Christmas Gifts for 9 Year Old Boys: Our Top 15 Ideas

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If you need to find the best Christmas gifts for 9 year old boys to get your festive shopping list all ticked off, then you’re looking in just the right place. This guide contains all the top gift ideas for 9 year old boys. With something to suit every budget, it’s easy to buy exactly what he wants this year. Without any schlepping around the shops.

From the top toys for 9 year old boys to books, outdoor toys and experiences he’ll never forget, it’s all included here. Whether you’re wondering what the hot gifts for 9 year old boys even are this year – or you do have some idea of what he’s into – this post is packed with festive gifting inspiration.

If the idea of settling down with a mug of something hot and comforting – or a glass of something chilled and refreshing – appeals, then why not settle down while taking a look at this list of ideas? It’s brimming with cool gifts for 9 year old boys, no matter how much or little you want to spend.

Continue reading so you can discover all the toys, equipment, books and games for 9 year old boys this year. Whether it’s your son, grandson, neighbour or the child of a friend or colleague, all the things for 9 year old boys that you need to buy can be found right here. Let’s dive on in!

15 of the best gifts for 9 year old boys

Let’s grant your wish to find the top ten gifts for 9 year old boys – with another five thrown in for good measure.

Brain games

If it’s educational toys for 9 year old boys you seek, then surely you cannot beat a brain game. There are various types to choose from, including board games, puzzles and books filled with brain teasers.

Our favourite, though, has to be the BrainBolt memory game by Educational Insights. It’s an electronic game that will hone both their powers of recall and their reflexes. The premise is very simple – all he needs to do is repeat the sequence illuminated by the game.

Whether he’s an only child or often craves time away from his siblings, this clever yet user-friendly brain game ticks all the right boxes. Alternatively, why not check out items like the Mighty Book of Mind Benders from National Geographic Kids, the ThinkFun Gravity Maze, or an affordable set of wire puzzles?

Click here to discover brain games for kids

A remote control car

One of the most fun toys for 9 year old boys has to be a remote control car. It’s among those present ideas where it doesn’t matter if he already has one. As long as you buy a bigger and better version, that is.

RC cars come with all kinds of bells and whistles these days. You can purchase one with LED lighting and sound effects, and many are also capable of performing 360 degree stunts. Some are even zero gravity cars which he can run all over the walls – and even the ceiling!

For added stability, choose one of the cars with big, chunky wheels. Alternatively, pick a product that will really appeal to his personality, such as a sports car, a 4WD or a police vehicle. You can even buy a car that will transform into a robot if you want to.

Click here to shop for remote control cars

Books for boys

All the Best Book Lover Gifts for Christmas

Books make ideal, affordable Amazon gifts for a 9 year old boy, but don’t forget about specialist booksellers too. Booktopia is one such retailer, and we really rate the fact that their large online bookshop is so user-friendly.

Search at Booktopia by age, author, title or education level. Titles that are ideal for 9 year old boys can be found in the 9 to 12 pre-teen category, and there’s lots to inspire your selection there. How about the latest volume of YouTube World Records for a fan of short videos, a mystery-solving book or of course an appealing work of fiction?

Amazon can also supply further inspiration, and if he happens to have a Kindle you can also buy titles in digital format. Whatever your budget, the great books for 9 year old boys available means you’re sure to find one he’ll not be able to put down.

Click here for a selection of kids’ books at Booktopia

Click here to see Amazon’s range of children’s books

A Gravitrax set

GraviTrax sets are some of the best STEM toys around. So they’re ideal when you want to buy new toys for 9 year old boys. These activity sets are all about building, and harnessing the power of gravity is central to the concept behind the GraviTrax brand.

If he doesn’t already have any GraviTrax toys, then a great starting point is the regular starter set, or alternatively the obstacle starter set. Once he has one of these, there are very affordable add-ons available. This will give you scope for future occasions, or you could ask other friends and family to buy these little extras for him when they’re stuck for ideas.

