 of the best toys for 2 year old girls

Let’s get started on this list of the best toys for 2 year old girls. Here are 15 items you can buy for Christmas this year. No matter how big or small your budget is.

Wooden peg puzzle

Kicking off this list of hot toys for 2 year old girls is a simple and classic option. The peg puzzle. Kids of this age love these colourful puzzles, and playing with them can help develop their problem-solving skills.

Melissa and Doug offers a whole range of wooden peg puzzles. They’re among the most affordable learning toys for 2 year olds who are girls or boys. Typically each puzzle is colourful, and has a particular theme.

So you can choose a pets, number, farmyard, vehicles, safari or musical instruments puzzle. And then some. These typically have between 6 and 10 pieces, and the child needs to place each of these in the correct slots by moving it around with the attached peg. This is designed so it’s simple for little hands to hold.

Other options include puzzles which also have sound effects, or a puzzle featuring the entire alphabet.

Click here to explore a range of wooden peg puzzles

Sand pit set

If you want to find outdoor toys for 2 year old girls, then a sand pit set is a great starting point. From brightly coloured plastic to natural wood, you can buy these in all shapes and sizes. It’s perfect to keep at home, or at their grandparents’ house.

Outdoor toys are great for getting kids outside in the fresh air. Just don’t forget to apply sunscreen first! That said, some of these sand pits do provide some shade, in the form of a large built-in parasol.

Some of the wooden sand pits can even be converted into a picnic set. Imagine the look on their face when you tell them they can have their own teddy bears’ picnic outside, complete with their own table and seating that’s too small for adults. But plenty big enough for their siblings or friends.

Some of the sets come with a water table, or a selection of small toys. Don’t forget that you’ll need a supply of sand before they can start playing in their very own sand pit in the garden!

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Weighted soft toy

Plush animals or characters make great toys for 2 year old girls. But what they’re more likely not to have already is a weighted soft toy. If you’re aware of all the hype around weighted blankets for adults, then this is the super cute equivalent for a 2 year old child.

There are lots of weighted stuffed creatures to choose from. Buy a dinosaur in sage green or soft pink, or pick one that looks like a real-life husky or spaniel. It’s a particularly good option for those who don’t have the time, inclination or space for a pet – or who are allergic to animal fur.

You can also buy weighted plush toys that resemble their favourite character – such as a Disney Classics Stitch from Lilo and Stitch. Some of the weighted toys you can buy are also heatable, which are ideal for winter warmth in the southern parts of Australia. Cuddling something that’s both warm and soft is also ultra comforting.

Weighted items have a reputation for reducing anxiety and stress levels. So if you want a chilled-out child rather than one that throws tantrums during the ‘terrible twos’, a weighted toy could be the way to go this Christmas.

Click here to discover weighted plush toys

Learning bus

Learning toys for 2 year old girls are a real crowd pleaser. Parents will love the fact that they get to learn while they play – possibly giving them a head start when it comes to kindy or even school. The little girl, though, will simply be having fun.

Learning buses are popular toys for 2 year old girls. They come from all sorts of top brand names, including Cocomelon, LeapFrog, ELC (Early Learning Centre) and Fisher-Price. Pick a bright red London bus, or a sunny yellow one that reflects the bright skies of the Sunshine Coast.

The popular Cocomelon learning bus has all the letters of the alphabet plus all the numbers to get their brains working. Or choose the red ELC Happyland bus which is more about role play with the included characters and bus stop sign. There’s also the similar school bus from Fisher-Price in yellow, or VTech and LeapFrog buses that will start teaching them phonics.

When choosing, just make sure you pick a learning bus that’s suitable for a 2 year old. At this age, small children are still prone to putting things in their mouths!

Click here to see a selection of toy buses

Baby Shark music toy

The mega-popular Baby Shark character has spawned a whole range of kids’ musical toys. These are great for 2 year olds who love to sing, dance or listen to music. And what could be a cuter sight than that for the adults?

