Christmas Gifts for Grandma That She Will Love!

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Christmas gifts for Grandma aren’t always easy to find. Whether you call her Nana, Granny or Nanny, the older lady in your life certainly deserves to spoiled at this special time of year. It may be that you’re buying on behalf of the kids, or that you want to find a festive present to make your own mother smile.

Whichever applies to you, this guide is packed with awesome gifts for Grandmas – and for all budgets. So if you’re stuck regarding Christmas gift ideas for Grandma, don’t go anywhere. Instead, grab a cuppa and settle down to find the best selection of Christmas presents for Grandma so you can get your festive shopping sorted. Without the stress of a seasonal trip to the shops.

Whatever kind of Christmas gifts for your Nan you might be thinking of, you’ll find 15 of the best Grandmother Christmas gifts in this guide. From small things to get Grandma for Christmas as stocking-fillers, to Christmas ideas for Grandma that will really show her you care, it’s easy to find a present she’ll love when you know where to look. And if your Grandma is part of a couple, check out this couples gift guide for ideas!

Read on to find 15 of the best Christmas gifts for Grandma!

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15 of the best Christmas gifts for Grandma

When you want to find really good Christmas gifts for Grandma, you don’t need to go anywhere else. Simply read on to explore all the most awesome options!

Personalised Grandma gifts

Nothing says special like a gift that’s custom-made just for her. Opt for something different from the usual gifts for Grandma available at Amazon and other popular retailers by ordering a unique present from Gifts Australia.

All the awesome things to get your Grandma for Christmas can be personalised with her initials or name, creating an item that no one else will have. There are options for all budgets too, from leather keyrings, wine tags or name bar jewellery to card holders, cosmetics purses and tote bags.

Be warned, though – picking between colours could be a challenge. We love the shades offered here, which range from classic black, tan or burgundy to soft pink or Tiffany blue.

Click here to explore Gifts Australia’s range of personalised presents for her

A crossbody bag

Every adventurous senior needs a crossbody bag. It’s the perfect way to carry all her essentials, from reading glasses to lip balm, a pack of mints, tissues, a bunch of keys and of course her smartphone so she can keep in touch.

Crossbody bags are ideal for travel, days and evening out, and just about any occasion you can think of. There’s a great range to choose from too, including impressive products from brands like Kipling, Travelon, Nautica and more.

If she’s a stylish kinda lady, then you could opt for a Michael Kors or Sakroots bag, or go for a great all-purpose product like the classic Fossil Fiona that’s available in 17 colours and patterns. Surely one of the finest Christmas present ideas for Grandma you’ll find.

Click here to choose a crossbody bag for your Grandma

Silk eye mask

When it comes to fine fabrics, nothing pampers like pure silk. Sleeping with a mulberry silk eye mask is thus the ultimate in night-time luxury. This lovely item is also perfect for those who travel, as blocking out light can increase her chances of getting some shut-eye.

There are some gorgeous colours to choose from when shopping for a pure silk eye mask. Will she prefer blush pink, navy blue, sleek black, bright fuchsia or a glamorous deep green? Some masks come boxed, which not only makes the gift seem more special but also gives her somewhere to store it.

Why’s this one of the best gift ideas for Grandma? Because a silk eye mask is so soft on the skin, particularly the delicate eye area. Blocking out light sources can lead to a deeper sleep, as the body produces those hormones that encourage slumber when this happens. Silk is also great for the hair, as the band that secures the mask in place will glide super smoothly over the surface.

Click here to shop for silk eye masks for your Nana

A waffle maker

Waffles are so versatile. She can have them for breakfast, heaped with lots of fruit, for a superfood boost first thing in the morning. Or whip up a batch for dessert, to serve with her favourite ice cream or sliced banana plus chocolate or caramel sauce.

There are some great little waffle makers on the market. Forget cake pops and doughnuts when she could make something that’s both a breakfast food and a delicious dessert. Some of the waffle makers you can buy can make jaffles too, satisfying both her sweet and savoury cravings in one clever little machine.

Highly rated picks include the Sunbeam vertical waffle machine, the Zesto mini waffle maker and the Tefal product with interchangeable plates. If she could do with switching things up in the kitchen, then this is surely one of the best Christmas ideas for your Nan.

