Adults’ Advent Calendar Choices for the Christmas Countdown

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An adults advent calendar spreads the joy of the festive season throughout December, so why should advent calendars just be for kids? When it comes to Christmas gifts, an advent calendar for adults is up there with a Christmas Eve box for him or her.

Advent calendars for adults in Australia can be bought ready-made, so all you have to do is order online and your chosen product will be delivered to your door. Or if you prefer to give a more personalised present, you could always make up your own.

Putting together your own advent calendar for adults in Australia doesn’t need to be difficult. You can buy various kinds of holders to place the gifts in, and if you pick a theme that can help to keep matters simple.

Buying an advent calendar for grown-ups off the shelf of course ensures that you’ll have a premium product to gift to your loved one. These are also often themed, and among others you may find that advent calendar ideas for adults will include a gin or wine advent calendar for 2021, or of course an adult chocolate advent calendar.

It’s not all about food and drink – some of the best advent calendars for adults contain non-consumable items, such as cosmetics, jewellery, socks, craft items or even mini figures.

If you want to discover the finest advent calendar for adults in Australia, stay right here for all the top make-your-own and off-the-shelf options. A great advent calendar can be one of the best parts of the countdown to Christmas!

The top adults advent calendar picks for Christmas in Australia

Let’s get started – here are all the top adult advent calendar ideas for grown-ups, for early gifting this festive season.

A ‘Friends’ advent calendar

The Friends craze shows no signs of slowing, and it spans several generations too. Today’s parents and even some grandparents might recall the shows originally being broadcast on Australian TV, while tweens, teens, twenty- and thirty-somethings are getting into the huge US hit right now. It’s thus one of the hottest picks for a grown up advent calendar in 2021.

The first Friends Advent Calendars – known as ‘the one with the surprises’ were a hit at Christmas in 2020, and you can either bag a bargain by snapping up one of those or pay just a little more for the brand new Friends advent calendars for adults 2021.

This year’s 2021 advent calendar for adults contains mini books, picture postcards and other mementoes that any Friends fan will love, such as recipe cards, drinks coasters and fancy paper clips. The original is packed with tree decorations and much more, featuring classic Friends quotes and references.

Click here to see the range of Friends advent calendars

Tea advent calendars

If your recipient prefers tea to a tipple, why not treat them to one of the tea advent calendars out there? There is perhaps a surprising large range of these available to buy, from top hot drinks brands like T2, the English Tea Shop, Pukka and Teapigs.

These vary in price as well as what they have to offer. The Pukka version is one of the most affordable advent gifts for adults, and is designed to hang on the wall. Every one of the 24 teas included is different, so it’s a great way to discover a new favourite flavour. Turmeric Gold, Three Licorice or Elderberry and Echinacea, anyone?

T2 also produce their ’24 reasons to smile’ advent calendar in loose leaf or teabag variants. This also contains a premium selection of black, green, herbal and fruit teas. From Banana Bake or Jade Mountain to Christmas Breakfast or Green Rose, the names alone are enough to make your mouth water. There’s even Melbourne Breakfast, Gorgeous Geisha and Twinkle Berry. Yep, we’re sold.

Another of our favourites is the environmentally conscious English Tea Shop advent calendar, this time containing premium 25 tea bags. We love the sound of White Wonderland, Festive Spice and Happy Holiday. Our top tip is to reserve Post-Party Refresh for the morning after the office bash.

Click here to pick a premium tea advent calendar

Wine advent calendar

The Advent Wine Calendar Case is the ultimate Christmas treat – 12 bottles of Christmas delights! Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone special, or to treat yourself in the lead up to Christmas, this mixed case features twelve specially selected wines that are sure to impress. It’s perhaps the perfect way to enjoy the silly season! Each calendar will contain a booklet, featuring a ‘Wine Tour’…. and more.

