Super Santa Sacks to Stuff with Christmas Gifts

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If you’re wondering how to store all those gifts before the big day – or even how to present them on 25th December – Santa sacks are the answer. Available in all sorts of sizes and designs, these Christmas sacks can hold all those gifts in one place.

It’s up to you whether you stash your filled Santa bag away somewhere secret, or simply put it out on display to enhance your festive decor. Either way, using one ensures every last little gift stays safe and ready to be unwrapped – once the big man has paid his annual visit to your household, of course.

From a personalised Christmas sack or large Santa sack to a set of small ones to use in place of gift bags, we’ve tracked down every Christmas present sack you could ever need.

So stay right here to find the perfect Santa sack bags for all those Christmas presents this year. Once it’s been opened on the big day, it can even be purposed as a handy receptacle for storing all the wrapping paper, ready for recycling. That should keep the floor far tidier than usual!

8 of the best Santa sacks for Christmas gifting

Whether you want to find the best jumbo Christmas sacks for the kids’ gifts or would rather source something smaller for the grown-ups’ presents, here are the top 8 luxury and cheap Santa sacks for the festive season.

A personalised Santa sack

There’s nothing quite like personalised Xmas sacks to make the recipient feel special, and these come as two main types. You can buy personalised Santa bags already printed with the giftee’s name, or purchase those ready to make into personalised sacks by adding the name or message of your choice.

When you want a personalised Santa sack in an extra large or smaller size, we recommend checking out Amazon and Scoopon. Amazon have lots of Santa sacks to personalise yourself, while Scoopon offer great value Xmas sacks already printed with the name ordered.

If you opt for one to stencil, embroider or simply write on yourself, all you then need is a steady hand plus a needle and thread, a suitable pen or a set of stamps with fabric ink.

Each member of the family can then have their very own present sack to use every December. Store them in a cool, dry place every year once Christmas has passed, and they could last from early childhood right into their teens – and even beyond.

Click here to find a personalised stocking sack on Scoopon

Click here to see personalised present sack options at Amazon

Blank Santa sacks

You can take the idea of personalisation even further by buying blank Santa sacks in bulk or individually. That way you can decorate them just as you please, which is ideal for creative types. Draw on them, sew things to them or stamp them – the choice is yours.

If you want plain Santa sacks in a natural fabric finish, multipacks of laundry bags will fit this purpose very well indeed. Typically these come as a four-pack, and can be very attractively priced.

In fact there’s no reason why you couldn’t decorate a plain Santa sack together, so the kids can leave them out for Father Christmas to fill with gifts. Just as you would with a Christmas stocking.

You can also buy other types ready to make into custom Santa sacks, such as a pack of plaid patterned sacks, a red and white star sack or large gold drawstring gift bags.

Click here to discover plain Santa gift sack options

A jumbo Santa sack

Large Christmas sacks tend to be the most sought-after size, as they’re big enough to hold all the children’s presents, storing them safely in one place. Once you’re done with wrapping each year, you can simply fill each giant Santa sack before keeping somewhere secret, well away from prying little eyes.

Then all you need to do every Christmas Eve is to haul the sock out from wherever you’re keeping it – and job done. Just don’t forget to eat the mince pie or cookies left out for Father Christmas, though, and do have a nibble on Rudolph’s carrot too. Leaving crumbs everywhere is of course essential, so the young ones can clearly see that ‘he’s been!’

You can buy extra large Santa sacks in Australia from Christmas Warehouse and Amazon. Some measure a metre or more, so there should be plenty of space for all the presents. If you have a particularly bulky big ticket item to give as well, you could always sit the sack atop that carefully wrapped parcel to encourage them to leave the best till last.

Click here to check out large Santa bags at Christmas Warehouse

Click here to view extra large Christmas sacks at Amazon

Plastic Christmas sacks

If cheap, cheerful and disposable ticks your boxes, then plastic Santa sacks could be the ideal option. Available at Amazon, these typically come as packs of Santa gift bags in mixed or the same sizes.

You can purchase a pack of three large ones that could be perfect when you want a big Santa bag for each child, or packs containing 12, 20 or even 36 pieces in an assortment of sizes.

The latter could also save you so much time when wrapping gifts, as you could simply pop presents into these bags instead of getting out the sticky tape and scissors. Ideal, perhaps, for those who already have far too much to do during December.

Click here to take a look at Christmas sack bags in plastic

personalised Santa sack

A velvet Santa sack

With its super strokable texture, a velvet Christmas sack is surely the top pick for anyone wanting a luxury Santa sack. For those who would like to find a red velvet Christmas sack, check out the options available at Christmas Warehouse, which offers a couple of appealing designs.

One red velvet Santa sack they stock is emblazoned with the slogan ‘Santa put you on the nice list’, while the other features a simple ‘Merry Christmas’ message in red and white.

