Christmas Solar Lights to Brighten up December Nights

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Christmas solar lights are a win/win. Once you’ve bought your solar powered Christmas lights, you don’t need to waste a cent on mains electricity. Unlike other countries, we Australians celebrate the festive season during summer. So the sunshine provides plenty of power for your solar panel Christmas lights!

This guide will take you through all the best Christmas solar lights to brighten up those long summer nights. All sorts of solar powered Christmas decorations are covered, so you can choose which kind might suit you best. As well as inspiring how you decorate your front yard for December.

Options regarding solar Christmas lights for outdoor use include solar net lights for garden shrubs, solar garland lights, or solar outdoor Christmas decorations shaped like icicles, snowflakes, reindeer and more.

Let’s light up Christmas this year – without any need for mains power.

14 of the best Christmas solar lights to buy

Solar Christmas decorations range from solar net lights for outdoor use or artificial trees with solar lights to solar snowflake stake lights or solar powered icicle Christmas lights. Let’s get stuck into 14 of the finest options!

Solar icicle lights

Solar powered icicle lights are a great way to introduce a subtle festive feel rather than a full-on wintry look. You can buy warm white, multicoloured or bright white solar icicle lights for outdoor use.

The shapes vary quite a lot. There are icicle solar holiday lights shaped like large, elongated teardrops, or long strings with strands of fairy lights hanging from them of different lengths.

Another similar alternative is to go for solar meteor shower lights, which have a more contemporary appearance. These also make ideal gutter lights for Christmas.

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Solar laser lights

Solar laser Christmas lights aren’t as fiddly to set up as some other kinds of solar powered outdoor Christmas lights. All you need to fix in place is the projector box, which will then emit the festime images you’ve picked out.

If you want simple yet very effective solar powered outdoor Christmas decorations, then a laser light show could be just what you’re looking for. Many of these offer a variety of patterns, so you can switch things up as you please.

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A solar Christmas tree

A solar powered Christmas tree is also a very easy way to make a dramatic impact. Once it’s in position, you’ll have a really festive display, without the need for any more decorating or even any mains power.

Outdoor solar Christmas tree options include multicoloured trees, modern star-topped spiralling trees or those shaped like a more traditional festive tree.

You can also buy a solar powered outdoor Christmas tree shaped like a deciduous rather than an evergreen fir tree. Both sorts come as multicoloured or white trees too.

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Solar Christmas tree lights

You could also use solar powered tree lights to decorate a tree growing in your garden. Or one that you’ve placed in a container for the festive season.

Solar powered Christmas tree lights can be bought as LED fairy lights, or as a string of snowflakes, bulbs or Middle Eastern style globes. A length of stars also makes a very attractive set of solar outside Christmas lights.

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Solar Christmas pathway lights

Christmas solar stake lights are ideal for lighting up the night when you’ll have guests leaving a party after dark. Or even when you simply want to give your front garden a welcoming look for the festive season.

Christmas garden stake lights come in all sorts of options. There are flame-like torches that can be used all year round, or those shaped like candy canes or as snowman solar powered pathway lights.

You can also buy these solar LED Christmas lights shaped like Christmas trees, flowers, stars and more.

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Solar candy cane lights

Solar powered candy cane lights can be used to illuminate a pathway when placed alongside. Or dot them around the garden in small groups for a pretty look that will really appeal to the children in the family and neighbourhood.

Many are of course red and white striped, but you can also buy packs of multicoloured solar Christmas ornaments shaped like everyone’s favourite festive sweet treat.

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Solar snowman lights

Displaying snowman solar lights can instantly introduce a wintry, festive feel to your front garden – even though it’s summer in Australia.

You can buy a set of snowman solar lights with differently-coloured bobble hats, or opt for a set that comes with Santa and reindeer solar lights as well. These are stake lights that you can place wherever you like.

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solar powered Christmas lights

Solar reindeer lights

Solar reindeer Christmas lights can be much more understated than other kinds of solar light Christmas decorations. They often come as an illuminated outline of the animal, and can be bought singly or in pairs.

Sometimes each solar powered reindeer is in a different position, or they may be identical. You could place them together in the centre of the lawn, or at either side of the garden for a smart effect.

Other reindeer solar light options include sets of three, reindeer-topped stakes; or a solo deer pulling Santa’s sleigh.

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Solar Christmas star lights

One of the simplest yet most effective options for outdoor Christmas decorations that are solar powered is the star shape. You can buy these star solar lights in various styles, and to be used in a number of ways.

Light up the garden path with a modern, green star stake light from Christmas Warehouse, or check out Amazon for a range of options. Their solar powered Xmas lights featuring stars include stake lights, string lights and more.

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Solar net lights

Solar net lights for bushes, fencing or stringing between trees are an ideal way to make a subtle and stylish statement. These solar powered net lights can create more of an impact than string lighting.

Typically each solar led net comprises 100, 200 or more tiny fairy lights. These can be placed wherever you prefer, whether this is draped over shrubs or to illuminate your new garden fence.

Just make sure you don’t put them where someone could walk or run into them! That could be a tricky tangle to get out of.

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Solar Christmas string lights

Solar Christmas lights available as an outdoor string light are probably the most popular option. As well as one of the most versatile.

These solar Christmas lights are for sale in all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes. Go for a set of shocking pink or cool blue lights, or opt for a festive shade of green. Also available are multicoloured strings. For a more uncluttered look, you might prefer simpler warm or bright white lighting.

You can also pick between traditional style tiny fairy lights, larger and rounder globes, or more defined shapes like stars.

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Solar snowflake lights

Snowflake stake or string lights are also a popular choice. Like a snowman, they introduce that wintry Christmas feel to your festive scene.

You could buy a set of 50 snowflake solar lights to hang around a shrub or evergreen tree. These come in warm white, bright white and multicoloured options.

Snowflake stake lights also come in various colours. Sets may include anywhere between two and eight lights. You can also buy birch tree stake lights decorated with stars, or even a solar powered, illuminated wind chime.

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Solar Christmas lanterns

Another option regarding solar Xmas lights for outdoor use is to invest in a set of illuminated lanterns. These come in various amounts per pack as well as a range of neutral or brighter colours.

Unlike solar Christmas trees for outside and other decorations with a festive theme, these could be used to light up your garden all year round. Such as during winter. Ideal for Christmas in July parties!

All kinds of solar powered lantern lights are available. Opt for a set of small Chinese lanterns on a string, or choose a pair of lanterns that resemble old-fashioned oil lamps. You could also pick hanging lights in mason jars, wall-mounted lanterns or globes with a crackle glaze effect.

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Solar Christmas wreath

A solar powered Christmas wreath is a great way to dress up your front door. And the beauty of it is that it looks just like a regular festive wreath during the day.

At night, though, your solar powered wreath really comes to life. The tiny LEDs hidden among the greenery, berries, foliage or pine cones illuminate the night, welcoming or delighting all who come to call or pass by after dark.

Popular types include wreaths decorated with red and white berries, pine cones and sprigs, golden and red baubles or frosty white foliage.

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Which Christmas solar lights will you switch on?

Ordering some solar Christmas lights from Amazon or Christmas Warehouse is such a simple way to decorate your outdoor space for December. Delighting all the young kids in the neighbourhood as you do so!

The best solar powered Christmas lights don’t even use any mains power, so you don’t need to worry about the planet or your bank balance. From solar Christmas lights for bushes to solar Xmas decorations shaped like reindeer, stars, candy canes or snowflakes, which will you be buying this year?

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