Click here to browse a range of waffle-making machines

Cashmere wrap or scarf

Rivalling silk when it comes to luxury fabrics, cashmere is one of the finest materials around. Don’t let the fact that it can be pricey put you off, as you can buy ‘cashmere-feel’ fabrics that seem just like the real thing.

A real or faux cashmere wrap or scarf is a fashion classic. It can be worn over the smartest outfits when she needs a lightweight layer of warmth, or kept on the back of the sofa for when those evening chills set in. This is one of the most stylish Christmas present ideas for your Nan too.

If your Grandma resides in one of the cooler states like Victoria or Tasmania, then perhaps she’d appreciate a cashmere scarf that she can don outdoors during the southern winter. With so many plain colours and patterned styles available for all budgets, there is so much choice when you want to treat your Nana to a cashmere scarf or wrap for Christmas.

Click here to check out cashmere wraps and scarves

A teapot

Many people like to sit down with a freshly brewed cup of tea, but what’s even better than that? A fresh pot of tea, of course! It quenches the thirst and encourages relaxation in one hit. There are some truly beautiful teapots available right now, and they’re perfect for replacing or making a change from her well-worn one.

Go for a glass-walled teapot for a contemporary look if she’s a modern kinda Grandma, or pick out an attractively patterned pot to make a statement. We love the Maxwell and Williams range, which includes an embossed, diamond-patterned white teapot or the Silk Road one in aqua blue, cherry red or white.

Other options among these perfect Christmas presents for your Nan include Japanese style cast iron pots, an Avanti ceramic teapot in Fire Engine Red or Duck Egg Blue, or a smart stainless steel pot.

Click here to view a range of teapots for Nana

Scented candle

You cannot go wrong with a scented candle, especially when your Grandma loves her home to be as sweet-smelling as possible. Whether it’s a single deluxe candle or a great value set, a candle that gives off a glorious aroma is always going to go down well.

The options include Christmas candles with a suitably festive scent, or more generic sweetly-scented candles. Pick the Christmas Tree candle from Village Candles, the Aroma Naturals Fresh Forest candle or one of Yankee Candles’ top-selling Christmas Eve, Sparkling Cinnamon or Christmas Cookie scents.

You don’t have to go for a candle with a festive theme, though. The ideal Grandma ornament and home fragrance in one might be, for example, a vanilla-scented ‘Hug in a Jar’, or a set of candles in tins that she can take with her wherever she goes.

Click here to explore a selection of scented candles for Christmas

gifts for grandmas

A Kindle e-reader

If she hasn’t gone hi-tech yet when it comes to reading, then perhaps it’s time she did! A Kindle e-reader is one of the best Christmas presents for a Nana, especially those who always seem to be off travelling.

There are lots of Kindles to choose from, and prices vary to fit a range of budgets. You can buy one in black or white with a built-in front light, or go for one with a mega 32GB of storage. Kindle Paperwhite editions, meanwhile, make it feel just like she’s reading straight from the page.

Some, such as the Kindle Oasis, come with an adjustable warm white light so she can set it up to suit her. If she also likes to write, you might like to treat her to the new Kindle Scribe – or if she does have an e-reader already then you could buy her a brand-new case to keep it in instead.

Click here to take a look at the full range of Amazon Kindles

Indoor growing kit

If she’s a green-fingered Grandma who’s downnsized to a smaller home, then she’s sure to appreciate an indoor growing kit of some sort. From sophisicated hydroponics systems to a simple mushroom-growing set, these make really good gift ideas for a Grandma that likes to care for plants.

A lots of these sets result in edible goodies, so they’re also perfect for Nanas who like getting creative in the kitchen. Whether she grows a supply of fresh herbs, some cherry tomatoes or chillis or a crop of unusual mushrooms, there’s plenty of scope for adding the freshest ingredients to her food.

With lights than can replicate natural sunlight, indoor growing kits are great for both Grans who love to grow and those who love whipping up new culinary delights.

Click here to discover an array of indoor growing kits

An air fryer

Air fryers are big news when it comes to cooking. They can save households a lot of money by cooking food in a far more efficient way than an oven. The food made in an air fryer can also be a lot healthier, as only minimal amounts of oil are required for fast, delicious results.

An air fryer also cooks more quickly than a conventional oven, and doesn’t require pre-heating. If she misses those hand cut chips she used to make when her own children were kids, then she’ll love making them once more in the latest kitchen must-have.

