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What can you buy as Christmas gifts for dog lovers in Australia? When you know someone who’s completely devoted to their furry friend, giving an appropriate gift seems the obvious choice. Having covered presents for the cat lovers you know in a separate guide, we’re now turning our attention to the canines.

So how do you find the ideal gifts for dog owners? The easy answer is – we’ve tracked them down so that you don’t have to. From unique gifts for dog lovers to poodle, spaniel, German shepherd, terrier or labrador gifts in Australia, this is a rundown of the ideal presents to give the doggy one among your neighbours, friends, colleagues or family.

Whether you want gifts for dog lovers who are men, women or kids, here are all the best dog gifts Australia has to offer right now. So settle down with a cuppa – and perhaps your own furry pal if you have one – to discover all the cool gifts for the dog lovers in your life.

The top 14 Christmas gifts for dog lovers in Australia

Find the ideal festive presents for dog lovers in Adelaide, Broome, Canberra, Brisbane or Cairns right here. By the end of this guide, you should have a few great ideas regarding all the top gifts for dog lovers you could ever need.

A doggie soft toy to cuddle or chew

There are two kinds of soft toy gifts for a dog lover. If they’re kids or adults who love cuddly toys, then giving one of these to place on their sofa or bed is a cool idea. Or you could buy a toy for the dog itself to get stuck into.

Available options include squeaky or chewy soft toys. The former are particularly suitable for puppies who will react excitedly to the sound, while dogs of any age tend to enjoy a good chew on something. The owner is bound to thank you too, as it might save their slippers, thongs or shoes from being attacked and rendered unwearable.

Our favourites for the pooch include the Petface duck dog toy or a set of soft animal-themed squeaky, chewy balls. For the human, we really rate the super cute Spot the Dog or chocolate labrador plush toys. They make fun gifts for dog lovers of all ages.

Click here to check out a great range of dog soft toys

Dog bathrobes to dry them off

So when we say doggie bathrobes, we’re talking about one for the dog itself rather than for a human with, for instance, a dog paw print pattern. Unlike cats who wash themselves, dogs need regular baths to keep them looking and smelling clean. Which is where a dog bathrobe comes in.

Yes, bathrobes for dogs really are a thing – you can simply click the link below to see for yourself if you like. This is among the best gift for dog lovers options, as these dog bathrobes are adorable, practical and a little unusual, all at the same time. They come in all sorts of colours, from classic white to royal blue, pastel lilac or cool grey.

In fact some of the top ones come from a company called Petcute, which really does tell you all you need to know. As well as in the home, these are great for drying off dogs at the beach. Especially during the southern winter, when it helps warm them up after splashing around in the ocean.

Click here to see a super selection of doggie bathrobe gifts

Doggie fashion favourites

Bathrobes aren’t the only kind of garment you can buy for a dog and its owner. While everyone may be familiar with dog coats, have you ever seen dog fashion items like bandanas, hoodies, bow ties or boots?

These products may sound a little whimsical, and yeah, we hear ya. But some can also be highly practical. A set of dog boots can save the owner having to bathe the hound after each time it walks through the mud, while a dog hoodie is just a contemporary variation on the dog coat theme.

From fun items like dog bow ties to a bandana that can keep them cool during hot weather, well chosen dog garments can make serious or gag gifts for dog lovers at Christmas.

Click here to peruse a range of doggie fashion products

A perfect doggie gift pack

If you’re just not sure what to go for, cover all bases with a dog gift set. There are all sorts of gift packs to choose from, and each contains a number of items guaranteed to please any pooch. As well as their proud owner.

We love the stylish ‘Dog is Good’ gift pack in duck egg blue, which contains four fun toys for their furry friend. There are two balls and two plush toys, decorated with fun slogans such as ‘Play the Field’ and ‘Keep your Eye on the Ball’.

The Zenify Pets puppy starter set makes a great gift for dog lovers with a new addition, as it’s packed with top quality items. As well as toys, there’s a collapsible water bowl and handy grooming mitt in there. Or if they tend to get through their chew toys very quickly, you could simply opt for a mixed multipack of those.