Find out what is in this wine advent calendar here

A jewellery advent calendar

Whatever the age of the lady in your life, those containing sparkling surprises are surely among the best adult advent calendars out there. They make ideal advent calendar gift ideas for adults and kids alike – as long as they’re into shiny stuff, of course.

Many of these fun advent calendars for adults and children are themed around the idea of creating your own charm bracelet by Christmas Day. As most are pendants, these can also be hung on necklaces.

Colour schemes vary. There are silver or gold choices, or you can opt for one with lots of festive hues of red and green. For those who love pink there are plenty of picks too, including a Manaror option featuring an array of blush-toned pieces, some of which have a Disney theme.

Click here to view a selection of jewellery advent calendars

advent calendar for adults

Funko Pop advent calendars

Funko Pop produce some of the most cool advent calendars for adults around. What’s that, they’re for kids? Well, we can address that query easily enough by asking – how many adults do you know who love Harry Potter?

For those who adore the boy wizard books and movies, opening up a new surprise each morning might just make their day a little more magical. With 24 covetable pop vinyl figures in each box, they will build a collection to treasure. They may even be valuable one day too.

As well as several versions of the Funko Pop Harry Potter advent calendar, there is also a very cool and collectible Marvel advent calendar. For anyone who remembers the comics and cartoons from childhood, this set of 24 mini figures is surely a must.

Funko Pop are creating new ranges and figures all the time, so it’s worth checking back often to see what the latest offerings are. You can do just that by clicking the link below.

Click here to check out Funko Pop vinyl advent calendars

A beauty advent calendar

Cosmetics have been one of the most popular advent calendar gifts for adults for some years now, and the range available only continues to grow. Lots of companies behind the biggest brands in make-up and toiletries have got in on the act, and there are now so many to choose from.

You can buy a Christmas advent calendar for adults made by Trader Joe, Bomb Cosmetics, Tecnic, The Body Shop, Too Faced, NYX or L’Occitane. A stylish William Morris advent calendar also caught our eye.

NYX offer a disco themed option that contains 24 mini lipsticks and glosses of various types and in a range of shades to suit every occasion. The Bomb Cosmetics advent calendar contains 12 of their gorgeously scented soaps and bath blasters in miniature. How do Cherry Bathe-Well, Santa Baby or Hypnobath grab you?

Fans of natural toiletry formulas will also love The Body Shop advent calendar. Trader Joe, Tecnic and Too Faced offer 12 day advent calendars, while L’Occitane’s is perfect for fans of luxury cosmetics.

The William Morris adult advent calendar for 2021 contains some glorious little goodies, including bath salts and fizzers, body wash and foam bath and hand cream. Four signature scents are featured in this ‘Dove and Rose’ advent calendar 2021 for adults.

Click here to explore a range of beauty advent calendars

Socks advent calendars

How about a socks advent calendar? It wasn’t the first sort we expected to stumble upon, if we’re honest, but what a great idea! You could even replace those holey (rather than holy) socks on annual basis by using this practical yet fun pick among advent ideas for adults.

Most of the sock advent calendars contain 12 days of foot coverings, so you can choose when to gift it. Start at the beginning of December, for example, and open a window each day. Or wait until the middle of the month so you’ll have a pair to open daily – including or excluding Christmas Day. You could even gift it on the big day instead, so they have a fresh pair of socks for each of the 12 days of Christmas.

If this is one of the Christmas countdown ideas for adults that appeals to you, choose between Game of Thrones, Disney, The Office, Nintendo, Nightmare Before Christmas, Mandalorian, The Golden Girls and more. There is even a board games themed sock advent calendar for sale.

As you can see, many of these gift advent calendars for adults double up as a TV show or movie themed grown-up advent calendar. There are some great kids’ sock advent calendars too, so if you want to get some more shopping done at the same time, look out for the likes of Paw Patrol, Lilo and Stitch or Frozen. There is also a ladies’ version of the latter.