Christmas gifts for your Grandma don’t come any more practical than this, and it has the potential to save her lots of money too. What’s not to love? Especially when you may well get to sample the results of her latest air frying experiments.

Click here to see an assortment of air fryers

Tablet or e-reader pillow stand

If your tech-savvy Nana tends to take her e-reader or tablet to bed with her, then a pillow stand for it is an essential! This will prop up her device so she can read the screen comfortably and clearly, saving eye and neck strain.

It’s also one of the best Xmas gifts for Grandma when you’re on a budget, as many tablet pillow stands are pretty cheap to buy. They come in all kinds of colours too, from monochrome shades like cool grey, charcoal or black to burgundy or blue.

Some of these pillow stands offer several viewing angles for her to pick from, so it’s worth looking out for one of those if you want to ensure her continued comfort.

Click here to take a look at tablet pillow stands

A Gourmet Basket

A hamper that’s bursting with edible or drinkable delights will always go down well. We love the range available at Gourmet Hampers, as you can choose between so many options. There are Christmas hampers filled with festive treats, plus many other sorts too.

Special diets aren’t an issue thanks to the likes of gluten-free, vegan and non-alcoholic hampers, or if you don’t want to focus on food you could opt for a pamper hamper. Gift baskets are always among the most popular homemade gifts for Grandma, but why bother with that when you could give one that’s been professionally put-together?

From cheese and wine or tea and coffee to health and wellness or picnic baskets, these are ideal gifts for distant rellies. This is because Gourmet Basket offers express nationwide delivery with every single hamper they sell!

Click here to select a gourmet basket for your Grandma

Instant camera

For Nanas who like a touch of nostalgia, an instant camera will take her back to the days when everyone has to wait for their pictures to be printed. As well as the time when Polaroid instant cameras were all the rage.

Now there are many more options on the market. One of the most popular is the Instax range from Fujifilm, and these super cute cameras come in a range of appealing pastel shades. Or for a more classic look, you can count on the original instant camera brand Polaroid, which offers more retro-style models.

An instant camera is surely a top pick among gifts for a new grandmother or an established one, who’ll love to print off photos of her cherished offspring, pretty garden or latest projects.

Click here to shop for instant cameras

A bathtub tray

If your Nana likes to take a long, well-deserved soak in the bath, then she really does need a bathtub tray in her life! These are brilliant for helping her to avoid the sort of stretching that can cause joint or muscle strain, which we all become more prone to as we age.

Forget the bathtub trays of old which looked like some kind of medical appliance. Nowadays we’re talking stylish bamboo, slick aluminium or plastic in her favourite shade. All complete with spaces and slots for her tablet, a scented candle, a glass of wine, a book and even a snack.

These really do make great Grandma Christmas gifts for the more mature ladies in your life, and you could also treat her to a new bottle of bubble bath to go with it without spending too many extra dollars.

Click here to view a collection of bathtub trays


This is Australia, and we all need to slip, slop and slap. Keep her head well protected from that burning sun by buying her a brand new sunhat for Christmas. These great gift ideas for Grandma come in all sorts of styles to suit her style, personality and lifestyle.

There are traditional Australian-style sunhats – without the corks, of course! Or you can choose a cap-shaped hat with a space for her updo or opt for an adventure hat that’s perfect for hiking Nanas.

Other options include a slouchy hat, a straw hat or a piece of headgear with a chin strap for windy weather. Whatever she’s into, there’s certainly a hat to suit her somewhere here!

Click here to see a selection of women’s sunhats

Which Christmas gifts for Grandma will you buy?

Who needs to buy their grandma a Christmas ornament she’ll never use when there’s all these bigger gifts and stocking stuffers for Grandma to choose from? You just know that the more mature lady in your life will love something that’s practical as well as pleasing, so you really can’t go wrong with any of the awesome gifts in this list.

Why bother with DIY Christmas gifts for Grandma when you could save so much time? Whether you want a grandkids’ gift for Grandma or to treat your own mum, the best presents for Nana at Christmas can all be found here. Why wait when you could take care of that Christmas shopping list today?

For more gifts any Grandma will love, don’t miss our guides to the best gifts for artists, presents for cat fans or dog lovers, or the best personalised festive gifts.

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