Fun options from GraviTrax include the zip line, the catapult, the bridges, the dipper and more. Once they’re built, it’s all about running marbles around the courses, which might appeal to the old school toy fans among you!

Click here for a range of GraviTrax toys

Snap Circuits

If he’s more electrically inclined than into general building, how about a Snap Circuits kit? These are hot toys for 9 year old boys, as he can simply snap the pieces together to create all sorts of little electronic gadgets.

The Snap Circuits Junior set comprises 30 electronic parts, and these can be used to create around 100 different electronic items. A fully illustrated instruction manual aimed at kids aged eight plus is included so he can work out what to do.

The items he can make include sounds as well as lighting, so he can create a working doorbell, flashing lights and more. This toy is not only fun but educational too, as it’s designed around STEM and STEAM learning principles.

Click here to check out Snap Circuits kits

A trampoline

Jumplex trampolines are a great Christmas present

Trampolines make awesome gifts for a 9 year old boy. Whatever you want to spend, you can find one of these sporty outdoor toys to suit every budget. We recommend comparing prices and features at Amazon and Springfree, so you can see exactly what you get in every price bracket.

Springfree reckons that the trampolines they sell are the safest you’ll find in Australia. They also look great in any backyard or garden, with an innovative springless design, a concealed frame and a flexible net. Another reason to buy from Springfree Trampolines is their ten year warranty – and the fact that you can choose a frame in any colour.

If you don’t want to stretch to a Springfree Trampoline, then why not take a look at what Amazon can offer? They stock plenty of trampolines too, and have outdoor and indoor toys to suit every budget.

Click here to check out Springfree Trampolines

Click here to search for trampolines at Amazon

Light-up soccer ball

When he has one of these clever toys, there’s no need for darkness to stop him practicing his soccer skills. Various light-up soccer balls are available to buy, and they make perfect presents for all those 9 year old boys who love a kick-around.

As well as being illuminated, these balls are made using reflective materials, which are a safety feature as well as looking good. If you imagine his soccer ball rolling into the road, then this will make it much easier for cars to see – and avoid squashing it flat!

With multi-tonal and holographic designs among the choices, these glow-in-the-dark soccer balls make great gifts – and don’t cost too much either. There’s also an assortment of colours to choose from.

Click here for an array of illuminated soccer balls

toys for 9 year old boys

A LEGO® car kit

If he’s already into cars before reaching an age in double figures, then a LEGO® car building set would be ideal. Not only is this among the top toys for 9 year old boys to construct, it also makes a great decoration once it’s complete.

All sorts of small-scale makes and models are available. Pick a Ford GT or Mustang, choose a classic Porsche 911 or Bond-esque Aston Martin, or opt for a modern sports car such as a Ferrari or McLaren.

If you’re not sure which vehicles he’s into, you could simply pick a colour he likes and choose on that basis. Whatever you go for, we bet there’ll be a willing adult ready to help him with the build of this one!

Click here to check out LEGO® car kits


Every kid who doesn’t already have one wants one of these this year, trust us! The hoverboard is now the ultimate must-have outdoor toy. You might even be pleasantly surprised at how little you need to spend so he can get his hands on a decent model.

Hoverboards have all sorts of fun and funky features – and the great thing is that he’ll be out and about instead of stuck in front of a screen. Bluetooth speakers and LED lighting come as standard on many models, and most have anti-slip footpads to ensure he stays safe.

When it comes to colour, you really are spoiled for choice. There’s electric blue, hot pink, camo prints or black, as well as hoverboards with contrasing wheels. If you want to ensure safety, don’t forget that the flashing lights can be seen in the dark – as well as looking cool, of course.

Click here to browse hoverboards at Amazon

An experience

If you’re buying for a boy who has everything, then one of the more unusual gifts for 9 year old boys is an experience. Instead of giving something he might have already, why not treat him to an afternoon or day out that he might well never forget?

Whatever you’re thinking of, there are many experiences to choose from. As well as many retailers you can buy them from. The ones we recommend checking out are Adrenaline, Cudo, Experience Oz, RedBalloon and Scoopon.

