Christmas Gifts for Grandpa That He Will Love!

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If you want to find the best Christmas gifts for Grandpa this year, then you need to read this guide! We’ve tracked down 15 of the most awesome present ideas out there, saving you time and money when ticking the older generation off your festive shopping list.

Sourcing the perfect Christmas presents for Grandpa isn’t always easy. After decades of living a busy life, many Grandpas seem to already have everything they’ll ever want. So how do you find the right things to get your Grandpa for Christmas?

The simple way is to read this guide before starting your Christmas shopping! By the end of this article, you’ll have a whole host of Grandpa Christmas gifts to choose from. Then, in just a few clicks, you can tick Gramps off your list. Jone done – and we’re certain you’ll find a present that he will genuinely love.

Read on to discover 15 of the top Christmas gift ideas for Grandpa!

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15 of the best Christmas gifts for Grandpa

Let’s get started. Here are 15 Grandfather Christmas gifts that he’ll be completely unable to resist smiling about!

Personalised Grandpa gifts

No gift is more personal than one that’s custom-made for the recipient. One of the best Christmas ideas for Grandpa, therefore, is a personalised present made specially for him. If you want to go down this popular route, then we recommend heading straight to Gifts Australia. Their range is just so lovely, and even the smallest items have clearly been designed with great care.

They have a huge range of really lovely gifts that can be personalised just as you please. Ideas for a Christmas present for Grandpa include small, more affordable items like a monogrammed leather keyring or luggage tag and go all the way up to a Macbook case or an overnight bag in genuine leather.

Other popular personalised picks as gifts for Grandpa from the grandkids – or to to give from their mum or dad – include custom cufflinks, washbags, a messenger bag, wallets and much more.

Click here to view personalised gifts for Grandpa

A Stanley classic vacuum flask

Classics are just that for a reason, right? And so it is with the Stanley vacuum flask, which is just one of the top-drawer outdoor items offered by this reputable and respected company. This gift guide for Grandpa wouldn’t be complete without the ultimate outdoor product!

There are various Stanley flask models to pick from, and many have a handle of some sort that can make carrying easier. Or opt for a sleek one without a handle which will be more compact for him to carry when going bushwalking, fishing or on a nature trail.

The colours are all really smart – you can choose a slick navy, a deep green, timeless black or in some cases polar white. Designs, meanwhile, range from a classic flask with a cup at the top to portable insulated coffee mugs.

Click here to pick a Stanley vacuum flask

Slippers for Grandpa

A new pair of slippers is one of those really good Christmas gifts for Grandpa. There’s no chance of it being left gathering dust at the back of a cupboard or being donated to the local op shop, as he’ll not be able to resist wearing them right away.

Sheepskin slippers are a great choice, and Ugg Australia offer the best range of high quality men’s slippers. Pick the classic natural tone, or go for a darker brown, black or grey for a more modern look.

The shapes vary a lot. You can buy open back slippers which are ideal for December and January here in Australia, or opt for something cosy that he’ll be desperate to wear by winter. Whichever you pick, these top quality men’s sheepskin slipper will always be a winner.

Click here to see men’s sheepskin slippers

A digital picture frame

If he likes gadgets and adores his grandchildren, what better Grandpa Christmas ornaments could you buy than something that’s both a bit of tech and decorative? A digital photo frame means he can change the image daily, weekly, monthly or even hourly if he likes.

Many of these photo frames are black, but some are made look just like a wooden picture frame. Ideal for those Grandpas who like surprising their guests. Features to look for include WiFi connectivity, high resolution, built-in storage and a touchscreen.

Make life simple by going for a Phone2Frame 10 inch frame, or choose from Kodak’s wide range if you want a big brand name. Picture frames come in so many finishes, from chunky distressed wood to a sleek, contemporary black.

Click here to find a digital photo frame

Grandpa glass

Whether you want stocking stuffers for Grandpa from the whole family or the kids want to spend their pocket money on a special present, a glass with Grandpa on it puts everyone right when it comes to whose drinking vessel this is.

