Christmas Gifts for Grandparents That They Will Love

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Finding Christmas gifts for grandparents can be a challenge. Whether you want gifts for grandparents from the adults, the kids or the whole family, sourcing a gift they will genuinely love is surely on your festive wish-list this year.

When it comes to gifts for grandparents who are a couple, there are two main options. You can buy a present each for your Grandma and Grandad, or you can buy them a great gift to share. This guide focuses on the latter, so it’s packed gift ideas for grandparents that both of them can enjoy.

If you want to find gifts to buy each grandparent separately, don’t miss our Grandma present guide and Grandad gift guide. But if you want to discover gifts they can share – or simply find even more awesome Christmas presents for grandparents as individuals – then stay right here for 15 of the top options!

From delivering delicious freshly-baked cakes to giving you gardening guidance or providing free childcare, don’t all grandparents deserve a real treat at this special time of the year? Of course they do!

Whether it’s new grandparent gifts for their first Christmas as Nanny and Gramps, grandparent gift ideas from grandkids to buy with their own pocket money, or properly useful gifts for grandparents who’ve downsized on their living space, let’s go.

Here are 15 of the best Christmas gifts for grandparents.

15 of the best Christmas gifts for grandparents

From budget buys for kids to spend their own money on to big-ticket items that they most definitely deserve, here are 15 awesome Christmas present ideas for grandparents.

An indoor watering can

This is one of the most affordable Christmas gift ideas for grandparents, so the kids could buy this with their own money. Why an indoor watering can? Well because it can be something pretty yet practical to brighten up their home with.

Also, the average indoor watering can is far lighter in weight when filled than a heavy outdoor one. We also lose strength as we age, as our bone and muscle mass decreases. So they may well find this lighter version a Godsend when watering outdoors too. Not that they’re likely to admit it to anyone.

There are lots of materials and designs to choose from. Pick a rose gold watering can for glamorous types, or a sleek black one with a Japanese-style shape. Some have extra-long spouts, or a sprinkler attachment so they can shower the plants with much-needed water.

As Christmas ideas for grandparents go, this is a great purse-friendly option that will tick all the boxes for the more practically-minded generation.

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Picnic basket

Barbecue picnic on a meadow

What older couple wouldn’t appreciate a smart picnic basket to take on their outdoor adventures? It’s perfect whether they’re taking the kids to the park, or for when it’s just the two of them.

The range you can choose from also places picnic hampers among the top gifts for grandparents. You can buy a traditional wicker hamper for those whose tastes are more old school, or opt for a more modern take on the theme. If they’re very active, meanwhile, a picnic backpack may be a better choice as it leaves them hands-free.

You don’t only get the basket, bag or backpack itself. They come complete with all sorts of accessories, including crockery, cutlery, napkins and more. Some include salt and pepper shakers, while others might come with a corkscrew and wine glasses.

Some picnic baskets are insulated for use as a cool bag, or may even be foldable for storage. All make ideal Christmas gifts for new grandparents, or more established ones alike.

Click here for an assortment of picnic hampers

A coffee machine

Stop them wasting their pension money on takeaway coffees by treating them to their very own coffee maker. Whether it’s a bean-to-cup machine or a more affordable filter coffee maker, there are plenty of options in a wide price range.

Top brands to consider include Philips, De’Longhi, Breville and Sunbeam. Some have a pressure pump for that proper barista coffee taste, while others have a convenient one-touch operation to make life simpler.

A great thing about this particular present is the scope it allows you regarding future stocking stuffers for the grandparents, as the kids can simply treat them to a luxurious new blend of coffee, bag of beans or pack of pods.

Think about what type of machine they’d prefer to operate and how much space they have in their kitchen. Then it’s simply a matter of picking out a product to suit your budget – preferably in a colour they’re going to like the look of or that complements their home.

Click here to see an array of coffee machines

Tea set

If tea’s more their bag than coffee, why not go for a brand new teaset instead? Yes, they may have a teaset already. But do their mugs match the pot?

There are many modern styles to choose from, in fact, so it’s quite unlikely that they’ve got anything like this already. How about a contemporary set made from clear glass, or a Japanese-style teapot with cute matching cups, for example?

A tea set can be great fun to use when the young grandchildren are around, as they can imitate Nanny and Gramps when using their own. If they’re concerned about using hot water, they can always use it to deal out juice instead when the little ones are visiting.

Stand-out picks to consider include a cat-shaped tea pot for feline fans, a cast iron pot with a delicate, dotty pattern or a set that comes with a stand to hang the mugs on.

Click here to see a selection of tea sets

An LED coaster set

If they’re pretty modern in their outlook, then those grandparents are going to love a set of light-up coasters! These practical items make fun gifts for grandparents, and are bound to be a talking point when anyone comes to visit.

You can buy LED-lit coasters in various pack sizes and designs. Including, of course, those with a festive theme. Buy a pack containing a dozen if they like to host large family dinners or have a group of friends round all at once, or buy a pair for when it’s just the two of them.