Click here to discover a choice of great gift packs for dog lovers

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Dog themed wall art

Those who adore pooches tend to want to shout about it, so why not treat them to a piece of doggie art for the walls of their home? You can choose between a range of vinyl decals, which are usually removable should they need to redecorate.

From a cartoon French bulldog or an arty looking husky in plain black to a full colour 3D sticker of their favourite breed, there are plenty of pictorial options to choose from. Slogans are good too. We like ‘Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are’, ‘A House is Not a Home Without Paw Prints’ or the list of ‘Dog Rules’ that ends with ‘Love Me Lots’.

There are also several paw print decal designs to choose from. This type of wall art also makes great gift ideas for dog lovers in the UK, US or elsewhere in the world, as it’s really easy and affordable to post.

Click here to find a cool selection of dog wall art decals

A soft, comfy new dog bed

Yep, we know the chances are that any self-respecting owner will already have a dog bed for their pampered pooch. But what condition is it in? Does it look like it’s seen much better days, or does the smell of it permeate the owner’s home?

It’s the kind of thing that people place in a corner of the laundry room, kitchen, porch or lounge, then promptly forget about ever treating their dog – or themselves – to a new one. Things to think about when choosing include the size of the dog, as well as the decor in the part of the home it’s likely to be placed in.

From traditional rectangular dog beds in small to extra large sizes to fluffy cosy doughnut-shaped ones for those pampered pets, there is lots of choice. Fresh new dog beds make ideal gifts for animal lovers in Australia, as they’ll brighten up the home as well as putting a satisfied look on that doggie face.

Click here to view a range of cosy and comfortable dog beds

Pounce on a bargain doggie gift

For something a little more out of the ordinary, why not see what sort of doggie gifts you can bag from Scoopon? The grab a bargain site has all sorts of deals that should please any besotted dog owner.

From online dog training or first aid courses to doggie day care packages or lunch at a canine friendly cafe, there’s a different and ever-changing list of deals and ideas to choose from.

Whether you want to find gifts for corgi lovers and other small dog owners or gifts for boxer dog lovers as well as other larger animals, Scoopon’s latest deals are always worthy of consideration.

Click here to find the latest doggie deals at Scoopon

Doggie pendants, bracelets and earrings

There is lots of dog themed jewellery out there, and this idea is surely up there among the top dog gifts for dog lovers. You can choose between bracelets, earrings, necklaces and brooches in various sizes, shapes and colours.

We like the geometric dog design necklace that comes in your choice of sterling silver or yellow gold plate, or for a more subtle twist on the dog jewellery theme, opt for a dog tag pendant. Some of these can feature an initial, thus making delightfully different personalised dog gifts for owners.

Specific breeds are also featured on some products, such as a greyhound pendant in silver on a black disc or a pair of white enamelled Maltese stud earrings. As you might expect, paw print designs are also ever-popular.

Click here to see a good choice of dog jewellery items

A dog drinking mug

If they can’t leave the house before enjoying one or more cups of tea or coffee each morning – or could do with a cheery new mug to use at work – then dog mugs make ideal Christmas dog lover gifts to get in Australia for colleagues, friends, family members or neighbours.

Slogans are again popular, and examples include ‘Everything Tastes Better With Dog Hair In It’ or ‘Leave Me Alone, I’m Only Speaking To My Dog Today’. The ‘Dog Mama’ tumbler, meanwhile, can even be used for wine. Surely among the top dog mum gifts Australia has on the market right now!

From a cute cartoon shaped mug to funny gifts for bulldog lovers or a pair of bone china mugs decorated with doggie art, dog mugs make very good gifts for dog lovers everywhere. Even when you’re on a budget.

Click here to check out a range of dog mug gift ideas

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Delicious dog treats

OK, they may not seem very tasty to us, but canines go crazy for a dog treat or two. They are often used as rewards during dog training too, so they’re ideal for newer dog owners.

The selection available at My Pet Warehouse is quite astounding – at the time of writing, the number of products offered in the dog treats category was close to 400. From air dried butcher medley or lamb confit nibbles to Balanced Life beef jerky strips or even a kangaroo tail, there are plenty of options.

