Christmas Gifts for 1 Year Old Girls: Our Top 15 Ideas

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Along with her family, she’ll be celebrating her second festive season ever. Aww! But when you want to share the love, how do you find the best Christmas gifts for 1 year old girls? With this complete guide to the 15 top gifts for 1 year old girls, of course!

The options when you want to find the best gifts for a 1 year old girl include clothing, bath or beach toys, baby gift boxes, play houses, books and much more. We’re not going to spoil it at this stage by spilling the beans about all our top picks!

At this age, baby gifts for a 1 year old girl have to please the parents. Who will of course be happy if their little one is. But you might also like to think about ticking the educational or practicality boxes too.

If you’re thinking about toys, remember that great gifts for 1 year old girls won’t require her to follow any other than very basic instructions. Something that her small hands can grab is ideal, especially if she can understand what to do with it at a glance.

Here are 15 of the most awesome gifts for the one year old girls in your life.

Without further ado, let’s dive into this list of the best gifts for 1 year old girls – whatever your budget.

15 of the best gifts for 1 year old girls

A baby girl gift box

Whether you’re not sure what to buy, or you need to send a present to another state or overseas, how about lots of lovely little things packed inside a baby gift box? The Baby Gift Company has plenty to choose from at affordable prices, or you could even make your own if you like getting creative.

The options from The Baby Gift Company include a huge range of gorgeous boxes filled with beautiful baby stuff. Lots of these include clothes, but you can pick a size up to age one in this case. There are options without clothing, too, such as the themed Very Hungry Caterpillar dinnertime box, the Splash Splash bath time set and the Unicorn Magic baby girl gift basket.

Alternatively, why not have a go at making your own gift box? You could pick up a make-your-own hamper set at Amazon, and fill it with goodies that you buy online, at the supermarket, or on your local high street. If you’re really crafty, you could even make your own knitted, crocheted, stitched or even edible items to pack inside.

Whether you go for ready made or put your own together, gift boxes are among the very best gifts for one year old girls.

Click here to shop with The Baby Gift Company

Click here to see make-your-own hamper sets

Bath toys

You cannot go wrong with bath toys that will encourage her to keep clean! So simple, toys to play with in the bath are often very affordable indeed. Yet she’ll enjoy hours of good, clean fun from each and every one.

We love the Cherub Baby range of soft silicone bath toys. Options here include the squeeze and squirt sets, watering cans, boats, and a zoo set. She could also play with Montessori stacking cup sets in the bath, as they’re also made from silicone.

Amazon also of course stocks a comprehensive range of bath toys for babies. These include light-up toys, tracks, wind-up playthings, fishing games, spinner toys and a whole lot more.

Bath toys are some of the best Christmas gifts for a 1 year old girl. You don’t need to spend much money to treat her to something really fun here, either!

Click here for an array of Cherub Baby silicone bath toys

Click here for an assortment of baby bath toys at Amazon

A wooden activity cube

Wooden activity cubes will literally get so much use. They’re perfect baby gifts for a 1 year old, as long as you pick one that’s suitable for her age range.

Though some are square, many of those you can buy have extra sides, giving her even more options regarding what to play with. Many also come topped with wires and beads to keep her little fingers busy. These activity cubes are pretty affordable toys too – what’s not to love?

Click here to shop for wooden activity cubes

Pop-up ball pit

A pop-up ball pit is an awesome idea, and one of the best gifts for a 1 year old. You might want to check with her parents first, though, just to make sure they don’t completely hate the idea…

Some of these come as stand-alone ball pits, while others have extra attachments such as tunnels and small play houses. Pick pretty pink if she’s already something of a princess, or primary colours if you think that might appeal more.

The fact that you can use this in the house or garden makes it a versatile indoor or outdoor toy. Whatever you go for, don’t forget to buy some balls to put in it!