There’s the Step and Sing Piano Dance Mat, several karaoke microphones, an alphabet bus sound pad or soft toys that can sing songs or dance along to the music. They’re great for having fun – and are also some of the top toys for two year old girls right now, receiving rave reviews from happy parents.

Whether it’s a dancing DJ, a musical playpad, a sleep soother or a melody pad, any 2 year old is sure to love a musical Baby Shark toy!

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Ice cream cart

Ice cream carts make really cool toys for 2 year old girls. They can pull this around all by themselves, offering everyone in the household a sweet, creamy treat in summer. Without any of the mess whatsoever.

Some sets are designed solely for ice cream sales, while others include lemonade or even groceries. As well as being fun toys for 2 year old girls, these carts develop their social skills through role play. And may even sow the seeds for a good business head in later life, while developing numeracy.

Kids can also learn more about flavours and colours when playing with one of these ice cream stalls. It might even make them more adventurous about the sort of foods they’re willing to try in real life!

The price of these ice cream carts varies widely, so it’s easy to find one to fit your budget.

Click here to view children’s ice cream carts

Toy toaster

If she’s a little girl who loves her food, then another option that will bring out the caterer in her is a toy toaster. These make a very affordable stand-alone gift, or you can buy one as part of a set. The latter typically include items like a play kettle or even a microwave.

Many toy toasters also come with pretend toast, a safe toy knife, a block of butter for playing at spreading and more. These smaller items are ideal for developing fine motor skills, yet are specially shaped so that 2 year olds find them easy to hold.

In our own experience as parents, toy food or cooking items make the best Christmas toys for a 2 year old girl or boy. They love pretending to prepare you breakfast before delivering it to your chair, sofa or bed. It’s fun role play, and can even develop their social skills and improve confidence levels.

Click here to check out toy toasters

toys for 2 years old girls

Garden tool set

If the little girl you’re buying for spends a lot of time with a gardener, then a play tool set for gardening is a dead cert. One of the best toys for 2 and 3 year old girls who like to follow mum or grandad around the backyard. Or who love getting their hands dirty (and who doesn’t, at that age?)

You don’t need to splash a lot of cash to get hold of a good garden tool set she’ll love. Some are simple sets comprising a small rake, trowel and spade. Or you can buy a bigger set complete with an apron, a carry bag, gloves and other accessories.

There are several great things about buying children a garden tools set. It gets them interested in growing, and the whole life cycle of the plants that provide flowers and food. You can also use these tools at the beach when digging for treasure or building a sandcastle.

Click here for an array of kids’ garden tool sets

Balance bike

Balance bikes make some of the best toys for two year old girls and boys. By ‘riding’ this small bicycle of sorts, they’ll be taking the first steps towards learning to ride a ‘big girl’ bike of their own.

As anyone who’s taught a child to ride a bike will know, you get pretty much nowhere until you take off the stabilisers. The balance bike is a different concept to how many of us learned to cycle as kids. It’s designed to train their brain and body regarding steering, positioning and control.

The popularity of the balance bike has spread across the planet, and some countries now use these on a national level to teach safe cycling to young kids. Bikeability in the UK, for example, starts teaching kids cycling proficiency on balance bikes during their first year of school.

Buy her a balance bike in her favourite shade and suddenly that walk to the supermarket becomes far more fun! You may well be pleasantly surprised at how affordable some of these are, too.

Click here for an assortment of balance bikes

Spike the Fine Motor hedgehog

Learning Resources are onto a winner with Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog. These toys are recommended by all the top publications, such as Forbes and Good Housekeeping, and receive great ratings and reviews from those who own one, too.

The original Learning Resources Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog is a set of 14 pieces. It’s recommended for kids aged between 18 months plus, so even if they’ll be just under 2 years old by Christmas you’re onto a winner. The hedgehog’s quills can also be stored inside the toy creature when it’s not being played with.

Due to the success of Spike, there are now other options too. Including the Fidget Friend version that’s exclusive to Amazon, a First Words set and the Counting Colours set. Both of the last two come with a book.

