Meet Joanne Crane – Christmas Expert

Meet the expert:  Joanne Crane – decor, fashion and Christmas homeware

Joanne’s childhood Christmases were spent building snowmen with her brother, carol singing in woolly scarves and hats, unwrapping presents in front of a blazing fire, and enjoying scenes not unlike those we see on many traditional Christmas cards. That’s right, this Christmas expert is what is affectionately known as a POM!

After 32 years of cold northern Christmases, Joanne’s first Christmas in Australia was something of a culture shock, and though she still hankers after an “ugly” Christmas jumper each sweltering December, Joanne has thrown herself wholeheartedly into embracing the Australian way of doing Christmas.

Joanne’s love of Christmas fashion and design is not just for Christmas. The planning starts months in advance, with creative sewing, crafting, bargain hunting, decorating, and dinner planning all coming together to make sure her 100% Aussie kids always have the best Australian Christmas experience. They’re teenagers now, but who knows, one day she might even take them to the UK to have a “northern Christmas” culture shock of their own!

Fashion & design

Joanne’s journey into fashion and design began in 2008 when she founded Alyssum Jewellery, a bridal and fashion jewellery business based in Adelaide. Following a move to Queensland in 2010, Joanne discovered that her other passion lay in sharing knowledge, insights, random facts and hot design tips through the medium of writing.

Joanne travels to many events (ostensibly to research, but really to have fun) and has been snapped wearing her media lanyard at everything from prestigious corporate media launches, to charity Christmas parties, and even “putting” her skills to the test at Christmas putt putt.

Christmas favourites

Some of her favourite articles are:

The Christmas in Australia website enjoys a reputation for the highest quality information for families and individuals living in, or visiting any state in Australia for the Christmas period.  We believe that everyone should experience our uniquely Australian way of ‘doing Christmas’, regardless of which state in which you celebrate. Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria ACT, Northern Territory, South Australian and Western Australia – all burst into life over the festive season. Joanne is known for her immaculate Christmas decorations on her house and her eye for design. Her contributions offer something truly unique to our Christmas in Australia audience with her elegant and tasteful design suggestions and her insider tips on Christmas home decor. Join her in our I Love Christmas in Australia Facebook group to share your decorating tips too!