Click here to buy a pop-up ball pit

A super cute new outfit

Who can resist a smiling baby all dressed up in a super cute new outfit? This is one of the best gifts for a 1 year old girl, as it has a practical purpose as well as aesthetic appeal.

You can go with a Christmas theme here, or opt for something summery to suit the season. Or even go for a good all-rounder, to make sure she can wear it at the point when it fits her perfectly.

Best and Less is a great place to start. Their range is very affordable, and there’s plenty of choice too. You can even pick up adorable tees for only a few dollars each here – ideal if you want a small gift, or to give her a complete set for every day of the week.

Amazon also offers a good selection of clothing for baby girls. From divine dresses to Christmas outfits for babies, the retail giant also has plenty for you to pick from, in all price ranges.

Click here to view baby girl clothes at Best & Less

Click here for Amazon’s range of baby girl clothes

Teething toys

At age one, she’ll be about to start cutting her teeth. Which places teething toys among the best gifts for a 1 year old baby girl. Again, this is something she’ll use so much, yet it doesn’t have to cost too much money.

You can shop at a dedicated baby store like Cherub Baby, or rely on a fail-safe favourite like Amazon. The former offers some lovely sets of four toys made from natural beech wood and silicone, while the latter also has lots from both big and lesser known brands.

Cherub Baby also sells their clever Fresh Food Feeder than can double up as a teething toy. It’s a safe way to introduce a one year old to new flavours and textures safely, and comes in three stylish colours.

Whether it’s mushroom-shaped teething toys, stick-shaped feeders in a set of five, a more traditional teething ring or the Nuby Icybite teething keys that you can freeze, there’s lots of teething toys suitable for babies and toddlers around the age of one.

Click here to see teething toys at Amazon

Click here for Cherub Baby teething toys

A book – or two

It’s never too early to get a young child into the habit of reading. Granted, at age two she won’t be making out any words just yet, but picture books are ideal for children of this age. Books also make great gifts for one year old girls as they’re often very cheap to buy.

Adults can of course read the books aloud to the child too. Starting a bedtime story tradition at age one is a great habit to get into! It doesn’t really matter if the book is suitable for such a young child, as she will be able to read it when she’s older.

The best bookstores to check out include Booktopia and Amazon. Both stock a huge range for kids of all ages – as well as adults too, of course. Why not take a look today to find out what appeals to you most?

Click here to check out Booktopia’s range for under threes

Click here to shop for baby and toddler books at Amazon

Beach toys

Like bath toys, beach toys also make very affordable – yet some of the best – gifts for a one year old girl. If she lives near the ocean, then these are obviously a top choice. If not, she could use them in the pool or at the sandpit in your local park.

You can buy a full set of shapes so she can dig around in the sand to her heart’s content, or or opt for a colourful, traditional bucket and spade set. Some of the latter include shovels that are also sturdy enough to use when gardening. Beach balls are another option, and you can buy all of these at Amazon.

Cherub Baby also offers a great range of beach toys, which like their bath toys are made from silicone. We really rate the stylish sets which come in muted colours, complete with a mesh tote for transporting them. These also include a bucket, spade, watering can and four different shapes.

Click here to find Cherub Baby beach toys

Click here to check out beach toys at Amazon

A Pusheen soft toy

Pusheen the cat is such a hot character right now, and in fact any ten year old girl would be thrilled to receive one of these irresistible plush toys for Christmas. The adorably cute cat face also makes them big gifts for a 1 year old, too.

You might think it’s only a cat, but Pusheen plush toys come in lots of more inventive options too. The classic grey cat is what made the brand so popular in the first place, but there are many more to choose from.

Buy a small mint green Pusheen soft toy with a purple heart, or a pink one with a pastel green heart. For something bigger, there’s the sitting 28 centimetre Pusheen plush. Novelty options include a donut squishy, the Dreamy Pusheenicorn, or boba tea, ice cream, chocolate milk or s’mores toys. All are suitable for 12 months plus.