Some designs simply let the lights do the talking, while others feature shapes, slogans or symbols to make them stand out. When it comes to Xmas presents for grandparents, this is surely an item they’re quite unlikely to have already!

Click here to view LED coaster sets

Massage recliner

Are they sitting comfortably? If they’re not so sure these days – or you’re not as certain as you once were – then reclining massage chairs make great grandparents’ gifts. They can take turns with sitting there, or you could splash out and spoil them with a pair. Don’t forget that buying another for a future Christmas is always an option for next year or a birthday!

Modern massage chairs look nothing like the recliners of old. Today’s reclining massage chairs tend to come with a leather-look finish, so they’ll fit in with any style of home decor. Popular colours include smart grey, classic black, soft cream and chocolate brown.

The seats also vary in what they offer. Some come fitted with a rocking function, so they can lull themselves into a state of blissful relaxation. Others have a couple of cupholders fitted into the arms, or can be heated to provide instant relief after a long day on their feet.

All massage recliners offer the option of putting their feet up, and may also assist with reaching a standing position. The massage function can stimulate blood flow to the back, promoting natural healing while they enjoy a feeling of total peace via the healing power of touch.

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A bird feeder

Again, this is one of those gifts for grandma and grandpa that kids can afford to buy with their own cash. They needn’t splash out too much to get something that can keep nature-lovers happy for hours, and it’s guaranteed to ensure the local galahs, cockatiels or rosellas head to their home first.

Frankly, we were amazed at the selection of bird feeders you can now buy. Order a sleek, contemporary style with a hanging loop, or once that affixes to the window via strong suction cups. It’s ideal for grandparents who’ve moved into a smaller, more manageable unit.

Other options include an ornate hanging basket bracket with an upper tier to be used as a bird bath or feeder, a hexagon shaped feeder that calls to mind trips to Asia, a simple hanging tray or a standing feeder that’s a solar light, feeder and bird bath in one.

Whatever their style and wherever they live, a bird feeder is far more practical than the average grandparents’ ornament that might be gifted at Christmas.

Click here to discover bird feeders for grandparents

gift ideas for grandparents

Framed photo

If it’s personalised grandparent gifts you seek or you want to create simple homemade gifts for your grandparents, then why not opt for one of the easiest yet most effective solutions of all? Any doting grandparent would love to receive a framed picture of their nearest and dearest, all ready to place on the sideboard or put up on the wall.

Make it really special by opting for multiple frames in one if you like. These come in a broad range of shapes, sizes and finishes. Arranging pictures to fit and trimming photos down size can be a fun activity for children or teens, and doesn’t take up too much of their time.

You can buy a series of picture frames connected by rope to hang on the wall, or go for a rotating frame capable of displaying 10 photos on a shelf. Buy them a set of several matching frames, or go for one special item to show off a truly unique picture. It doesn’t have to a photo – how about a great drawing by a grandchild, or an image of their favourite type of creature?

Photo frames are among the best gifts for grandparents to be, newbies and old-timers alike. Now what you need to think about is – what would they really like to look at most of all?

Click here to take a look at picture frames

An Amazon Echo Show

Not everyone enjoys talking to a faceless device. Which might well explain why the older memers of your family haven’t yet got their mitts on an Amazon Echo device. AKA the Alexa.

The Amazon Echo Show is different, because it has a screen built-in. This makes it so easy to scroll through the options on the screen, rather than trying to get the device to understand what it is you’re asking for.

The Amazon Echo Show can be used in the lounge room to check out what’s on TV later. Or place it in the kitchen so that granny or gramps can refer to their new favourite recipe while cooking up a storm. Whatever they use it for, they’ll soon be wondering what on earth they did without it!

With an Amazon Echo Show, they can call you and see your face while you chat. They can set up reminders, stream music, fill the calendar or even use it as a digital frame. All in addition to conducting online searches, of course. This is top of the tech gifts for grandparents for sure.

Click here to browse the Amazon Echo Show range

Create your own hamper

Hampers can make great homemade Christmas gifts for grandparents – but you can make your own without worrying about getting void fill everywhere. Or trying to get the cellophane to look tidy. Why bother tracking down goodies in the shops and finding the perfect size of container when Gourmet Hampers can do it for you?

In just a series of clicks, you can create perfect, personalised and unique grandparent gifts by pickout out their favourite items to include. The items are simply listed by category to make your life easier, so all you need to do is get down to the fun business of choosing their favourite edibles.

It’s not only food you can include, however. Instead of packing the hamper to the brim with cheeses, chocolates and gourmet savouries, why not add fine wine, hot drinks, craft beer, cocktail ingredients or even French champagne?

Other surprises to conceal within include pampering items for grandma or barware for grandpa. Or vice versa. The choice is all yours, and once it arrives the pleasure will be all theirs to share. Speaking of which, your gift basket can also be delivered to any Australian address specified.