At Amazon you can choose between lots of designs and sizes, although again the trend certainly leans towards the red Santa sack. Although there are more of them, a red Santa bag isn’t the only option in velvet, however: they also come in shades such as a deep emerald green with stars that would be perfect for fans of all things Harry Potter.

Click here to see the range of Christmas Warehouse Santa sacks

Click here to explore velvet Santa bag products on Amazon

Small Santa sacks

We’ve all seen plenty of giant Christmas sacks, but are small Christmas sacks on your radar? These super cute mini Santa sacks have so many uses, from wrapping up small presents to decorating your home during the festive season.

You could also use one as a dog Santa sack to place your four-legged friend‘s treats in, or fill them with little gifts to give out as favours during a Christmas party.

These tiny Santa sacks generally come in multipacks containing maybe 3, 8, 10 or 24 pieces. They are available in all kinds of styles and colours too, from cheery cartoon-style drawstring bags to plainer ones with a white canvas or beige hessian background.

Click here to view small Christmas sacks for presents or decorating

A burlap Santa sack

A hessian, burlap, jute or canvas Santa sack introduces a more rustic feel to your home, and can make a welcome change from all that bright red. If your style is more subtle and you prefer neutral shades, this could be the right kind of Christmas Santa sacks to seek out.

Both Amazon and Christmas Warehouse come up trumps with Christmas Santa bags in jute, hessian and other natural effect fabrics. At Christmas Warehouse, the options include various messages such as ‘don’t open until Christmas’, and ‘have a very merry holly jolly Christmas’. The sizes range from 55 to 93cm.

It’s also worth checking out Amazon when you want a burlap, jute or linen Santa sack. Typically featuring a brightly coloured design toned down by a neutral background, this type of Christmas gift sack strikes just the right balance between colourful and chic.

Click here to source a Santa sack at Christmas Warehouse

Click here to see Amazon’s range of Santa sacks

Drawstring Christmas backpacks

Instead of traditional style Christmas stocking sacks, you could go for something a little out of the ordinary this year – in the form of a drawstring backpack that can be used during the festive season. This is ideal when heading to the beach, local pool or even for a picnic in the park.

Most of these drawstring Santa sack options come as multipacks, so you’ll get maybe 2, 10 or 12 to use for Christmas gifting – and for going out during December. This type of Santa present sack is also made to withstand repeated use, so a pack could suit the entire extended family or friendship group for many years to come.

Whatever you use it for, this kind of Santa toy bag can be used for so many purposes. Whether that’s taking their new items over to grandma’s house or heading to a festive outdoor gathering when you have food and drinks to carry. And, of course, you can even use it as a Santa sack!

Click here for an assortment of drawstring Christmas backpack products

8 ways to use your Santa sacks

Not every family uses Santa sacks during the festive season. Many people love this Christmas tradition, though, so why not get started with it this December? It’s both a fun and practical way to present those special gifts.

Even if they no longer believe in that Father Christmas kind of magic, that’s no reason not to get into the Santa sack tradition. What adults, teen or tween could fail to smile when they catch sight of a bulging bag of gifts – all just for them?

Here are 8 ways to use adults’ or children’s Santa sacks.

  1. Use large Christmas sacks for gifts that you’ve wrapped up ready for the 25th December, then store them somewhere that’s safely out of sight. This keeps everything clean, tidy and all in one place.
  2. Buy a small or even a giant Santa bag to use as a gift bag. This is great for the environment as it can be re-used next year, and can also save you time and money.
  3. Leave the empty Santa toy sack out for Father Christmas to fill. Under the tree, by the fireplace or even at the end of the bed are favourite places to put these.
  4. Make like the big man himself by using Xmas Santa sacks for transporting or delivering gifts. Pack these with all the family presents when you’re going away for Christmas, or use them to drop off gifts in your neighbourhood.
  5. Don’t forget that you can use those custom Christmas sacks for keeping wrapping paper off the floor. Ideal when you need to dash to the kitchen to keep an eye on the festive lunch and don’t want to trip up on the mess.
  6. Making your own drawn-on or embroidered Santa sack can be a great project for filling the school summer holidays!
  7. Mini Santa sack gift bags can also be used for decorating, or giving out party favours at the end of the night.
  8. Drawstring backpacks with a festive theme can be used throughout December – whenever you’re heading out and have stuff you need to carry.

Which Santa sacks will you use this Christmas?

So which Father Christmas sack will suit your festive season best? From a matching, personalised Santa sack and stocking to a huge Santa present bag for keeping all the kids’ gifts safe, there are lots of small and big Santa sack products to choose from.

Whether you wanted cheap Christmas sacks or are prepared to splash out on something special, we hope this guide helps you pick out the right products from all the Santa sacks for sale.

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