Bell and Bone dental sticks are good too, particularly if the hound in question could use a visit to the hygienist.

Click here to browse a choice of dog treats at My Pet Warehouse

Doggie presents from Gifts Australia

If you feel like taking a look at a range of gift ideas for inspiration, why not check out what Gifts Australia have to offer? The items offered can include funny books, soft toys and other good quality items for kids and adults.

The Dog Lover Bowl and Mug set is great as it includes a dish for the dog and a mug for the human which complement one another. The mug says ‘I’m a Dog Person’ while the bowl proclaims ‘I’m a People Person’.

For kids, we rate the Bluey Bingo Board Book, Rescue Puppy DIY Sewing Kit or a beanie Spot the Dog toy. Adults can build a dog from nanoblocks, make their own dog treats or read an amusing book like Dog Selfies, What I Lick Before Your Face or Dogs in the Air.

Click here to see Gifts Australia’s latest range of dog themed gifts

A cute and collectable dog keyring

When you want to find good gifts for dog lovers without dogs, to fit your budget or to use as stocking fillers, a dog keychain can make a great little Christmas present. There are lots of designs to choose from, in all canine shapes, colours and sizes.

You can buy a set of two or four colourful miniature dogs on keyrings that could double up as small toys of kids, or a silver toned keychain with paw print, cartoon dog or slogan designs. For the latter – and only for grown-ups – we love ‘My Dog and I Talk S*** About You’.

There are softer sentiments available too, like ‘You Are My Sunshine’ or the corgi themed ‘Life Is Short But So Are My Legs‘. Other designs include enamelled doggie keyrings, some complete with an ‘I Love Dogs’ charm.

Click here to discover a cute range of doggie keyrings

Doggie reference, reading and colouring books

A dog themed tome of some kind will always go down well with dog loving bookworms. There are various sorts to pick from, including adult colouring books, novels and factual reads.

Colouring books for grown ups include those containing cartoon dogs, dog sugar skulls and a range of animals to colour in and complete. As for factual dog books, titles that appeal to us include the Dog Training Revolution, The Complete Dog Breed Book, Mental Exercise for Dogs or Resident Dog, which shows off enviable canine homes created by the humans that also live there.

For kids there’s a range of Bluey books, the 100 Dogs board book and the Dog Man series by Captain Underpants creator Dav Pilkey. Our favourite title being Mothering Heights.

Click here to consider the book gifts for dog lovers on Amazon

A super new dog leash, collar or harness

As with dog beds and other pet owner essentials, humans tend to use the same old smelly item for years and years, not thinking to treat themselves to a newer or better one. A dog leash, harness or collar that does something their old one can’t – or simply looks lovely – is thus among the most useful gifts for dog lovers.

They’re sure to appreciate a luxury dog collar in their favourite colour, such as latte, dusky pink or navy. As for leads, there are striped ones, reflective ones, printed ones and extra long ones. With over 600 products in this category to pick from, you’re sure to find exactly the right doggie accessory with ease.

A cute new dog collar, harness or lead is surely one of the finest Xmas gifts for dog lovers around.

Click here to see a great choice of dog leads, collars and harnesses

A Christmas teddy bear

Who says that only humans can enjoy snuggling up with a teddy or soft toy? We know that lots of our fur babies love a soft friend to sleep with too. We have compiled a huge list of Christmas teddies and anyone of them would be purfect for your dog or dog loving friend.

Check out the huge range of Christmas teddies here.

Which gifts for dog lovers in Australia will you pick out?

Whether you wanted to find personalised dog gifts in Australia for their human owner or something to treat the pooch themselves to, we hope this guide has been helpful. If someone you know and love adores canines, then one of the best gifts for dog lovers should make sure they’re smiling on Christmas day!

We also know where to get pet Santa photos across Australia this year!

Why not check out our guides to the best cat lover presents or Christmas gifts for new babies too? And if you are looking for cute Christmas costumes for dogs and cats, we have that covered as well!

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