Christmas Charities in Australia to Donate to this Year

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If you are looking to help at Christmas or provide gifts or donate Christmas presents to a family in need then this article is a great way to find Christmas charities in Australia to donate to. We even have listed ways to get help if you are in need this year.

Christmas carols and Christmas movies all paint pictures of happy families gathered around huge tables of food, sharing in presents and joy and company. But it’s not like that for everyone and sometimes, when we can, it is important to consider others and look for charities to donate to for Christmas.

With the ongoing worldwide pandemic crisis, more people than ever are finding themselves in a tough situation and Christmas will be no exception. Your help with Christmas giving is needed more than ever. We have rounded up a series of organisations that would love it if you plan on donating gifts for Christmas and need your help in any way you can to help make a difference to someone this Christmas.  There are so many charities around, we would encourage you to use this list as a starting point, but check your local area for more.

Becoming involved in some Christmas charity work isn’t just the moral thing to do – it’s also a way to teach our own children the values of empathy, respect and kindness. And we believe that that’s the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas Charity – donations for Christmas

What we’ve tried to do with the below is separate the Christmas donations listings below into national and local charities where you can donate money or products. If we work together this festive season we can ensure that everyone in our community has an equal chance to enjoy this special time. Who knows? You may start a new family tradition this Christmas!?

If you cant find what you are looking for here, and you want to give your TIME this year, try our volunteering at Christmas article here.

Christmas charity Australia options

Below are listed the national charities that anyone in Australia can access for a place to donate at Christmas time or a place to get help at Christmas.

Share the Dignity

How to donate to Share the Dignity

Fill a handbag with all those little things that make life easier (sanitary items, compact tissues, toothbrush, hairbrush – whatever you can think of!) and drop it off at one of their collection points. The 2023 ‘It’s In The Bag’ campaign will run from TBC until TBS. Drop off points will be available at Bunnings stores nationwide.

How to receive help from Share the Dignity

Support is given to many local charities, but a good place to get information for help is through one of their partner charities which includes:

Visit the Share the Dignity website here.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a worldwide organisation that help families throughout the year. At Christmas in particular they are busy with various initiatives and hands-on help that they provide. 

How to donate to Salvation Army

The simple act of purchasing charity Christmas cards is a great way to donate. For every card purchased, they receive $0.40 which is used to help others.

They also have an initiative to donate a toy at Christmas time.  You can pop onto their website that is populated with a number of toys to choose from and the age ranges that it would be appropriate for, so with a click of a button you can select something brand new for a child to enjoy! 

How to receive from Salvation Army

There are numerous shops dotted around Australia but you can also find help by jumping online and locating your nearest centre by entering your suburb (link below).

Kmart Wishing Tree/Salvation Army

Every year The Salvation Army join forces with Kmart throughout Australia with a Christmas initiative to help families at Christmas time. The initiative usually runs from late October right up until Christmas Eve accepting charity Christmas gifts. 

How to donate to the Kmart Wishing Tree

There are many ways in which to donate from online contributions to physically turning up at your local Kmart and buying something that can then be placed in the gift boxes onsite. 

How to receive fro Kmart Wishing Tree

Contact your local Salvation Army via their website or local shops to be put in contact with someone who can help you receive a gift this Christmas, or contact Kmart for more info.

Visit the Kmart Wishing Tree website here.

The Pyjama Foundation

This beautiful idea, founded by former Queensland Australian of the year Bronwyn Sheehan, is trying to help children in foster care by providing educational and mentoring relationships.  They rely on donations, or you can become a Pyjama Angel and provide your time as a mentor (screening process must be undertaken first).  Pyjama Angel’s spend time with a child playing educational games, reading books, numeracy skills and lots more.

How to donate to the Pyjama Foundation

They have a range of ideas to host events to raise much needed funds for the charity such as hosting a pyjama disco at your school or childcare facility, having sleepovers, workplace bake sales, trivia nights – the list is endless.  So why not turn your end of year Christmas party into a donating Christmas party!   An annual toy drive to help children at Christmas is held each year – information relating to this have not yet been released, but please head to the website for more information if you are interested in helping in this way.

How to receive from the Pyjama Foundation

By heading to the website there is the option to refer a child, so jump on if you know of someone who would benefit from this scheme for further information.

Visit the Pyjama Foundation website here.

The Smith Family

The Smith Family are a long established charity that helps families who are in poverty.  They aim to help children by providing goods from school equipment, toys, books and clothing to help them have a better life. 

How to donate to The Smith Family

Christmas is an important time for donations, and they have a specific online ‘donate a toy’ option which will allow you to choose a gift which will then be distributed to those families in need. 

How to receive from The Smith Family

Their website contains a huge amount of information including options to get in touch. They can also be located on social media with a designated Facebook and Instagram page.

Simply Giving – Donate Toys Online to Australian Charities for Kids in Need

Australian Children’s Charity | The Smith Family

World Vision

It’s a classic Christmas charity choice for a reason. Give a child the gift of life this Christmas and quickly watch their journey become part of your own family’s. When you sponsor a child you are changing a life. You’re helping provide clean water, access to safe food sources and a chance for education.