There are both sentimental and funny slogans available. Such as ‘Grandpa Juice’ for his tipple, ‘Old Lives Matter’ for beer or ‘The Grandfather’ referencing the iconic movie. Shapes also vary – you can buy a whisky glass, a pint glass or a stein-style glass with a handle.

A glass is practical and can also be amusing or even meaningful. What more could you want from the best gift ideas for Grandpa than that?

Click here to check out glasses for Grandpa

A waxed apron

A waxed apron gives him that authentic outback Aussie look – and is also highly practical for a number of purposes. It’s ideal for barbecuing in summer or messing about in the shed in winter, and has a multitude of pockets for storing cooking utensils or tools.

If he likes to do things that mean getting his shirt dirty, then this has to be included on the list of stuff to get your Grandpa for Christmas. Many of the options come in classic tan, but you can also pick an alternative shade such as olive green, chocolate brown or charcoal grey.

Click here to discover men’s waxed aprons

Keychain reading glasses

If the Grandad in your life is always losing those pesky reading glasses, then what he really needs is a pair of keychain reading glasses. Assuming he’s not as likely to mislay his keys, that is…

These super slimline reading glasses fold up into the included case once he’s done. Then they’re stored safety, away from being sat on (by the grandkids) or chewed (by the dog). That’s one of the reasons why these make such good gift ideas for Grandpa!

All sorts of colours and shapes are available, and brands to choose between include ThinOptics, who make reading glasses that fit into all kinds of differently-shaped slimline cases. If he plays computer games, you might want to look out for a blue light blocking pair to ward off tired eyes.

Click here to take a look at compact reading glasses

Christmas presents for Grandpa

A gift hamper for Grandpa

Who wouldn’t love to recieve a hamper that’s been tailor made for them? Making your own is one of the top handmade gifts for Grandpa, but you can buy ready-made gift baskets to make life much easier.

Head over to Gourmet Basket to see what the incredible range of options are. Their selection includes Christmas hampers, of course, but you don’t have to go for one with a festive theme. If he does love the food and drinks popular in December then the Happy Christmas, Festive Treats or Merry Christmas hampers might be ideal.

For other ideas, you can browse a number of categories including gourmet food, cheese and wine or beer and cider. There are more, too, such as tea and coffee, health and wellness, picnic baskets or even those for special diets. Or for one of the most personal Christmas present ideas for Grandpa, add what you like with a Create My Own Hamper.

Click here to choose a gift hamper for Grandpa

Gifts Australia Grandpa gifts

If you’re stuck for things to get Grandpa for Christmas, why not simply turn to the experts? Gifts Australia has a wide range of gorgeous gifts for all your family and friends, and Grandpa is easily sorted once you’ve had a quick look through their range.

Try searching ‘grandpa’ for their suggestions, or browse various categories to find the right gift. Options to pick from include the top 20 men’s gifts, books, man cave items, beer and BBQ presents, geeky gifts and much more.

We love the set comprising a wine decanter and glasses shaped like a globe, the felt couch pocket to place right by his favourite seat, a tongue-in-cheek BBQ apron, some second skin gardening gloves, a roll-up dartboard or a set of whisky, cognac or craft beer.

Click here to shop for Grandpa gifts at Gifts Australia

A robot vacuum

If you don’t mind splashing a little more cash, what older man could resist something that’s both a fun gadget and saves him from cleaning the floor? Enter the robot vacuum – a must for lazy or just plain tired tech-lovers everywhere.

There are lots to choose from, brought to you by brands such as Ecovacs, iRobot, Yeedi, RoboRock and more. Prices vary hugely, and at the lower end of the range are definitely more affordable than we would have thought!

Robot vacuum cleaners make awesome Christmas gifts for your Grandpa, especially if he loves gadgetry and keeping his place clean. They’re available to automatically adjust to different floor surfaces too.

Click here for an array of robot vacuums

Shiatsu massager

Let’s be honest – we all notice more aches and pains as we get older. Any ageing gramps would love to receive something that offers relief at the end of a hard day’s work, and a shiatsu massage machine of some sort is a great choice.