Just make sure you choose something that’s suitable for his age group when buying this as a present. This is a great one to buy for a family rather than an individual, too, as both the gift and the experience can be shared. He may need to take an adult along in any case – though you could always use that as an excuse for treating yourself!

Click here for Adrenaline experiences

Click here for Cudo experiences

Click here for Experience Oz

Click here for RedBalloon experiences

Click here for Scoopon experiences

Brand new runners

By this age, the 9 year old boy you know will probably be into choosing his own clothing and footwear, as well as getting into more and more active pursuits. Which makes a brand new pair of runners the ideal present. Yep, the latest designs make great gifts for 9 year old boys.

The Athlete’s Foot stocks all sorts of runners that you could buy for a 9 year old boy. Whatever brand he’s into, this online sports store is sure to sell it. Pick between the likes of Adidas, New Balance, Nike, Puma, Reebok and more. And if you can’t find what you want there, you can always count on Amazon.

If his parents are a little strapped for cash come Christmas-time, then they’ll really thank you for buying him a new pair of runners as a festive gift. Pick his favorite brand and colour, and you’ll also love seeing him open a present that’s both practical and covetable.

Click here to shop for runners at The Athlete’s Foot

Click here to take a look at runners at Amazon

A Sphero

Say what? If you’ve not yet heard of a Sphero, then all you really need to know is that they make really good toys for 9 year old boys. These app-enabled robotic toys are educational, too, and some models are available for well under $100.

The models you can pick between include the affordable Sphero Mini, the top-of-the-range Sphero Bolt, or the twin ring Specdrums. It goes way beyond the purely spherical options, too, to include an app-enabled droid or a robot car. You can also buy complementary activity kits.

With these robotic toys, he can learn to code, roll it around the house or simply play games. The Sphero app can also be used to give him more inspiration regarding what to do with his new toy.

Click here to discover the Sphero range

Globs Nee Doh

It might seem like another confusing name at first, but the Globs Nee Doh range pretty much does what it says on the pack. These sets are among the best gift ideas for 9 year old boys, and are squishy little things that he’ll love to fidget with.

The range includes the large Groovy Globs stress ball, a set of 18 small Groovy Globs, packs containing three differently coloured squishy balls and more. There’s also shaggy balls or those with a smooth finish. They’re also available in different sizes.

And that’s not all. You can also buy Globs Nee Doh shaped like pigs, as a glow-in-the dark ball or even with a light-up feature. Whichever you choose, you don’t need to break the bank to treat him to this fun Christmas gift.

Click here to shop for Globs Nee Doh

A pair of Bluetooth headphones

Whether he hasn’t already got a pair or is in need of an upgrade, a pair of Bluetooth headphones surely beats even the best toys for 9 year old boys. Not least because the whole family will benefit from not having to put up with the sounds emitted by his iPad, mobile phone, computer or TV!

Another great thing about buying Bluetooth headphones as a gift is that they’re available at a large range of prices. Bose is the brand to go for if you don’t mind spending more than $500, or select a decent sub-$100 model from Sony or JBL when you want more big brand bang for your buck.

Lots of other makes are available too, and some come in a range of colours as well as classic black.

Click here to browse Bluetooth headphones

Sporty hoodie

Every boy likes to wear a new hoodie, right? A sporty style is ideal for the outdoor Australian lifestyle, especially when the chills can set in a little during the evening. Or when it’s windy by the coast – or if he happens to live in one of the colder southern states.

You can choose between overhead and zip-up hoodies. Amazon offers a great range, including sporty brands like Adidas, Champion, Fila and Puma. You can also buy hoodies from coastal brand Nautica, or choose one with a gaming theme.

No kid of this age can surely have too many hoodies, right?

Click here to take a look at boys’ hoodies

Which gifts for 9 year old boys will you buy?

You see, it’s easy to track down a great range of Christmas gifts for 9 year old boys once you know what’s hot and where to look! We hope you enjoy getting your gift shopping all wrapped up – as well as the festive season itself, of course.

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