Click here to buy Pusheen plush toys

Stacking toys

Trust us – they may seem simple, but stacking toys get so many hours of use! Toddlers just love building a tower and then knocking it all over, ready to begin again. Maybe not the most unique gifts for one year old girls, but definitely one that she’ll play with endlessly!

Cherub Baby offers silicone stacking cups in gorgeous subtle shades that would look good in any home. They also sell a super cute Montessori stackable apple, and a mushroom too. They’re perfect choice for any fashionable parents who care about how good their lounge room looks.

When it comes to stacking toys stocked by Amazon, the world is pretty much your oyster. Pick the ever-popular Rock-a-Stack rings set from Fisher-Price, or their Stack & Explore blocks. Or choose the sweet little Hide & Squeak eggs from Tomy, a Melissa and Doug nesting Alphabet set, or a pop-up stacked set from Galt Toys.

Click here to take a look at stacking toys at Amazon

Click here to choose some Cherub Baby stacking toys

A VTech Touch and Teach animal

VTech’s Touch and Teach range is very highly rated indeed. Due to the recommended age range, their Touch and Teach elephant or sea turtle are ideal for this age. In fact if you want the best gifts for 1 year old twins, why not treat them to a different one each?

This is an interactive toy that offers a hands-on educational experience. It’s great fun too, of course, to ensure little ones stay engaged. All they’ll care about is having fun with the buttons, sounds and story book. They’re a great way to familiarise young kids with letters, numbers and colours.

Do note that batteries are required to operate these VTech Touch and Teach toys. You might want to include some spares with your gift, as those supplied are meant for demo purposes only.

Click here to shop for VTech Touch and Teach toys

Shape sorting toys

Like stacking toys, shape sorting toys are the kind of thing that any one year old will play with again and again. And then some. They make ideal Christmas gifts for a 1 year old girl.

Again there are lots to pick from, made by all sorts of brands. There’s the Melissa and Doug wooden shape sorting cube, Montessori toys with various slots for posting the pieces into, the classic Fisher-Price set of sorting blocks in a bucket, and much more.

Click here to browse shape sorting toys

A play house

If your idea of the best gifts for a 1 year old girl is something bigger, then how about buying her a play house? These small tents can be used indoors or out, depending on the weather and where you need to be.

You can buy these with all sorts of themes. There are princess tents, tents decked with bunting, a tent decorated with space designs, or tents that resemble a yurt, a house or an ice cream shop. Most have a pop-up design and fold down flat, so they’re easy to store when not in use.

Click here for a selection of kids’ play houses

Push or pull along toys

Toys that can be pushed or pulled along can also be a big hit when it comes to the best gifts for one year old babies. There are lots of options, and they’re ideal at this age when they may already be walking or might still be trying to get the hang of it.

The Skip Hop Silver Lining push toy, for example, looks so cute, and is really good for developing gross motor skills. It will also help them to develop balance and coordination, and makes popping sounds that the little girl will love.

Other choices we love include the multicoloured Tomy Pic ‘n’ Pop toy, the VTech Push and Ride Alphabet Train, the pull-long wooden dog or bird from Hape or the Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn On-the-Go camper walker.

Click here to purchase pull or push along toys

A sensory ball – or set

Sensory balls are great for all kids aged around one to play with. Their bright colours ensure they appeal to babies and toddlers, as does their tactile feel. These are available as single items, or as a set.

Sets typically include three, five, six or even more balls. Or you can buy a large rainbow sensory ball instead of a set comprising different colours. This has different textures in each section, just as each small ball in the sets feels different from the next.

Click here to choose a sensory ball set

Which gifts for 1 year old girls will you buy?

Whether you wanted to find a selection of the best gifts for a 1 year old baby girl, needed to source cheap gifts for the 1 year old in your life or even – dare we say it – birthday gifts for a 1 year old girl, we hope this list has helped you come up trumps!

As you can see, you don’t need to splash a lot of cash to treat a one year old to something they’ll love.

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