There are two main parts of the body to focus on. The feet, or the upper body. Shiatsu foot massagers offer functions such as heat, gentle rolling massage, deep tissue massage or air compression. They’re great for relieving pain caused by plantar fasciitis, spinal or arthitic conditions or simply a long day involving lots of walking.

Neck, shoulder and back massagers come in various shapes. You can buy one that will wrap around his neck like a scarf, or opt for one that’s more like a padded cushion. This kind can even relieve leg pain, as he can place it anywhere.

If he sits at a desk all day, you can even purchase one that covers the entire chair for constant relief. These are great gift ideas for Grandpa, who’d probably never think to treat himself so something that offers this sort of comfort.

Click here to browse shiatsu massagers

A UGears model

Have you seen the UGears range of models? They are seriously impressive bits of kit that he can put together himself. The end result is the coolest Grandfather ornament you can possibly imagine, and one that will be proudly displayed within his home.

So it’s a laser cut, 3D model set that is put together like a puzzle. The things to make range from a dragon or steam train to a stepped hoist, a hexapod or an aero clock. Plus many more besides.

These clever models work without any batteries or electricity to move in a realistic way. They can even move at different speeds, and it’s all down to strategically placed springs.

The best Christmas presents for Grandpa are often things you can share, and constructing one of these impressive UGears models during the summer holidays will keep him and the grandkids happy for hours.

Click here for a selection of UGears model kits

Cast iron grill pan

If he’s the kind of guy who loves to cook up a storm on the barbie, then bring the outside in for him on wet, windy or chilly days by treating him to a solid cast iron grill for use in the kitchen. Or buy him one to use with the barbie and you won’t see him for hours. Maybe even days, if he takes it on a camping trip!

That way he can cook up all his favourite chargrilled treats inside or out, depending on what you decide to go for. A seasoned, cast iron grill pan will help him achieve those sought-after stripes on the food too.

One of the best brands to look out for here is Lodge, who supply many types of cast iron grill pan for inside and outdoor use. These are great gifts to get your Grandpa for Christmas if he’s into cooking or camping.

Click here for a range of cast iron grill pans

A clear voice soundbar

It’s hard for many people to face the fact – or admit – that their hearing’s not what it once was. Get around this issue in a subtle way by buying a ‘clear voice’ soundbar from Yamaha. It’s among the best gifts for your Grandpa whose age threatens to get the better of him while he’s watching TV.

Seriously, no Grandpa gift guide would be complete without this top pick present. It’s a really cool soundbar available in red, white or black. Fitted with bluetooth connectivity and an integral subwoofer, it just so happens to also have clear voice technology built-in. How handy!

Honestly, he’ll be so impressed by this bit of top branded tech that it won’t even cross his mind that you’re trying to enhance what he hears. Aren’t the most amazing Christmas gift ideas for a grandfather those that can actually improve his quality of life?

Click here to explore Yamaha clear voice soundbars

Yeti cooler

Yeti is the biggest name in the esky world, so why not buy him some kind of Yeti cooler? Things to get a Grandpa for Christmas from their selection range from a small, hand-held beer chiller to a huge chest that can hold enough food and drinks for a prolonged camping trip.

Yeti coolers are so well suited to the Australian lifestyle – especially for those with more time on their hands at a later stage of their life. The products also look the part in a major way, with sleek lines, cool colours and functional designs.

They’re not cheap, but isn’t he worth it? A Yeti esky is a great Christmas gift idea for a Grandpa and is one that he can share with all the family during picnics, barbecues and camping trips.

Click here for an assortment of Yeti coolers

Which Christmas gifts for Grandpa will you buy?

Who needs homemade gifts for Grandpa when you can pick from this awesome selection? There are some seriously great things to get Grandpas for Christmas, and any of the above Christmas presents for your Grandfather are guaranteed to induce genuine gratitude.

Whether it’s DIY Christmas gifts for Grandpa, affordable gifts from the grandkids to Grandpa or pampering presents to get your Grandpa, we hope this list helps you make up your mind. We hope you and your Gramps have a very Merry Christmas – this year and for many festive seasons to come.

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