Where to Buy a Real Christmas Tree Adelaide 2023

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One of the most memorable and fun parts of Christmas is choosing and decorating the Christmas tree. You may have had a favourite artificial tree for years that you keep pulling out each year. Have you thought about swapping for a live Christmas tree this year? Having a lovely smelling real tree in the house is a great way to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. Luckily Adelaide has a great selection of suppliers for you to choose from.

Disclaimer: We are in the process of updating this article! All entries with 2023 listed beside them have been updated for this year. Those with TBC are to be confirm for this year.

Your Christmas tree is a focal point of the house at this special time of the year. Why should you choose a real Christmas tree over an artificial one? Here are our reasons:

  • Picking a real tree is so much fun. Think how peaceful it would be wondering isles and isles of living trees on a farm compared to the crazy busy shopping centre isles at this time of year.
  • Your house will be full of lovely pine needle smell.
  • Each real tree is unique and each year you are challenged to find just the right places for your decorations. You can create a distinctive look each year.
  • After Christmas, you can compost your tree. You do not need to find space to store for next year.

So now that you have decided a real Christmas tree is the way to go, you need to start planning. Choose a spot for the tree that does not receive too much direct sunlight. The tree may drop needles so keep this in mind when you are choosing the spot. You will need to access the base every day to top up the water as cut trees get very thirsty!

Looking to decorate your Christmas tree? We can help:

We have put together a list of the best real Christmas trees Adelaide suppliers. Make sure you check with the supplier if you are able to order or hold the tree before you pick it up. You may even like to organise your tree to be delivered.

christmas baubles

Santa Trees Christmas Tree Farm 2023

Santa Trees Christmas Tree Farm in the Adelaide Hills (near Gumeracha and Kersbrook) is a family run business and has been supplying Adelaide and the surrounding area with quality Christmas Trees for over 20 years. Give the children a special treat this year. Take them up to Santa Trees Christmas Tree Farm to choose their very own real, fresh, pine Christmas Tree. You are welcome to take a picnic basket and spend a little extra time amongst the fifty acres of real living Christmas trees and enjoy the open spaces and fresh country air. They can also deliver the tree to your house.

Available: Open daily from 18 November in person or online

Address: 137 Norsworthy Road, Forreston

Find out more about purchasing your real Xmas trees Adelaide from Santa Trees Christmas Tree Farm here.

Adelaide Hills Christmas Trees 2023

Adelaide Hills Christmas Trees claim to have the best prices you will find for fresh, bushy Christmas Trees. They have been selling trees in the Adelaide Hills for many years and have lots of familiar faces coming back to see them every year. They really enjoy selling their Christmas trees during the festive season as it is a family affair choosing a tree, and their fresh, bushy trees make the selection enjoyable so that everyone can look forward to an evening together decorating the tree. They can also deliver your live Christmas tree Adelaide to your house.

Available: Orders are now open for 2023

Address: 820 Mt Barker Rd, Verdun

You can find out more and order your Adelaide trees from Adelaide Hills Christmas Trees here.

Christmas Tree Farm Chandlers Hill 2023

Where to Buy a Real Christmas tree

There is so much to see and do for the whole family at Christmas Tree Farm Chandlers Hill! You can explore their acres of farmland, take photos with their reindeer mascot, enjoy a tractor ride, pick up some gifts & decorations from the Gift Shop, and even feed some animals in the Petting Zoo! You can choose from trees of varying sizes in the Tree Shed Gift Shop. They can organise delivery if you require. With so much more than just trees, you and your family can spend time exploring what the farm has to offer, before taking home and setting up your beautiful new Christmas Tree! They will also collect your tree after Christmas if you wish which they will mulch and return to the forest for nutrients for future Christmas trees!

Available: From 24 November

Address: 51 Sugarloaf Road, Chandlers Hills

There are more details on your live Christmas trees Adelaide from Christmas Tree Farm Chandlers Hill here.

Adelaide Blue Lakes Christmas Trees 2023

Blue Lake Christmas Trees is a small family run business that has been growing quality Christmas Trees for over 30 years. They understand that selecting a Christmas Tree is a tradition for their customers, and they are honoured to help you choose your perfect Christmas Tree to take home and decorate. Their aim is to ensure that you have a happy and memorable experience selecting a quality Christmas Tree at an affordable price. You can either pick up your own tree or have your real Christmas trees delivered. They will also come and pick up the tree after Christmas if you would like.

Available: Orders for 2023 are open now

Address: 49 Kanmantoo Road, Aldgate

You can find out more about buying your real Christmas trees Adelaide at Adelaide Blue Lakes Christmas Trees here.

Christmas Tree Plantation 2023

The Christmas Tree Plantation has been around since 1970 and was one of the first Christmas Trees Plantations in Adelaide. They have a selection of freshly cut trees ready to go or you may select your own tree from the plantation. If you look after your tree well, they say that the tree can last up to six weeks. You can also order online and organise delivery from this Christmas tree farm Adelaide.

Available: Orders for 2023 from Saturday 11 November

Address: 160 Clarendon Road, Clarendon

You can find out more about purchasing your fresh Christmas trees Adelaide from Christmas Tree Plantation here.

If you are looking for a Christmas tree stand or skirt, we know that too!

If you are looking to browse a few Christmas shops in Adelaide for inspo, check out this list! Now you have your list of options for your Adelaide Christmas tree and your decorations sorted. Enjoy creating new memories and traditions with your family. Happy tree hunting.

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