You’ll find all you need to know right here.

St Mary’s House of Welcome

St Mary’s House of Welcome is excited to be partnering with cookie maker, Sweet Caroline, to bring stunningly delicious gingerbread houses and vanilla cookies to our supporter community this festive season. Perfect as a gift for family, friends, colleagues or customers! Or maybe as a sweet treat just for you…

By purchasing either a gingerbread kit or house, you will be supporting people experiencing chronic homelessness and disadvantage in Melbourne. Funds raised will go directly to our Welcome Relief meals program, and to provide emergency support for those in need throughout Christmas and the New Year.

You can purchase a gingerbread kit or house here.

Charity Christmas Cards

Charity Christmas cards are a simple and effective way to give back at this time of year. This online venture specifically looks at doing something charitable for Christmas in a simple and unique way.  With more people using electronic cards, this organisation is a step ahead and offers both e-cards and physical cards to purchase. 

The company offer the ability to choose from a number of different charities so you can give to one charity or buy multiple cards and select different charities.  20 cents of each dollar spent will go directly to the charity you have selected.  A full list of the charities that they support is available on their website.

Visit the Christmas Cards website here.

The following dot points are reflective of places where you can give the gift of blood or financial assistance at any time of year. But especially during the Christmas season.

Brisbane Christmas charity options

If you are looking for Christmas charities in Brisbane to donate to, here are some of the most well established options:

Be An Elf

The Be An Elf campaign allows you to grant Christmas wishes! You have the power to make a big difference in your own backyard by granting a child’s wish through answering their ‘Wish letters to Santa’. A child in need will write a letter to Santa asking for their most desired wish. These presents are often practical items such as backpacks, a longed- after toy, food or new school stationary for children who would otherwise go without. The gifts are then delivered on Christmas Eve.

Brisbane Basket Brigade

Started in 1995, this organisation provides baskets of foods and treats to those who need it within the community, whether this be children, families in need, homeless or the elderly, the aim is to get to as many people in the community as possible.  Volunteers to organise the hampers, wrap, distribute and sort are always required along with any donations. 

There are a number of ways to donate this Christmas with the BBB so visit Brisbane Basket Brigade online here to see how you can help.

Children’s Hospital Foundation

“Donate stuff for the kids” as part of your Christmas charity work. Help give sick kids a reason to smile at Christmas time. There are quite a few guidelines as to the types of donations accepted – no pre-loved goods (everything must be new), no toys with button batteries, no toys that may cause injury, no food, no balloons, nothing with a political or religious affiliation and nothing pre-wrapped.

To find out how you can bring smiles to these little battlers’ faces, follow this link to get involved and visit Children’s Hospital Foundation online here.

Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital

The ladies need your Christmas charity too! You can drop off sleepwear and nighties (in new condition, not used) in the kiosk in the foyer of the Ned Handlin Building.


The RizeUp mission is to drive awareness of domestic and family violence within society by generating life-changing, practical support for the families affected, giving them the hope and empowerment to move on to a life free from violence. You can support their work by volunteering to help wrap Christmas presents at Westfield Coomera and Harbour Town. Another great option is to donate gifts for a parent with kids who will spend this Christmas in a refuge. Get in touch with RizeUp to find out more.

Christmas charities in Sydney for locals

If you are looking for Christmas charities in Sydney to donate to these are some of the ones that need your help:


Barnados reach out and help families, in particular children, throughout the year, but at Christmas they instigate a Christmas initiative. 

How to donate to Barnados

Details for this year will be placed onto their website and allow you to purchase gifts online for a child or donate to help a struggling family who may be facing poverty or homelessness. 

How to receive from Barnados

Located in New South Wales, there are a number of drop-in centres, and their website contains a vast amount of information of the varying initiatives that they are involved in such as their buddy system, family support, education initiatives and donation centres. 

Visit the Barnados website here


Variety is a cause for sick or disadvantaged children, this organisation helps by throwing Variety Xmas Parties in both Sydney and ACT. You can help by donating directly through their website or by buying Christmas cards of which a portion will go direct to the charity. 

Hosting events of your own to raise funds is also encouraged and the information can be located on their website.  Christmas cards can be found in other retailers such as Big W or Woolworths. If a big party at Christmas time seems like a great way to help others, then why not get in touch and plan your party!!

Variety Xmas – Variety

Christmas charities in Perth for locals

If you are looking for Christmas charities in Perth to donate to see if any of these work for you:

Little Things for Tiny Tots

Being a new mum can be very scary but even more overwhelming if you are struggling for whatever the reason may be, financially, emotionally, or even lacking support.  This organisation understands how this can be and was started locally by 3 mums living in the area.  Their aim is to provide New Baby boxes to families in need.  Whilst accepting donations all year round, Christmas would also be a great time to help out.  They have a designated Facebook page in which you can get in touch.

Little Things for Tiny Tots website

Mission Australia

Although this is a national organisation, their annual Christmas lunch in the park on Christmas day within Perth is a very local feature bringing a community together.  If you are looking to join others on Christmas day and would like to volunteer your time, this is a great way to help a local community and get to know others close by.  Donations can also be made of food, gifts, hampers, drinks, all the information can be found on their website. 