Click here to take a look at Spike the Hedgehog toys

Wooden building blocks set

Another type of set that’s perfect for 2 year olds is a set of wooden building blocks. At this age, children love to construct a tower made from colourful blocks. They also love to give it a push so they can see it all come crashing down again!

These favourite toys for 2 year old girls come from a range of leading brands. They’re also available at a wide range of prices, so you can spend as much or as little as you like. Some are generic to unleash their creativity, while others are designed for constructing a specific shape or set-up.

Pick a colourful or monochrome rainbow, a cityscape or even a stone circle that resembles Stonehenge in England. Brands making some of the best wooden toy blocks include Melissa and Doug, Panda Brothers and Lovevery. Some come with a storage box, and selected products may also boast the STEM or Montessori stamp of approval.

Click here to buy wooden building blocks

Stacking cups

For a simpler take on the building toys theme, how about a set of stacking cups? They’re among the best toys for 2 year old baby girl who’s just getting started with construction. Bright, colourful ones really appeal to her, and again knocking down the tower is all part of the fun.

If you know the parents would prefer more of a neutral look, then you can tick that box too. Brands like Mushie do a lovely set in really covetable, soothing colours. If it’s going to live in the lounge room (and trust us, it will), then it may as well look good at the same time!

Some sets come with a bucket for storage. Like children’s garden tool sets, this is another of those toys that can be played with at the beach or in the sand pit too.

Click here to pick a set of stacking cups

Toy phone

Also among the best toys for a 2 year old girl are learning phones. At this age, kids learn by emulating what adults and older siblings do, so they’ll adore having their very own smartphone to play with. Just like mum, dad and grandma, perhaps.

We like The Wiggles bright red phone, the VTech Ring Ring Phone featuring Bluey, and the LeapFrog Chat and Count Emoji phone. Or for a blast from the past, pick a Learning Resources phone with a wired-in handset. They might be wide-eyed at that if they’ve never seen a landline telephone before!

As well as an array of learning phones available in a range of price brackets, you can go bigger if you want to. There’s also items like the VTech educational laptop or the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Let’s Connect Laptop.

Click here to choose a play phone

Indoor play tent

Indoor play tents are ideal for rainy days. Especially when the wet season in tropical parts of Australia is in full swing. A play tent has so many uses, so it’s ideal for sparking her imagination.

The kids we know use their play tents for all sorts of purposes. It provides the perfect setting for a teddy bears’ picnic. They might even like to camp out in it, swapping their bedroom for the lounge when they need a nap.

What’s also great about a play tent – assuming the family home has the floor space for it – is that they can hide away all their toys inside. This is great for busy parents who need to tidy up quickly before heading out or welcoming visitors. Close the flap and no one will know there’s a mess concealed inside!

All kinds of designs are available, from a pink princess play tent to one that looks like a castle, the family home or something you’d find on a glamping site.

Click here for a range of play tents

Washable paint set

If you’re on a budget, one of the best toys for 2 year olds who are girls or boys has to be a set of washable paints. This way they can get arty without causing their busy parents a whole lot of mess to deal with. Their clothes can simply be washed as usual, so that all traces of the paint vanish. As if by magic.

When you prefer to choose a brand name you know and trust, Crayola has come up with the goods. They offer a complete range of washable paint sets for small children. These may come as six pots of paint, or as half-a dozen paint sticks for even less mess.

You can also buy a set of 12 paints, pots in 10 neon shades, pop and paint sets dispensing just a tiny amount of paint at a time, and much more. Make sure you look out for non-toxic paints in all cases – those lickable-looking colours might just be too tempting for any 2 year old to resist!

Click here to browse washable paint sets

Which toys for 2 year old girls will you buy?

From garden and beach toys for 2 year old girls to items that will keep them busy all day indoors, there are so many options when you want to find toys for girls that are 2 years old. The only question now is – which ones will you be wrapping up for the little cutie this Christmas?

For more gifting inspiration, we also have guides to Christmas gifts for 9 year old girls, Christmas gifts for 10 year old girls, the best toys for 2 year old boys, gifts for girls aged 3 and perfect presents for a 3 year old boy.

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