Click here to discover a range of advent calendars with socks inside

A LEGO® advent calendar

Are LEGO® advent calendars just for kids? We don’t think so. Surely grown-ups deserve to have fun just as much as kids do? After all, we do all the hard work! While we have written an entire article on LEGO® advent calendars, we couldn’t miss them out from this list.

You can of course read that for the full lowdown, but to save you time, let’s just briefly outline right here what the options are. Favourites that would make some of the coolest advent calendars for adults include the latest Harry Potter, Star Wars and Marvel LEGO® advent calendar.

If no one’s given them a LEGO® advent calendar before, you could always save a few dollars buy buying last year’s edition – or even one from the year before. The only difference really is the price, and all sets are highly collectible for grown-up fans of the ubiquitous bricks.

Click here to see the latest LEGO® advent calendars on Amazon

advent calendars adults

Lindt advent calendars

While there are lots of chocolate advent calendars out there, many are aimed at children. One brand that simply screams ‘luxury’ and ‘premium’ is Swiss chocolatier Lindt. Who can resist a Lindor? Certainly not us.

If the best adult Christmas calendar for them is an edible one filled with sweet treats, then you can’t go wrong with a Lindt one. Pick between mini Lindt gold bear advent calendars, or choose one with more variety if you prefer.

Lindt chocolates make a great gift at any time of year. If you can’t find the one you want, why not skip to the section below on making your own? That way you could pop a Lindt treat into every compartment or pocket. Sweet!

Click here to explore the Lindt advent calendar range

Make-your-own adults advent calendar

Pssst – we’ll let you into a little secret. It’s so easy to make your own, and there are lots of DIY advent calendar ideas for adults out there. As well as plenty of ready-made calendars to pop the items into.

We’re a little bit in love with the jute mini stocking advent calendar available at Christmas Warehouse. Just so cute! It comprises a string of 24 mini neutral toned, natural fabric stockings which can be used year after year. It’s ideal for filling with your own DIY advent calendar gift ideas for adults. Even if that’s just a tailormade chocolate advent calendar.

You could also use the categories detailed above to inspire your own unique advent calendars for adults. Or how about making one containing a set of miniature gins, wines or whiskies, or a collection of beer? You can easily pick some of these up every time you’re out shopping, collecting them over several weeks during November.

You could also use items such as mini candles, jewellery, hair accessories, stationery or make-up. Have a look around your home – or theirs. What are they into? What’s small and easy to fit inside the sections? Working out advent calendar filler ideas for adults can be great fun, and seeing their pleasure when they open it is priceless.

Click here to check out the mini stockings string at Christmas Warehouse

Click here to view a range of ready-to-fill advent calendars

A creative or craft advent calendar

Making a DIY advent calendar for adults isn’t the only creative option. How about fun adult advent calendars that they can make something with themselves? Creative advent calendars for adults can keep them busy – perhaps with the kids – while waiting for Christmas.

We love, for instance, the make-your-own gingerbread house from Riot Art and Craft. This cute little festive home could then form part of their festive decor for years to come. It even comes complete with LED lighting, and is a great item to make with the kids or grandchildren.

A stationery advent calendar will also allow the recipient to get creative whenever they like. The BIC one, available at Amazon, contains pens, pencils and stickers that should delight adults as much as kids.

This idea can be tied in with the make-your-own one. For example, pop beads and other accessories into one you’re creating for a jewellery maker, or herbs and spices or other small culinary items for keen cooks.

Click here to discover the gingerbread house advent calendar from Riot Stores

Click here to find a stationery advent calendar on Amazon

Which adults advent calendar will you make or buy?

Whether you wanted an advent calendar for adults with alcohol, to make a DIY adult advent calendar with their favourite lollies or simply to see what sort of Christmas calendars for adults are out there, we hope this post has provided some festive inspiration.

Advent gift ideas for adults make the Christmas countdown so much more exciting – for the grown-ups as well as the kids. Having a little treat to look forward to each day can really help to lighten the load for busy people who seem to spend all their time shopping, wrapping and cooking for others.

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