Visit the website for Mission Australia here

Christmas charities in Adelaide for locals

If you are looking for Christmas charities in Adelaide to donate to we think these are worth a look:

Anglicare SA

A local organisation situated within Adelaide CBD, they have a couple of centres in which they welcome donations to fill hampers to give out to those individuals or families who find themselves in need at Christmas.  Information regarding where donations can be dropped off and how you can help in other ways can be found on their website.

Visit the AnglicareSA website here.

Backpacks 4 SA kids

With various locations throughout Adelaide, the organisation’s aim is to provide essentials (and other bits and pieces) to help kids for Christmas who have had to quickly run from their home and all that they have loved has been left behind.  There are various backpacks available that are age specific but there is also a Christmas backpack for those who find themselves in a different and unfamiliar environment due to a quick change in circumstances.  Please refer to their website as to how you can help and type of donations that are required to fill the backpacks. 

Backpacks 4 SA Kids

Christmas charities in Melbourne for locals

If you are looking for Christmas charities in Melbourne to donate to have a look at this list:

Melbourne City Mission

Always on the lookout for volunteers, donations and any help that you can give, this local organisation assists people in need and Christmas is a busy time.   The array of problems that they help with is vast but particularly homelessness, providing a warm meal, helping those with disabilities and the list goes on.  Money can be donated online or get in touch directly via their website to see if you can help by volunteering your time or other types of donations that may be needed.

Visit the Melbourne City Mission website here.

Vision Australia

Each year, Vision Australia hosts a Carols by Candlelight event which helps families of children struggling with blindness or low vision.  They assist with projects within schools or the local community with their Feelix libraries and orientation projects. Last year the event was held online due to COVID19 restrictions, so please check out their website if this is something you would like to be involved in.

Vision Australia’s Carols by Candlelight

Gold Coast Christmas charity options

If you are looking for Christmas charities on the Gold Coast to donate to, here are some of the most well established:

Hopewell Centre & Paradise Kids

Hopewell is a hospice that provides palliative care to those members of our community who really need our support and love. They’re a charitable organisation who are always looking for helping hands in society who want to get involved and the perfect time for you to step in and help carry the load.

We absolutely loves and fully supports Paradise Kids. These beautiful people look to help children and teenagers who have been impacted by life traumas. You can make a donation at any time or get involved with their Angel Appeal. Look for Paradise Kids online right here.

If you are looking for places for a Christmas meal on the Gold Coast click here.

Tweed Coast Christmas Charity Options

If you are looking for Christmas charities in the Tweed to donate to, here are some worthy of a look:

You Have A Friend

The good people at You Have A Friend support those amongst us who are marginalised, the homeless and single parents who are struggling to make ends meet. They are 100% Not For Profit and service the Coolangatta / Tweed district. You can volunteer with meal preparation and delivery, Op Shop work or you can give your own unique skills to help the cause. Get in touch to make some new friends today.

St Vincent’s de Paul

Vinnies needs more people on the ground – will you be one of them? Find out how you can help with Fred’s Place, Tweed Heads, right here.

Byron Bay Shire Christmas charity options

If you are looking for Christmas charities in Byron Bay check out these choices:

Rafiki Mwema

They are on a mission to change the brains of traumatised children and are asking for your help! Every single cent donated goes towards helping children in need. Click here to see what they’re all about and see how you can help too!

Liberation Larder

These guys are cool. They rescue good food that would have otherwise ended up in landfill and make sure it goes to members of the community who really need it. You can get involved and you can also make food donations of your own. This is sustainability and community responsibility at its very best. You can join the larder here!

Children specific Christmas charity options

A lot of people want to give directly to children. We’ve got a link to an article about children’s charities that will unpack this further but, if you’d like something closer to home, you can wrap and donate gifts under the tree at lots of places like Kmart and Target. Check with your local shopping centre to see what they’re doing to help out local kiddies.

What NOT to give to charities

A lot of us have the absolute best intentions when it comes to donations but sometimes we don’t get it quite right. Here’s a little guide for what NOT to give to charities. Donating items that cannot be used and must be disposed of creates a bigger workload that means people who really need help are slower to get it.

Please do not donate:

  • Used mattresses (mattresses must be either completely new or in absolutely perfect condition).
  • Furniture that is dirty, broken or stained.
  • Second hand baby seats,
  • Children’s seats,
  • Bicycle helmets and motorbike helmets,
  • Clothing that is ripped, torn or damaged.
  • Food that has a short shelf life, requires refrigeration or is not properly sealed.

Christmas charity ideas – your community

Reach out to those around you. Check on elderly neighbours. Invite people around to Christmas lunch. Attend your community events and thank and support the organisers. Celebrate your local area by going on a fabulous Christmas light tour and invite everyone you know to share in the magic of Christmas!

If we want to create a society that truly cares for all its members, we need to start at home. And the values that this will teach your children will stay with them for life, not just for Christmas.

Join our Facebook group to jumpstart your Christmas planning all year long!

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