Click here to see gourmet make-your-own hampers

An ice cream maker

Of all the best grandparents gifts, what can beat something that creates sweet, creamy treats for everyone who comes to call? An ice cream maker will provide foodie grandparents with hours of experimental fun in the kitchen, while all their visitors enjoy sampling the latest batch of freshly-made concoctions.

Ice cream makers aren’t as expensive as you might think. A simple model by Davis and Waddell or even a brand you’re not familar with costs less than you may imagine. If you want to spoil them, though, you can splash out on the likes of the Breville Smart Scoop or the Cuisinart Ice Cream and Gelato Maker.

Whichever you pick, it’s a cinch to operate. If they pop the bowl into the frezer beforehand as directed, some models will allow them to whip up a fresh batch of gelato, sorbet or ice cream in a mere matter of minutes.

Another reason why this is among the top Xmas gifts for grandparents is the fact that making ice cream is something all generations can enjoy together! And where better to eat it than right here in sunny Australia?

Click here to explore ice cream makers

Double hammock

A hammock makes a great gift for those who love to lounge. Assuming they have the space to hang it in, of course. This is one of the most unique gift ideas for new grandparents as well as those who have older grandchildren.

If there’s a new baby in the family, swaying in a hammock while enjoying the closeness of the little one is totally idyllic, and can induce of feeling of complete peace in both the adult and the child. When the grandkids aren’t around, the grandparents can share the hammock while gazing at the stars. And of course the kids will love using it when they’re visiting!

There are lots of options, and this is a really good gift for grandparents who love outdoor life. If they have two trees to hang it from there are plenty of colourful, rope and traditional net hammocks to pick from. If not, you can buy a double hammock with a stand for instant relaxation.

Whether they share it with each other or the kids, a double hammock offers so much more scope than a single one. It’s also ideal for the Australian lifestyle – especially if they live in a tropical region.

Click here to take a look at double hammocks

A set of bathrobes

Decent bathrobes make really good Christmas gifts for grandparents. When does anyone think to treat themselves to one? Most people use the same old bathrobe year in, year out, so there’s always some scope for improvement.

A set of bathrobes makes a more luxurious gift as it can give the grandparental home a hotel feel. You can buy sets emblazoned with ‘Mr’ and ‘Mrs’, or “Wifey and Hubby’ and so on. Or instead of buying a set, why not just buy one each in a style and colour they’d both love?

Materials such as waffle cotton, thick towelling or even satin can give this gift a luxury touch. If in doubt regarding sizing, our advice is always to go a size up. Having more bathrobe to envelop yourself in is unlikely to result in complaints from anyone, and it gives scope for throwing it on over a pair of thick pajamas too.

Click here to explore a range of bathrobes for he and she

Couple aprons

Whether it’s ‘His’ and ‘Hers’, ‘Mr Right’ and ‘Mrs Always Right’ or ‘The Boss’ and ‘The Real Boss’, a pair of aprons is among the best gift ideas for grandparents. Again, a pair of aprons is one of those things they probably haven’t replaced in a while, and can raise a chuckle at the same time.

Once more you don’t need to buy a matching or complementary pair if you don’t want to. If ‘I’m Her Spicy’ and ‘I’m His Hot’, ‘Beauty and Beast’ ‘I Like her Buns’ and ‘I Like His Meat’ don’t do it for you, why not simply pick out one each that they’ll love? Whether that’s a great outdoor grilling apron or a floral, feminine style.

These also make some of the best Christmas presents for grandparents because they can use them right away, whether it’s Christmas dinner at their place or a Boxing Day barbie in their garden. So there’s no chance of this present collecting dust at the back of a cupboard, destined for the op shop sometime in the future.

Click here to pick out a pair of aprons

Fun plant markers

One of the top stocking stuffer ideas for grandparents who spend a lot of time in the garden is a set of plant markers. It’s an affordable item for the kids to give too, if they want to buy something with their own money.

You can buy smart bamboo markers with a plain finish, or opt for a set with fun slogans on them. These can be pretty witty, and this should raise a smile each time they check on the latest batch of seedlings. Whether it’s ‘Grow, Dammit!’, ‘Not Dead Yet’ or ‘Something Green’.

If you prefer, go for a set of colourful plant markers to make an impact, or choose those with a mini chalkboard so they can fill out the labels themselves. You can even buy a smart, reusable set in slate for stylish types.

Click here to find fun plant marker sets

Which Christmas gifts for grandparents will you treat them to?

We hope this gift guide for grandparents has inspired your festive shopping list. While you’re here, why not take a look at our nanny and grandad Christmas gifts ideas too? Each contains 15 unique items, so in total there are 45 suggestions for anyone after large and small gifts for grandparents.

From a luxury Christmas hamper for the grandparents from all the family to small stocking stuffers ane pocket money gifts, there are plenty of ways to spoil grandparents during December.

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